Skill Set of Some Scientists at the Nasa Glenn Research/PineScie LENR Alternative Energy Conversion Effort

  • Ahlfors,

    Nice piece of detective work. You have not found the smoking gun yet, but your linking a former dabbler in LENR related research, taking aim at NASA for trying to patent their similar work, is newsworthy. If it leads to a public battle...all the better. Anything that will unravel the LENR mystery I say is a good thing.

    This Mofakhami has his hands full though, going against the US government. They surely have deeper pockets, and a few "National Security" tricks up their sleeve, than a private businessman/scientist having gone through a recent bankruptcy.

  • Seiber,

    That could mean everything, or nothing. Care to go further? We all come here to LF, to put our beliefs to the test.

    unfortunately my ability to assemble successfully something to study has proven to be a bit frustrating even with what i think is a known formula . I'm hoping at some point how so much stone cutting in ancient times looks like laser work will be more obvious and end every legal patent attempt at LENR.

    The sequence of events is still unfolding and the work continues as something to look foreward to unless we all end up in war and ef everything up.

    I am quite certain the same design to cut granite 800 feet can power a massive capacitor. proof it was done with a stone reactor is understandably unconvincing without a working divice. I keep attempting different assembly sequences but they all fail to stay togeher during final heat to have something to test. Frustrating~