India: NTPC Organizes Third LENR-India Forum Meeting in Bengalore (involving NIAS/NETRA)

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    "The 3rd LENR-India discussion forum meeting was jointly organised by NETRA, R&D wing of NTPC Ltd and National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) in Bangalore recently."
    It seems related to previous news about a kind of LENR revival in India reported last year.
    Peter Gluck questioned Mahadeva Srinivasan who game more details.


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    Peter Gluck asked to Mahadeva Srinivasan about this meeting:


    I have asked the leader of LENR activity in India, 89'er Cold Fusionist Mahadeva Srinivasan, to tell us a bit more about the Meeting (till an official report will be issued) and it is:

  • Hi all

    India has been one of the most open governmental supporters of LENR research, they are looking to take lead. The countries that embrace LENR now will steal a march on their competitors.

    The economic political consequences this will bring is what will be the driving force behind LENR adoption.

    Kind Regards walker