Need help with Savvatimova Table

  • I recently purchased a new copy of Adobe Acrobat. It does a better job converting old documents. They look better and the underlying text has fewer OCR errors.

    I decided to rescan some of the large books. I am working on ICCF-5. When I prepared this book I retyped several papers from scratch and added them to the Acrobat file. There are no errors and they are easy to read. One of them is Savvatimova, p. 213:

    Unfortunately, there is a table on p. 217 that was very poorly reproduced. I can hardly read it. Perhaps someone with sharper eyes or better knowledge of secondary ion mass spectroscopy can make out what it says. Attached is a 300 dpi color scan of the table, and a temporary version of it that I typed into Microsoft Word. I have put question marks in the fields I cannot read: ?-1, ?-2, ?-3 . . . If you can read one of them, please contact me with a note such as:

    ?-23 should be 78

    I have added temporary coordinates on the right side and bottom. If you find a field that you think I read incorrectly, send me a message such as:

    C12 should be "<38"

    . . .

    Here is an example of improved underlying text, from page 181:


    At the first annual conference on cold fusioni, the authors had reported
    the results of multiplicity distribution analysis of neutron counts obt ained from a
    commercial Milton Roy elect rolytic cell operated with 5M N aO D .


    At the first annual conference on cold fusion1, the authors had reported
    the results of multiplicity distribution analysis of neutron counts obtained from a
    commercial Milton Roy electrolytic cell operated with SM NaOD.

    [The newer version has one new mistake: the OCR read "5M" as "SM."]

    Savvatimova p 217.pdf

  • I guess the sample numbers coordinate. Sample # 1666, 1667, 1668 and so on. I guess if she changed the data in the new publication, I should use the newer numbers in this Table. I can put a footnote referencing these other papers. Something like:

    The copy of this Table in these proceedings was difficult to read. Some of these numbers were copied from [thus and such papers].

    It was helpful of you to find this, but it means I have to do real work rather than blindly copying things. No fair!

    Mystery "?-1" is solved. The units are (mA). Which I suspected. Table 4 confirms it.

  • Ah, ha. I found an e-mail address for her. I hope it still works.

    10, 9, 8, 7 . . . The message hasn't bounced back yet.

    As part of this general subject, let me add that authors should please preserve all papers and data in digital formats. It is terrible shame how much information about cold fusion has been lost because people did not preserve data files, photos, samples of materials, or the papers they wrote.

  • Yup. But let us refrain from posting people's e-mail addresses in a public forum. Except mine. Anyone should feel free to post it anywhere, anytime. It is at the bottom of every page at, along with my phone number and mailing address, in case you ever want to get in touch.