November Demo predictions

  • It's time to make some predictions about the upcoming November presentation that Rossi will make to highlight the start of production of his LENR reactor product line.

    From his blog as follows:

    "Tom Conover September 29, 2017 at 2:09 PM ...

    Q1: Will the improvements be completed before the presentation?

    Q2: Are the improvements for 1) Manufacturing; 2) Functionality; 3) Sigma 5; 4) All of the above.

    Q3: Your partner expresses interest in making electricity. Will this

    be directly from the 1) QuarkX or using the 2) Carnot cycle?

    Andrea Rossi September 29, 2017 at 2:28 PM

    Tom Conover:

    Thank you for your insight.


    1- yes

    2- 4

    3- both plus something new

    Warm Regards A.R."


    Something new must have something to do with the production of light. Alan Smith mentioned that he has heard first hand observation of the Quark that light can be produced in any color and the generation of that color is controllable by the operator.

    Some background on the theory that underlie this speculation.


    Marrying superconductors, lasers, and Bose-Einstein condensates…einstein-condensates.html

    A polariton condensate releases output energy to the far field in three ways.

    First, electrons are produced as a decay product of meson production. This type of energy output supports direct electric production.

    Second, the Bose condensate produces heat output like a blackhole from hawking’s radiation

    Three, the Bose condensate produces light as a side peak radiation of visible light output from deep red to very deep blue. The collar that is produced is determined by the density of the polaritons constrained in the condensate.

    This third type of reaction output is what I predict that Rossi is referring to as "something new".

    The referenced article states:

    "They observed high-energy side-peak emission that cannot be explained by two mechanisms known to date: Bose-Einstein condensation of exciton-polaritons, nor conventional semiconductor lasing driven by the optical gain from unbound electron hole plasma."

    For details of this mechanism see as follows:


    High-energy side-peak emission of exciton-polariton condensates in high density regime

  • Axil,

    Did you read the PopSci article from Oct 2012 I posted today? If not, do so, and there you will find your answer.

    For the convenience of the reader when you reference something in another thread, you should post a link to it so that one does not need to do any seeking, THis link is valuable as time rolls on and the posts get discombobulated over time,

  • I predict that Rossi's plasma will have a Maxwellian distribution of temperature which includes electrons and all ions, and that the surface area of the plasma will be equivalent to the surface area of a solid of the same external dimensions as the plasma.

    Whether or not these things can be demonstrated to be true.

  • Reference:

    High-energy side-peak emission of exciton-polariton condensates in high density regime


    In the same way as the standard Mollow triplet with a single atom, the energy gap will show the Mollow-type triplet, which becomes a signature of coherence of the photons with the e-h system and direct evidence of strong coupling.

    Energy diagrams of the dressed states in the two level emitter (A) and the e–h–p dispersion (B). In the left panel of (B), the dipole coupling to the cavity photons and the e–h attractive Coulomb interactions are neglected, while it is include in the right panel. In this case, the electron band (the solid blue curve) is mixed with the +srep25655-m44.gifω0-shifted hole band (the dashed red curve). In the same manner, the hole band (the solid red curve) is mixed with the −srep25655-m45.gifω0-shifted electron band (the dashed blue curve). The triplet spectrum is formed in a certain wavenumber regime, where the valence band of the n + 1 total excitation numbers and the conduction band of the n coincide.

  • At best, you will see something comical. More likely, you will learn nothing definitive about Rossi's claims, nothing whatsoever. Whatever the measurements are, if there are any, will be filled with huge holes and giant areas where mistakes could and probably do reside-- just like the original ecat "tests" presided over by Levi and Lewan and just like the ones supposedly performed by the Swedes.

  • I'm with maryyugo here. If the demo does in fact happen, there will be no unequivocal evidence of energy out being greater than energy in.

    Favourite for fudging is measurement of energy input. Second favourite is crappy calorimetry/temperature measurement.

  • The demo will be the same bullshit as the ‘October 2011 1MW’ plant presentation.

    You remember, the one which was hyped for months by Rossi and on several blogs to become the break-through for the e-cat, because the performance of the plant will be checked by a ‘real customer’, and in presence of top scientists and journalists from all over the world.

    At that time, quite some people were holding their breath, because they sincerely hoped that Rossi’s extraordinary claims are true and he really stumbled about something which might change the world.

    But as it turned out, the ‘performance test’ was actually done by an “old buddy” of Rossi (instead of a ‘real customer’), the ‘test’ was so ridiculous that AP - which send one journalist - decided not to publish anything about it, and the 1MW plant - which according to Rossi - the ‘happy customer’ carried away the next day, was months later seen still sitting in Rossi’s warehouse.

    The difference between the October 2011 test and the October (or is it now the November) 2017 test is, that now only very few hardcore Rossi believers are left.

    This ones are ‘hopeless cases”, which will never be able to read the writing on the wall.

  • I predict that there will be an element of willful shoddiness to the upcoming QuarkX demo, going beyond the minimum needed to make it hard or impossible to verify any claims that are made. These demos seem to have become a game for Rossi, perhaps to see how people react.

  • Everything will remain the same

    Sceptics will remain sceptics.

    Even if quark reactor the size of a wallet after running for month in SSM leaves the branding burn mark on a sceptics' skin, they will accuse Rossi in finding elaborate and fake way to do that.

  • Max - you may be right. I am a huge sceptic of Rossi and his crazy claims and will remain until he shows and demonstrates something (I believe that LENR in general is very worth to investigate and will hopefully become real). So far my only conclusion is that he is simply a very good conman.

    And you do not really believe in such a magic device that would contradict all current knowledge of physics, energy production, material science, thermodynamic and electrical laws etc....and would shame all Nobel prize winners of the past century, don't you?

    Come on! How would and can somebody start to produce and sell a product that has never been shown to the public, demonstrated to official authorities, tested and verified, although everybody (maybe except the Rossi followers on ECW) knows that a device that produces energy and can by chance burn down your home and pollute its environment with any known or unknown axil-particles and radiation, has more than very strong restrictions in its use, approval and sale? How can a device that Rossi was claiming to have developed last year, come now into production? Who the hell orders a "nuclear device" for his home that nobody on earth has ever seen (working)...? Probably Rossi sockpuppets only....

  • zorud

    You can't single out Rossi out of huge number of scientists potentially running scams in even more sophisticated way. It will continue in such a way until we stop having two physicists having 3 different explanations for same event.

    Do you know anybody who experienced time dilution for instance i.e. both of those twins?

    How many other things you can detect with a sensitive interferometer like LIGO, maybe one day they actually catch ether wind and we return to the base we were 100 years ago?

    Let's not go for this argument.

    Please give Rossi at least one thing. For what he has done and has not, he inspired many people to start looking into LENR, oftentimes called 'Rossi effect' in a good meaning.

  • Haha, well said! I should add that the Oct 2011 test was with the 1MW plant, that only ran at half power (500 kw), and had a 500 kw generator plugged in and running the whole time.

    Who knows, maybe he will use that same generator for the QX test. :)