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  • Max Nozin

    From the small photo provided in Parkhomov's presentation and how it's been described elsewhere, the "Woodpecker" device did not seem something very complicated. I figured that perhaps similar results could be achieved manually, although I was definitely not obtaining a large plasma as visible here:

    In my case I did not use carbon electrodes, so it was difficult (almost impossible) to achieve arc discharges at a high repetition rate. Carbon electrodes as used by Parkhomov sublimate upon contact and the highly expanding gases evolved naturally makes them separate cyclically, something I observed in past tests (not this one). Metal electrodes (Al and Cu in my case in the previous test) tend to weld together.

    For what it's worth, I recall that Ken Shoulders' EVO could ideally also be produced with single "shots" / discharges. If there's any link with so-called strange radiation, then if the conditions are right immediate results (like particle tracks) could be expected too, although they might take a while to accumulate to a significant extent.

    As a side note, here's the very advanced equipment I used for the above test. The radio is for better detecting / gauging the reaction, when used in AM mode (significant EMI is produced in the process):

  • Max Nozin

    As I mentioned earlier, it wasn't intended to be a "real" replication. There were other underlying thoughts into it.

    From observations, the powerful and repeated arc discharges quickly erode the anode, producing small particles that in the air can be observed as very fine dark smoke. At a sufficiently high voltage, current passage could occur directly through these particles, effectively producing numerous localized short circuits that would imply very large Di/Dt without the need for special PSUs. If I recall correctly a similar idea was discussed in one of Brian Ahern's US patent applications.

    Perhaps by adding another 100 meters spool and increasing voltage further (the added resistance might allow to use 12V from my PSU without it tripping the overcurrent protection) I might be able to get a high enough current and voltage to produce such marks. However I think it would also become quite dangerous to handle due to electrical hazards, from the little the power supply allowed me to see there.

  • I'm curious about how Kenneth Shoulders works relates to strange radiation.

    The conditions to produce SR are the same as his EVOs.

    The transmutations he observed with EVOs are the same as with SR.

    Many of the track marks are the same.

    However, the one enigma is that he was able to electrostatically guide his EVOs. He was able to attract or repell them by electrostatically charging objects in their path with different polarities. Some SR researchers claim it is electrostatically neutral.

    I think that the EVO might change from having a predominant electrical field to a predominant magnetic field as it breaks up and decays over time.

  • Director

    No idea. I don't think the EVO (/plasmoids/etc.) themselves are what some Russian researchers call strange radiation. The latter is supposed to be a byproduct of the former's break-up.

    Anyway I would consider my silly experiments more similar to those of Randell Mills, where water impurities included within the plasma region composed of gas and metal ions would form so-called hydrinos. I think the sometimes explosive reaction I got in my case is just H2-O2 recombination, though.

  • The issue that bothers me is that Ken Shoulders indicated very clearly that EVOs carried an electrostatic charge. In reading many strange radiation papers, some of them try to argue that SR does not have an electrostatic charge and are in fact neutral. Some of these papers claim that SR are magnetic monopoles and can only be magnetically interacted with. I am certain that Ken Shoulders was producing strange radiation because so many of the track marks are identical. I'm trying to figure out which came first, the EVO or the strange radiation. How could Ken Shoulders produce EVOs that were clearly electrically charged (although far less than they should have been since they contained so many negative electrons) yet SR be neutral and only manipulated by magnetic fields?

    One possibility is that the researchers who have detected SR are wrong and that SR is not neutral.

    Another possibility is that the EVO creates SR. In this case, the EVO is electrically charged but SR is not.

    I think tests need to be performed to find out if SR can be manipulated by electrostatic fields. I don't think these tests would be too complicated. For example, an electrostatic charge could be placed on the plastic discs used to get track marks.

  • Director

    This might look kind of off-topic, but it actually isn't.

    In his experiments Leif Holmlid observed that 75% or more of the particles emitted by his reaction would not be deflected by a magnetic field, implying that they are neutral or too fast (energetic) for being deflected appreciably. These would be either neutral kaons (mesons which decay to other mesons and muons) or neutral fragments of what he calls ultra-dense hydrogen, ejected from the source/target (which would eventually decay to kaons, etc) by the application of an energetic impulse, typically a focused pulsed laser beam.…1371/journal.pone.0169895

    If the observation of strange radiation marks in other experiments by different researchers is caused by these early particles and mesons, then it means they do not have necessarily to be caused by one single particle type and flavor.

  • Synthestech - Using Cold Nuclear Transmutation Technology in Medicine

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    Using Cold Nuclear Transmutation Technology in Medicine


    Experiments are still conducted, which will allow us to determine the methods for controlling Cold Nuclear Transmutation of chemical elements. At the same time, the roadmap of implementation of “Synthestech” project should take into account different aspects of development.

    Also, it is evident that large-scale production is difficult to organize fast, but to organize a small one is quite realistic. Especially, we would like to quickly reach results.

    It would be a mistake to assume that the obtained through cold transmutation valuable elements can be used only for one purpose - as analogues to unique precious metals in finance and industry.

    In fact, besides obtaining platinum elements for industry and finance there is a number of commercially promising areas for use of the produced through cold transmutation chemical elements.

    The fact is that chemical elements obtained as a result of Cold synthesis have some зpeculiar properties. Some of these properties are not yet known to us and we will only define them, but some of the properties may be quite expected, as well as the prospects for their use. Therefore, in the field of the use of chemical elements, we plan to move in several directions at once.

    And among them the most important role is assigned to the medical direction. And, perhaps, this direction will be so commercially effective that the rest will be only auxiliary.

    In the White paper of “Synthestech” project, we have devoted several paragraphs to the medical aspect.

    Now I want to stop on this in a bit more detail. In our opinion, chemical elements obtained as a result of Cold Transmutation have a special biological potential. The presence of both historical information and modern knowledge of biological processes in living organisms allowed to make such conclusions.

    In the modern period, a number of outstanding researchers concluded that transmutation occurs in biological organisms and it is directly connected with the rhythms of life.

    In the XX century, Dr. Rudolf Hauschka (Dr.Hauschka) - a German chemist and doctor, the founder of a large pharmaceutical company Wala Heilmittel GmbH wrote on this: “The emergence of elementary substances is a daily process.” “Material atoms occur through the transformation of living motion” (“The Doctrine of Substance”)

    Paracelsus, creator of European medicine, treated people with drugs received through transmutation of one chemical element into another. He cured a number of seemingly incurable patients who had serious organic lesions.

    Professor, University of Chicago, Mircea Eliade, who taught at the Sorbonne in Paris, writes about historical healing methods in India: “Marco Polo, describing chugchi (yogis) who“ live for 150-200 years ”, writes:“ These people use a very strange drink: they mix a dose of silver and a dose of mercury and drink this mixture twice a month. According to them, it brings a long life; and they take such a drink since childhood. ” Polo, most likely, did not attach much importance to the yogin-alchemists. But Francois Vernier, who observed various groups of Indian ascetics, on the contrary, wrote a number of insightful pages about them, which until the beginning of the 19th century remained the main source of information on yogis and fakirs. He managed to notice the alchemical knowledge of the yogis: “There are others ... very strange people: they almost all the time wander from place to place; they make fun of everything that they will not meet with or worry about. These are people who possess secrets; as it is said they even know how to create gold and cook mercury - and they can do it so skillfully that one or two grains of the mixture, adopted in the morning, keep the body in perfect health and strengthen the stomach so that it perfectly digests food and is always in excellent condition. "

    Regarding the efficiency of chemical elements obtained as a result of transmutation, the ancient Chinese treatise Baopu-tzu states the following: “A hundred days ago, blind, having accepted it, will be able to see again, a hundred days the patient will be healed, gray hair will turn black again, new teeth will grow on the places of the dropped ones”

    Another interesting fact, already obtained in the “Synthestech” analysis laboratory, is the result of our research.

    In alternative medicine is known such organo-mineral remedy as mummy. It is a resinous substance of natural origin. It is actively used now and used in antiquity. Mumijo is a powerful adaptogen that stimulates the metabolism, improves health and prolongs youth. In ancient times, high-quality mumijo was considered when a fracture during its use healed in about a day. Today, mumijo is actively used in alternative medicine, although the principle of action remained unknown .. We decided to analyze this substance in order to understand the reason for such a biological potential of mumijo. A product from India, known for its quality, was taken. After a mass spectrometric analysis, the presence of gold in the mumijo was determined. Approximately 0.5 grams of gold per ton of mumijo. This is a significant amount in terms of natural distribution. Taking into account all factors of mumijo origin, we come to the conclusion (the probability is very high) that gold in its composition was formed as a result of a natural transmutation process. And this component, along with other elements of natural transmutation in its composition, plays a key role in the biological properties of the mumijo.

    So there is every reason to believe that use of chemical elements obtained through cold nuclear transmutation in medicine will give a serious effect.

    We are far from the assertion that the chemical elements obtained through Cold transmutation necessarily act as described in the above treatises. However, according to the totality of the data, there is reason to believe that the chemical elements thus obtained possess a powerful biological potential. The nature of this phenomenon should be further disassembled, but undoubtedly that one should try to use them in medicine.

    If it acts as intended, supplements with these elements will become the most sought-after drug.

    Therefore, we plan after receiving the first weight quantities of the elements to send them for medical tests. There are no difficulties with obtaining permits for such tests, since the substances will be introduced into already accepted and used forms. Only instead of simple chemical elements those elements obtained using Cold Transmutation will be injected.

    In this case, from 1 gram of such a chemical element 500-1 000 units of tablets can be obtained . One such gram, for example, gold or another element obtained as a result of transmutation in our production, will be offered at prices ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000. Taking into account the fact that gold in the composition of mumijo costs 500,000 $ -800,000 $, these are quite real prices. In addition, there is reason to believe that other chemical elements obtained as a result of Cold Transmutation will have biological potential. Particularly strong prospects for platinum metals, which are our target elements. Already, medicine has discovered the outstanding properties of even ordinary platinum metals.

    In this situation, all who may need such supplements from the elements obtained using Cold Transmutation will become actively involved in the project. When focusing the project on medicine, our production task is greatly simplified, and with the same final financial results.

    We estimate the annual market for such supplements to be no less than $ 1-2 billion. Again, I emphasize that for rational conclusions, you need to wait for tests. Although internally, given the existing understanding of the processes, I have little doubt in the effectiveness of this tool.

    In any case, the medical direction is the use of additional options for the development of the project and does not contradict our target objective.

    News of “Synthestech”

    We remind you that project tokens, allowing you to receive income from the implementation of "Synthestech" project in the future , can be purchased with a bonus of 50%. Project Token costs 1,5 USD, but today, given the provided bonus, you can buy it for 1 USD.

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    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr:

  • Just one question: Did Parkhomov ever work together with a respected scientific institute to build an independent replication?

    Or did he only work with some shady mostly unknown "researchers"?

    His whole story is still very vague.

  • Synthestech - Finishing the laboratory complex construction

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    Finishing the laboratory complex construction


    We are glad to inform you that we start the last stage of the construction of our laboratory complex “Synthestech”.

    The launch of our laboratory center goes according to our roadmap.

    Within a month we will complete the interior decoration and begin there work on our laboratory and production program.

    News of “Synthestech”

    We remind you that project tokens, allowing you to receive income from the implementation of "Synthestech" project in the future , can be purchased with a bonus of 50%. Project Token costs 1,5 USD, but today, given the provided bonus, you can buy it for 1 USD.

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    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr: