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  • Corbett Report: I am a conspiracy theorist

    "If you are afraid of being called a conspiracy theorist, then those words are having their intended effect. I will not censor myself to appeal to the Normie McNormiesons of the world. Yes, sometimes I theorize about conspiracies. And guess what? So do you! Now let’s discuss some evidence, shall we?"

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    The cavernous vacuum chamber continues to attract a steady stream of customers, including SpaceX, which has tested both its Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft at the facility.

    Elon Musk is certainly aware of every development at NASA GRC and Plum Brook Station in regards to LENR energy entering the aerospace market. I strongly doubt, like any healthy skeptick, that Elon is less read up on these matters than I am. Advanced CMNS research and LENR energy applied engineering for Space Power; including on-board, propulsion, and planetary systems. As presented in 2018 at ICCF-21 by GEC. I'm also skeptickal that Elon is stupid enough to not receive reports, a synopsis of every symposium, conference and advancement in this field as it enters the energy market. GEC and Space X both contracted at Plumb Brook Station in 2018 for Space Launch Certification. Lawrence Forsley has an "office" there. Have these companies techs eaten lunch together? Perhaps NDA's are extended and these techs are allowed to talk together in the cafeteria -with their minds full-.(of such skeptickal rudeness void).

    "Once Again, SpaceX Lands at NASA Plum Brook" By Andy Ouriel, Jun 27, 2018

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    PERKINS TWP. — The world’s leading private company in manufacturing and launching spacecraft needed a world-class public facility to test its latest cutting-edge product.

    So SpaceX representatives returned to the NASA Plum Brook Station in Erie County for a groundbreaking project.

    Analysis work in two different testing arenas within Plum Brook:

    • First at the In-Space Propulsion Facility to determine if it can fight through space’s most extreme conditions while in orbit; The facility is Earth’s only chamber capable of testing full-scale, upper-stage vehicles and rocket engines under high-altitude and space-like conditions.

    • Then at the Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility to determine the effects of noise during launch; The facility is Earth’s most powerful testing chamber of its type. It can reach an overall sound pressure level of 163 decibels. For comparison, jets from about 80 feet away are 150 decibels.

    SpaceX’s latest visit to NASA Plum Brook represents a return trip to Erie County.

    In late 2017, SpaceX personnel brought back a refined version of its Falcon 9 payload fairingfor additional analysis.

    First arriving at Plum Brook in 2013, officials characterize a payload fairing as a shroud situated atop a missile. The cone-like covering shields items it brings aloft, protecting spacecraft against impacts created by dynamic pressures and aerodynamic heating experienced during a launch.

    Work ended earlier this year, proving it would properly release while in the vacuum of space.

    All the tests occurred from inside Plum Brook’s Space Environmental Complex. It’s a one-of-a-kind, multifaceted experimental arena testing hardware under simulated launch and spaceflight conditions.

    Reach reporter Andy Ouriel at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter @AndyOuriel.

  • Vous avez assisté à la plus grande escroquerie que j'ai jamais vu de ma vie

    You witnessed the biggest scam I've ever seen in my life

    Look at the so called "experts" on this board who never quite figured out that giving an anti-viral drug regimen (HCQ++) as viral load is peaking couldn't work because it is too late. But they will quote "loser" RCTs and ignore actual first hand observational data.

    The strange thing about this episode is then the "experts" drape them in science flags and walk around trying to silence everyone else.

  • You would want to absorb or condense it as it forms. Or keep it in some form of closed loop till it condenses into that magnetic spiderweb like stuff they show... Why would it be released in the environment if it's a useful substance?

    Other people have observed mysterious white spiderweb like material too, but not created in the lab:


    “Angel hair”, a fine web-like physical trace residue associated with UFO sightings has been reported for centuries. Multiple witnesses separated both geographically and temporally report exactly the same specific details, including highly unusual physical properties of the substance. The angel hair data shows consistent patterns and correlations to the UFO data. The most logical conclusion is that angel hair is physical evidence for UFOs and deserves serious scientific study.Featured speaker at MUFON Symposium


    Apologies for moving this to 'Clearance' - but UFO talk is 100% 'off limits' here. Alan.

  • (I just tried to typeset and reword the abstract and part of the first page)

    If you have time and the tools to improve the the setup then I can send you the .odt version of the file. I only use open office because I don't like microsoft. I could do it with Adobe but that's a lot of more work to do.

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    It's not just the visual appearance, the entire text (almost) was reworded too. I tried doing the same for the rest of section 1 as I was reading it, although it could still use some improvement (see attachment).

    This was just a test to check out how different wording and layout could greatly improve the work and its public perception.Typesetting and proofchecking the entire booklet might be a too big of a task at the moment.

    I rendered that using a standard LaTeX distribution on Linux. On Windows, a popular LaTeX distribution is MikTeX. It's freely-available open source software. LaTeX syntax and behavior might take a while to learn for the uninitiated, however. For the references I use JabRef, also free and open source software..