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    Zeus46 ,

    This person Alhfors (not sure of sex and it seems to matter to the mods) said to cancel the nick' . We know MrSS came back and may will again with evenalongerusernamethanlasttime.

    Hank is one of the few that really has stopped posting before he left he was complaining about me356 (and also MrSS) if I remember correctly. And even though MFMP has made some progress with me356 I would think that Hank would still be complaining (and IMO rightfully so).

    Perhaps because accepting 50% of potential ecat revenues world wide would make Rossi richer and more famous than Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Warren Buffet combined?

    Complete folly. Or perhaps you'd allow your brain surgeon to operate on you using the tools pictured in Krivit's photo? Or maybe you'd let your eye surgeon or perhaps your aircraft mechanic ply their craft with Rossi's plumber's dirty and gross tool box?

    Those tools are only suitable for the grossest of assemblies like boilers and toilets. They would not make sense for assembling a precise and delicate device like the very first working fusion reactor would be -- complete with small amounts of fuel and hydrogen to be kept securely inside, and cooling channels to transfer the reaction's heat.

    Fair enough maryyugo. I am enjoying your rebuttals lately. But I doubt Rossi will ever be my brain surgeon. From what I see his devices while crude would not require unique nor advanced tools for anything other than proving transmutation. The devices that I have seen (if they worked) would require plumbing tools not aircraft tools nor scalpel. I think it shows a bit of your background to describe the tools as dirty or gross ;) It's just that I do not see how this factors in to the case. The only thing that I see that is outstanding on the case is the JMP scam, and I find it outrageous.

    Wonderful Jack and thank you! In keeping with the positive spirit and tone established by Sir Cole, I believe that the employees and families of those involved in the Italian court and prison system were grateful for the man years of employment opportunity that Rossi blessed them with in the 80's and 90's. Cadillac and the South Beach Condo and Homeowners Association both want to know where to send a thank you note. Both members of the Pinball Source Code Software Developers Union (PSCSDU) are incredibly fortunate for the visionary leadership and sacrifice that Rossi made to keep their art alive. Frank Acland, Vessy and Peter Gluck rose to fame on Rossi's back (or maybe front) and I hope that they have been thankful and not just takers. Surely we have not thought of everyone......

    That is a broad brush Dewey. You are entitled to your own opinions but some of these people regardless of their belief in Rossi believe in what they think is an LENR effect.

    This should be in the playground along with my comment. I hope that they do not let you around neither puppies or kids. Stick to the Rossi case. It's what you do best.

    In all most recent tests it was not Rossi himself that was measuring power in and out.

    I presume that you refer to a test that is years old and whose results are now days out of date.

    My feeling is that Rossi is sincere but most of his detractors are not.


    I am most sincere in my belief in LENR. I am a Rossi detractor. I have noticed that people here with names that rhyme with Phooey :) think you are very close to Rossi.

    I do not care who someone is on a message board but what they say. It's not that Rossi's IP verification by IH that failed nor any of the multiple supposedly independent tests have been successfully challenged but instead he misled even those who believed in him with the JMP scam. It takes great hubris to do what he has attempted. I for one want this case to go to court and not settled. If IH settles before this happens I would be most disappointed in them. One question if I may segue a bit. With your great knowledge of the field why are you not opining in the other threads to help LENR?

    Speaking of amounts obtained by IH, from the article:

    We really need someone with OCD to clear up the question of how much IH raised from various parties. My guess: not anything even close to the $250 million claimed by ele, except possibly in assurances.

    If only we had a person of recognized and marked intelligence that would AND could take on this task--- so we could link to his blog 8) Because some folks are not allowed in the house because reasons. Who would such a person be? :saint:

    I have not been posting lately (not that anyone cares) not because -> I do or not believe in LENR. Because I do. So my question is why are so many people of high intelligence are not contributing in the other threads to ensure that another path to LENR is either proven or disproven ?

    I am aware that some of us do, but clearly not nearly as much time as with regards to Rossi. LENR is not ROSSI. Your ego is involved with Rossi at this point.

    This is becoming a social club. Maybe consider regardless of Rossi that we should contribute some time in another thread? I mean if each one of us that thinks it is possible worked towards that goal it would be better to help some other hard working folks that are looking for either guidance or realistic criticism. I know that I am disillusioned but I am aware of my perfidious opinion on the trial, but this raw horsepower that we collectively have does not help our goal. I am aware I will not change opinion but please consider to get off this thread and contribute to another for at least a post or two. Then get back to this if you think it floats your boat. I am not saying to abandon the trial but instead help LENR. Please consider it, just a post or two offering another point of view okay?


    I read your post above then made a comment like this "what ever side you are on Rossi did not go down with out a fight." I do not know if you can see it. But my point was that we fling a lot of poo. Then I read after I posted I went to Abds blog post it mentioned flinging poo. I thought I was being redundant. The playground should be just kept just the way it is. Sorry about that. Again you guys do a good job.

    Hi Roger,

    I'm Rigel, I'm no one really but I have an interest in LENR and keeping people in the discussion. We seem to be a self-serving crowd that likes to provoke without reason. Sometimes we can discuss LENR related topics as adults. Do you have anything that you think about calorimetry that you would like to bring to the table? If you wish to talk about accounts I have had several accounts over the years either -> Rigel or Rigelnew (after the upgrade) and Rigel4 on but no other accounts that I am aware of, do you wish to talk about accounts or LENR?

    I am also sorry Eric. You guys have now have an insight in how things were handled growing up in my family. But they are almost all dead now so the fighting eventually stops, the funny thing is no one was ever the winner, just a broken family. Also since you now know this you can understand why I think it should be stopped. Maybe folks will not agree but understand the motivation. Just one more time please 'permabans are bad.' Also 'my way or the highway is just as bad.'


    I don't know how but you read my mind. I am still trying to catch up, I am still reading. I try to read everything. I just want to bury the hatchet. I am a big believer in keeping the conversation going. But what I said should be considered. I think that you and Alan and others do a great job. And if I disagree I know that you will hear of it (right or wrong). So like others I support everyones efforts. I just want the permaban removed a clean slate installed and bans codified.

    That said the Rossi case is moving again.

    Here's a suggestion. You draft a policy, and I will put it to the team. No promises though.

    Here is one tenet. No permaban without -> profound swearing involving a birthing family member, or inline porn or doxxing. Else the 3 strikes rule. And a clean slate to all. Just think about it, let time do its magic and heal. It's way past time to 'let bygones be bygones.'

    That is different, as was said there was more to it. I just do not like the permaban stuff. But if anyone would understand someone asking for themselves to be banned I would. I would recommend giving him a long temporary ban such as I requested for myself once. i knew that I needed a break.

    Someone would have to swear quite profoundly or post indecent jpegs or doxxing to get a permaban IMO. But thank you for the information.

    I also object, permaban harms the discourse. His (TBIU) earnestness reminded me of your friend Hank Mills. Any use of permaban is not correct and should only be considered after multiple timeout vacations. The only thing he was guilty of (that i could see) is giving a damn. Please stop the permabans.

    Can ---- may I ask you something directly? I follow you and your thoughtful/posts you are very helpful. I find it amazing that you are on point always. If you care to respond do you have an idea (not a theory nor hypothesis) on what to look for? and how to look for it? Just something that you think will be able to break the C barrier. I am sorry if I put you on the spot, but I am hoping you are willing to share what you think. But I always appreciate your posts. And Bob H goes without saying....(cough hero cough cough)

    Axil -> do not go through my post with out acknowledgement. At least get the point even if you do not agree. I think you are better working together -- if you do not agree then tell me so. I stand by what I said -- WTF blink and agree or tell me to F*k off. I think that people spend more time on what they think someone will say than the content of the message. Trust me I understand how somethings work. I have always been respectful to you.

    Axil and Zephir you are thought leaders in the LENR sphere PERIOD. I have tried to say that before but to no avail. But how someone says something 'means all the world.'

    After reading you both I find you both have strong opinions and beliefs. I have questioned you both before and you have been kind enough to respond. I would request you both quit talking around things and be thoughtful before judgement of the other person. Let the past go, work together on LENR for all of us. I get that you both try to talk past me or each other (especially when I address you directly by name) but do you both not understand that both sides are critical to an argument. Tell me that I am not mumbling here, I am not sure I am clear enough. Work together build off each others ideas.

    Anyway i am sure you will get this reference somewhat.


    If not just ask me to clarify, I will be glad to.

    Also, if I may add TBIU is going nowhere, he is my friend even though we disagree, he is just frustrated. The only way we lose people here is either BANHAMMER or they become disinterested. Sorry to be so blunt. After Rossi we should consider that anyone making claims of COP over noise ->> as just noise. We have too many good folks working on this problem. It will be cracked eventually. I may think the good doctor is a stinker but that does not reflect on what I think of LENR nor should it for you all.


    I don't know what to say- I like the new Z. Keep it up. It takes dedication to make a point without talking down to someone, it's called making sense. Please do not take this the wrong way. It always takes more work to be persuasive but its worth it.

    When Jack Cole gets off his butt and tries to duplicate it my ears will pick up. For now these are just claims. One thing I have learned in this field it is easy to believe in your own test rig, but it does not matter until others prove and validate this work. This goes for the whole field. So far in general (not even speaking about me356) we at best have one off results that can not be duplicated beyond setup errors. Unless I am confused with a COP of 10 we are discussing overunity here. Something that is clearly not in the error bars or noise but something like OU that has not been achieved by and/or proven by anything other than a fusion weapon regardless of scale.


    I thought your post above this was rather considerate. This was before I started reading at the top of this page. You might consider posting more like the above and being sincere and less like a personal attack. It never hurts to be helpful and creative, it's more constructive. Just give it some thought.

    Go Axil- but the antiparticle has to be called the Zephilon. Dirac would not have it any other way. One seems to be bent on destroying the other. I will leave this alone. But good job on having a particle named after you. Have to get Profmattstrassler to acknowledge this name also. I am also serious about this. Your work should be acknowledged and at least be appreciated.


    I just deleted my comment (it was overboard). I am with you on this. IHFB does his homework and does follow up on an idea an provides good questions. Talking down to someone or using baby talk gets me. But I am not one to judge. But I would like it called to my attention if I do it. I would assume that Jed would like to know also. Maybe I would not like being told it at the time but I would appreciate it in the long run. It would make me a better advocate of my position.

    robert bryant

    Thank you for the response. I commented in the other thread (meson based model) with an easter egg (for old Tommy C.)

    A great video. I will look at your links, but I think I found the answer in the comments look for someone named David S. Please never take what I say as a conflict, I just did not understand as the graphic as it showed it... but I did not see the connection. I just have a tendency to follow up questions that I do not understand. We have such great minds here... Spending them on Rossi to me is like trying to fix burnt toast by scraping it off. Holmlid may have something, I am unaware if he has a video of what he thinks is going on. Mills quite honestly I have serious doubts of as he moves his target by financial quarter just like ITER or big science does. Anyway I enjoyed the video immensely.

    robert bryant ,

    This was a good video I have to copy/paste your comment.

    Happy Easter/ We don't know how lucky we are,(John Clarke in memoriam)

    Maybe we could get him out with an easter egg. We should be addressing theory and how it does or does not work.

    Rossi has boiled these eggs. The video made good points.

    Anyway I chased down your link on zillions of quarks in the Prof-Matt article, someone named DaveS. explained it in the comments.

    Maybe we could discuss this video someday.


    Please consider codifying it .This eye 4 eye stuff is not professional. This smacks of anger not reflectance. The only words I have seen here that have brought me to anger are pests that shut conversation down and chase contributors away .