​Ecat report ready - Long time test, almost here!

  • Within a few weeks we should see an increased interest in the field, we will also see more curious from both the media and the stock market.

    If we receive this great reslutat, many will start analyze how this can affect our world.

  • I've been really busy lately, and coming to find such a very good news is really a relief of all the stress I've been currently undergoing.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • When Rossi was seen in Uppsala 2013-10-04 they were probably discussing about how to proceed with the long-term test. Apparently they agreed to do the test in Uppsala.

    Translated from Swedish:
    Hi Hanno!
    Quick question, is the verification of Rossis LENR products in progress?
    Regards, / Tobbe
    On 1 July 2013 13:19 posted <[email protected]>:

    Hi Torbjörn
    There are currently discussions and planing going on but nothing specific at the moment.
    The business has moved to (and have been bought by a company) the United States
    and because of that it is a bit more remote.

    Ok, so a definitive conclusion is not to be expected anytime soon?
    In any case it has been revealed from a pretty reliable source that both Rossi and Levi
    has been seen in Uppsala recently, which I interpret as they do not
    put their head in the sand, and are not going to make money on a scam. So one may well
    continue to keep the doors open and hope for the best. I presume you are still interested to
    continue with this, you along with your colleagues have the best knowledge and insight into the
    developments. If it would be about some scam with added
    energy, you would probably already discovered it, and calculation errors are
    ruled out in view of the clear energy surplus. You
    probably agree
    with my assertions?
    Regards, / Tobbe
    On 20 November 2013 11:29 posted <[email protected]>:

    Hi Torbjörn
    It's probably true that they have been seen in Uppsala. I was also there. Everybody
    is nowadays very media shy because they are (excessively) afraid of all the crap
    writing on the web. Different ways to get on with things is planned and
    discussed, but all publicity is avoided. Note that Elforsk recently
    published a report on LENR, that does not draw a definitive conclusion, but believes that
    you should proceed with the matter. It should be on their website.

  • Some have found that conference

    is it linked to the swedish e-cat test ?
    It is sponsored by Vattenfall, but the speakers seems quite classic.
    Sustainability, fighting NIMBY, WWF... it looks mainstream...
    what is strange is that you see no energy proposal...

    My 10cent opinion is that it is mainstream but the programe will be I hope, ruined, by E-cat test

  • Andrea Rossi have the opinion the report willbe delivered in June

    &quot;Alessandro Coppi&quot; wrote:

    Hi Andrea, this is the simple question that all of us are waiting for the answer: in your opinion how much time is far the end of the 3P test? in which manner you would define better such time lapse: days, weeks, months? could we find a surprise in the egg?

    Happy Easter

    &quot;Andrea Rossi&quot; wrote:

    I can give you my opinion, since this issue does not depend on me, absolutely.
    My opinion is that the publication will be made within June, but this is an opinion.
    I cannot give any information about the timing of the different phases of the Professors’ work ( reactor test phase, calculation phase, report writing phase, reviewing phase, publication).

    Happy Easter to you,

  • "The report of the long-term tests at neutral location KTH / Uppsala will arrive within a few days ... A new era begins."

    Well Thorbjorn here it is 10 Aug and no report so looks like it didn't arrive "within a few days".

    If the report is ready, why is it taking so much time to come out?
    Is it really coming on May / June?

    No Dolphin it's not coming out in May/June or even July. I predict that it also won'r come out in August. I'm sure you can figure out why for yourself, but you will need to face reality to do so.

  • it is under peer review, and it takes 3-12month (from april).
    one can expect that some reviewer will show the usual desperate opposition that is reported by many authors.
    Latest Buzz is for september, but I agree, like Rossi, that it is unpredictable.

    our impatience is not matching the usual delay of scientific publication, not even accounting for the deperate opposition.

    one naive question : that if the report was plain negative, do you think the reviewer will take more tha 2 weeks to publish it ?

    so we know the result already.
    the only question is what deperate opposition will face this report.

    You should read "Fire From Ice" from Eugene Mallove, there is some exmaple of the trick used to block publication.
    I was surprised that this book is quite moderate, and even complimenting opponent on some of their competence and their motivation, but the facts are shocking anyway.

    You find similar description (different perspective) in Excess Heat by Charles Beaudette, showing similar fallacies,, bias, oppositions, barriers, also described with calm and some understanding.

    In both case, you understand the reason , but also the horrific opposition. Very interesting to understand the real way academic and government funded science works. It can help people to understand other controversies.

    Anyway, if e-cat report is delayed, it is not important. Real decision makers have integrated and are just shy in taking the decision to cut one's arm and flee to the new world.