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    I have not been posting since i feel it would not add to what we do here. But I will defend both Eric and Alan.

    It is not a nice job. If you want to talk to someone directly you can use the chat function on this website.


    When I get soo pissed at other members I take a break. I do not come here to listen to my own opinions about 'say' Rossi but to learn and ask questions.

    I have had my posts moved here before, I got over it.


    He does his best usually on OU.com and on a napkin. I mean it in the nicest way he can benefit just needs some CAD.

    Oh I really mean it. He has so many ideas over the years. I like to encourage folks with ideas and he has them.


    We had a house with slate roofs. Once in the a.m. a heli totally violated the min height rule. We are talking slates from the late 40's. > They lifted up and then pushed down the tiles.

    The point is that they made a very distinctive sound. Prrr prrrr. I will never forget like hundreds of gremlins on the roof.

    Merry Christmas to LENR folks.

    /2018 will be the year

    Wig volume of nuclear wig is strange - infusion pump build in?

    Ahlfors this is unfair. If thinning hair is his issue, this will soon be fixed with modern real science. So he looks like Trump with a comb over. This is irrelevant.

    I honestly think he is a scoundrel. But one damn good one. I have to admire his chutzpah. I mean I really have to. If Alan comes back and gives thumbs up will then ...I will look, if thumbs neutral then (blah blah ... Rossi saga lives on)

    But what if he comes back with a negative report? What would it take at this point?.

    Good luck Alan,

    I have said my piece regarding Rossi but you are on the ground. I am more interested in how he manages the measurement than what is the result. Can you please keep a close eye (as a reporter)?

    I hope that you report something positive back I really do. But I want to understand that the measurements were independent. As in reproducible, he knows who you are and who we are.

    From my admittedly limited understanding I do not understand this at any point so far. I am hoping that you can sort this out.

    Take care.

    I am sure that Tom Darden will be delighted to hear that you consider him 'low, stupid, and common'. I expect Dewey will pass your judgement on to him.

    Well, with regards to the ecat I would imagine that he (Darden) himself thinks this in retrospect. One more thing, while I enjoyed Deweys fighting spirit in the end he was performing a role for a company. He can be forgiven for that. But at the same time he promised that IH would not settle but see this out to the end. We had bets on this and Dewey took me to task once. We were misled on both sides. That is a shame.

    Oh and regarding betting in rossi's here the gold standard in betting is the quatloos since betting in rossis is a fiat currency. Maybe we should combine them to make a blockchain called rossi*loos


    It was 79 in Miami today. If you have not been to Miami Int airport . it is as big an airport as one can be. Prepare to walk along way. While they say it is 20 minutes in 'good' traffic to downtown (they're lying) it is more like an hour or more depending on time of day. I really hope you enjoy your stay and actually have something that will be interesting to report on.

    And Shane was right on the shorts, it's best to bring them. I guess where you come from you are not sure what they are :). Separately ,there is a saying 'you can enjoy your work.' And especially as they say on Lenr-Forum 'a pic of Alan Smith in Bermuda shorts is worth several thousand words.'

    Good luck & safe trip.

    We should certainly skip the Rossi Quark whiteboard conversion. It is a blurry bunch of scribbles for everyone that looks at it.

    (Clicking on the photo of the meters that I posted above will enlarge it further, and I think it can be expanded from that view even.) It was quite large on my PC.

    Para it is more than that much more. I do not want to get personal with Rossi but you need to look at the body language in the photo. I have found being honest with people means they become quite honest with you in return regardless of warts.

    We are so off the rails at this point. We could and should be coming up with ideas to make the "world a better place." Maybe our time would be better spent there? (that is a question to you para?) not waxing....

    Because you post patents (that I love) but very very little comment I thought you were queueing USPTO website. So I was just wondering how you were sorting (just me wondering how someone thinks). It is my nature.

    I have made no secret that I live in the DC area. After all these years I have friends still working everywhere here. I have some close ones here and there. One is at USPTO.

    I do not advocate LENR with my friends. So without "bible thumping" that I believe in Pd. Eventually after talking about kids, I get to a question "Is anyone suppressing LENR patents?" He had no idea even after I explained it to him. This is not being suppressed at the patent level. This is more BS. I really believe we need to be honest with each other. I research now all the time. But medicine requires too much thought so maybe when I am older ;)

    You take care please. And if you have a good OT medical url put it in the playground. I will read it.

    Bob I would have missed this alas, I was discussing the warm in the winter -- Keys in the far Southern US with Alan. ( not sure where people come from that is the beauty of our forum)

    I hosted a person who is nameless but I live in DC and we (wife and I) went to see two research level scientists that have grad students also. Clearances were an issue with one scientist, so we had the nicest opportunity to visit them at their home. Nothing is like having a stranger over and making them a friend. It is probably more important than the story that follows. The other scientist/researcher is Dr. Nagel treats ( he treats my wife and I and nameless person) well like we were treated like family also ( both scientists did, I will never forget this). He ->Dr. Nagel has a complete research lab at GW in DC. He is one of the most kindest and sincere and able man I have ever met.

    We did a tour (want to see my electron microscope ? kinda stuff) Again he is the most amazing man. And I have a broad feeling he is part of ICCF-21 hence I am going. I have worked for and with many prominent folks. I am not sure what the real cycle is. So here it goes student-engineer-scientist-researcher-grad:student repeat. Anyway he has all the equipment required to duplicate and we saw some of the setups. To say this very kindly the tests --- were not rigged they were real. There is real (almost) real funding behind this.

    I asked if I could take pics of one of the labs. He was surely. The point is google this man. He is just amazing. (both are).

    Anyway maybe the reason you do not see a response to your above query is that they (Jed and Dew) may not have seen it. The software does not seem have an notification other than the main box , So they did not see it is my guess. If someone favors one of my posts I know that that they do not agree but have seen and ack the post.

    Lou Pagnucco

    I am beginning to doubt if you are human. You truly post the most interesting links here on this forum beyond a doubt now. Then you leave the most minimal response in your links.

    How do you find such interesting topics (like all the damn time)? I am beginning to wonder now. I am spending my life wrong "me thinks."

    Bet you think I am kidding? I am not. How are you scanning this much appropriate to the topic information? I do not understand. GiVe! how you do it please.

    I see using uspto. I just do not get how it is being correlated. Some superhero I guess now.

    Talking about child molesters, I suppose everyone knows that Sterling Allan who formerly ran the PESN web site is in prison for a long time for admitting to that felony. It's not very relevant, just an aside for those who don't know.

    Truth is always a defense against libel or slander. Rossi's convictions and time spent in prison in Italy are a matter of record, his self-serving web site notwithstanding. Whatever exoneration he got was due to technicalities and statues of limitations and other procedural issues. No reasonable person will doubt that Rossi defrauded a province into ruinous toxic waste pollution with the Petroldragon fiasco. And nobody can prove that his caper with the CERL/DOD respecting supposed high efficiency thermoelectric devices was anything other than fraud. Just read the CERL reports of what Rossi promised, presented as a fait accomplis and contrast that with what he delivered. Again, his lame explanations on his web site notwithstanding!

    When you read the JONP record and then the depositions in Rossi vs IH, you can see he is a consistent liar as well. These are facts. Asserting facts isn't libel! Calling Rossi a crook and a criminal and a liar is fact. There is no parallel with libeling an innocent person as a child molester. None at all.

    Mary you are a GD hammer sometimes. I was a bit subtle at least.

    To the best of my understanding, Microsoft does not distribute their source code. It is proprietary and well protected from public release.

    I am not sure, but I think that they do now with agreement since they have to for various agency's. I know a bit about this BTW. Also while source code in large vendors (this is a long ago ok?) is well protected. But developers could get to it very easily, I am absolutely sure of it "so to say."

    Know what they really really protect and why they protect it? Hardware bugs. The reason is simple - something that is built in large numbers (like hardware) has a failure rate. It is just the way rushing a project on a upgrade cycle to market that works. These devices are really expensive and have bugs (faulty vendors or just faulty components in batch) well it is just like software.

    But the thing is if you have a hardware bug and it gets out to people businesses that have real money and they find a failure rate they will request replacement of every piece of hardware regardless of rev level. They do not care. Again, these are real working devices that require specialists to replace and install and ensure that the issue is resolved.

    You have given me much to think about over the years Axil , I just want you to know the above is absolutely true. I have worked on real things you can see them on a clear night.

    You can question me on any point above if you wish. I will be as honest as I can.

    IMHO -> Rossi does not have a factory nor customers; just a plan of action and followers, it is quite a bit different at this point in time. He is not holding the LENR "world" on his shoulders but instead he is distracting from our common goal. Our "common goal".

    Oh one more thing on software in OS (regardless) there are things called hooks (kinda like tracehooks but not the same) . Just some macros (a few assembler instructions with a label these instructions go lower to scratches in silicon that in the old days you could see on a tektronix I am not sure now, and how it and even if it is done since design is mostly simulated ) but regardless someone that "borrows code" with a hook gets the hook in their code. After disassembly the machine instructions match the macro.

    A pattern match.

    If anyone here can call me on this I would love to be correct. And I am pretty sure , I am sure here. But I was not a hardware eng.

    /Jeez please stop with the moralizing on LENR Rigel :thumbdown: sorry

    Interesting comment Axil so if I understand you this is a demonstration of a commercial product? maybe a dog and pony show to get new investors? or something else?

    What is Alan going to look at? ( to respond to 'ask Alan' is a bit well ...)

    What do you expect to see? and why do you think he is doing a demo? Notice please -- no snark here. I also have a background like Jeds (we have discussed some similarities e.g. VAX/VMS) There is a subtle difference between programming code and Rossi, it is this in a nutshell--- stuff I worked on (and I assume Jeds) are still in action. My modest contributions either fly (now) or in orbit (now) or just possibly ideas in the code that other people are using everyday (now).

    They were successfully commercialized. My "team" and robotic factories were well funded and produced real products and hardware. After all this time there is no comparison; he and his project would be de-funded and his "team" disbanded. Again no snark.

    I have said I take responsibility for my influence on this forum. I am part of a team, and we're working to make this place a reasonable one for discussion of topics related to LENR. As Alan says, he would not allow libel. There are a wide range of things that are not pleasant that fall short of libel.

    That's more like it. I don't like it when in the past people have done something analogous to accusing someone of pedophilia without justification. It doesn't happen too often. If there was support for the unpleasant things that people have said, that's different. For example, there was a free-energy journalist who was arrested for pedophilia. That topic is not out of scope for discussion in all situations, because there have been concrete reasons to discuss it. Similarly, when there have been concrete reasons for raising other unpleasant possibilities, those things have not been out of scope. If there's something that falls short of libel that you disagree with, you must address the factual basis of the statement.

    May I correct Eric?

    He is in prison for these acts and for a long time.

    Thanks for the advice. I might well be at ICCF-21 'if I am spared'I. BTW, have been to the Keys many time in the past, and to South Beach a few times. I used to stay in a beachfront cabin at the 'White Sands' on Grassy Key and go fishing while Madame sunbathed. I will check out the # problem later.

    Alan this is OT in this thread, I am sorry to respond here. Grassy Key was blown away in years ago (maybe 20) now rebuilt whenever you were there last. We used to winter down there in Tavernier key it also was blown away recently (last year) . I hear now that Key West is back but the main brunt this year was upper keys. The first time my wife and I went there we decided to leave the DC area and move there. This was 35 years ago. Still in DC but coming to Miami this Sunday. I hope we cross paths somehow.

    This example of court testimony shows how worthless the Doral test was and how useless that court case was. Rossi has recently said that the E-cat was not a market ready product. Testing the E-cat for marketability was the bottom line reason for the Doral test. You just can't beleive those court documents. Don't you feel silly for wasting so much time wallowing in that court case?

    Axil I have followed ShaneD also.

    I am sure that I feel bad for all the time I wasted on this ecat court saga. This is why I am faux mad at Dewey. It could have been stopped in its tracks Dewey promised that IH would step up and stop it. Month after month but it did not happen and the cycle is repeating. Maybe I see the world somewhat differently now. He has been running his own tests period , they are not independent in any way shape or form. I have spent countless hours researching studying Ni LENR.

    I have no ill will towards Rossi, I agree he is a genius. Let me put it this way, in life have you ever been deceived and ripped off by someone that you trusted? I have and take it seriously. Basic honesty is a absolute requirement in science. Why am I still posting then? Well pro or con you all have become my friends after all these years. Look at it this way Rossi is doing the demo yet again. How about Jed and Alan doing this one? Think we would get the same answer? Sorry to come off so angry not my intention.

    Alan Smith,

    When is the demo and when will you be in Miami? I will be there this Sunday and Monday then be back a few days later. I have no reason to attend the demo, but would love to meet some LENR folks and frankly other than getting my hands on the Dewster you are top on my list, but just for a beer and a joke . Also you are not taking a hop to DC I assume just one flight sometimes they hop?


    So let's get this straight here. Since I reanalyzed a set of Cold Fusion data and found a mundane way to explain the results that didn't require LENRs, and since I defended that reanalysis against inaccurate criticisms, and since I work in an area of interest to any tritium-handling facility and sometimes actually do work for those facilities, I am 'hostile' to the LENR 'movement'? I don't think so. While I am 'hostile' (really just annoyed) towards those who misquote me, take my comments out of context, and outright lie about what I say, I have no particular 'hostility' towards those who think there is something worth looking into in the field. However, I usually find those people haven't understood what I have contributed to the field or are just openly 'hostile' to anyone who thinks LENR isn't the solution to all Man's problems. But I usually can't tell which path they are on until I test their response to my points. The liars and conspiracy nuts usually show their colors relatively quickly.

    I may be a believer in Pd based LENR, but you have always answered my questions quite honestly. It is after all what I expect from ALL of US. If I am wrong understanding something I do not want to spout crap, I want to ensure I am using factual info to the best of my knowledge.