The KERR effect and LENR

  • There are claims that LENR extracts energy from the vacuum. The question naturally arises about how can such an improbable thing possibly happen.

    A experiment done using a optical cavity shows how the vacuum can tap into the vacuum fluctuations that occur in empty space to produce real effects.

    Dynamical Casimir effect in a Josephson metamaterial

    This experiment shows how an optical cavity can be tuned electrically using the KERR effect in such a way to convert virtual photons into real photons through the adjustment of the index of refraction of the vacuum in the cavity to produce a resonance based casimir effect.

    The KERR effect is a mechanism to adjust the speed of light in the vacuum so that the cavity can be modified into a resonance condition in such a way as to use the casimir effect to extract real photons from the vacuum.

    This KERR effect adjustment mechanism might be operable in LENR as well as the EMDRIVE.