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    If all that heat was blowing out on the second floor shouldn't that deciduous tree be barren? Along with all the paint on that window peeling? I would think the plume alone would show up. Cooling 1MW in Miami some subtle temperature differences had to be quite apparent.

    Wyttenbach ,

    I am re-reading the Lipinski thread. I looked at someone who wrote a Mills proof last week. If this is not what you think is the prime example of Ni-H CF working please point me to it and I will drill down. If this (Lipinski) is what you think is the best example let me know.

    I will be looking for verification that it is overunity, I am sure you can design low level fusion devices, the high Q ones I am not sure of.


    I believe that Mr. Weaver is paid by IH. I am no fan of Rossi -> that scoundrel needs to rot in Tax court as his E-cat is bullshite. This is not throwing mud, it's being honest. I also believe that IHFB is quite honest when he says he is not being paid by anyone but acts of his own free will. But I respect honesty. Does IH lie? That is a not real question to me. This is subjective. They (both sides) are curating the argument. They (IH per the redisposition estimate) are paying a team over $380/hr USD for this purpose.

    Also he (IHFB) is doing a very good job showing another point of view. How would you like facts presented?

    1. Dewey is in a relationship with IH that does not involve sex/drugs/rock'nroll but the exchange of spondulicks

    2. IH at one time showed this technology to outside investors for reasons of said spondulicks.

    3. Jed is clearly covered by an NDA at this point and is being honest about it.

    4. Truth is not mud or fud. But like the old saying "honesty is the best policy".

    5. Rossi has a chance at winning this, even if each and everyone of his scams are exposed for what they are.

    No it is not our business, but to be credible you have to be honest. No amount of handling this otherwise will work. I respect Jed- if its NDA he can state that, or not comment at all regarding it. For what it is worth I would consider that (a non comment) honest also. There is nothing wrong asking this question. Even if it can not be answered.

    My position has evolved over time. I still believe in LENR in different forms, so it would be very hard if not impossible to convince me otherwise. It (muon fusion) among others plainly works. I took a break and looked at other's rigs. Using I looked at others setups. I thought at the time I could create something that would have low levels of fusion using plasma. And I am sure it would, the problem is that it would not create any excess power. Then I looked at what SRI and others are using for calorimetry. Well dang, (I said shaite) I would not be able to create anything in my garage that could do any better without a working theory. To borrow an idea from another area Noethers theorem. We have no working theory that violates any laws nor can it. And only a vague-- at best hypothesis. I think a possible answer lies in the Mössbauer effect. I put on the Rossi channel just to entertain he has no science.

    Sorry that image is so BIG....


    @IH Fanboy -

    Did you get an answer to your post #4002 to Jed where you ask...

    "So can you then confirm that you have never been to the Doral facility?"

    If you got an answer. I may have missed it, but it's not clear. It's either yes or no. I only see a non answer to a simple question.

    Jed did you go to the Doral facility?


    I think that Ni-H LENR does not work, I have said it as such very clearly from what I can tell and I look any Ni-H based work that - it is unfounded. Call it unreal. But I would come to help anyone here if they wanted to talk about it. Someone can disagree with me (and be wrong) but I would not disavow them. A very strong MFMP experimentalist is doing Ni based work right now. I will wait for the outcome, just like I wait for B Aherns Ni work.

    And why is B. Ahern holding us up? Unless he as something verrrrrry interesting to report?


    I have been on IH's side through this case and was an believer Rossi's e-cat (well slowly I turned ..but like IH-- I wanted the E-cat to work, but then I came around).

    But other opinions can have a point, and should be heard. The more I hear from folks on the theme of 'people disagree with IH are lying trollbots that just lie lie lie' ,the more I think they have a point. I will put this in a nice way, people that disagree with Rigel, are not 'stupid just wrong', or even better yet 'maybe not informed from my perspective and I should help explain why'.

    Oh' and people that have a financial relationship with an entity or LLC or whatever, are best to be quite honest about it. For the simple reason it has a tendency to color that same perspective. Back to explaining why honesty is the best policy.Being truthful about being NCHawk, was correct. 

    And since I am being a bit honest here.

    I (like many others) think both the 'impossibly impossible' future Noble prize winner and either the victim or victor of this case are both reading this thread 

    Nah,couldn't be. Rigel couldn't be. But maybe their confidents pals are

    If we are just guessing - Zirk/Iridium/Moly are in range. Iridium alloys.... my pick

    Made-locally-by-JMP    ;) (The link goes to a real JM sponsored journal. But maybe the folks at JTTR and this review authored by ONRL employee is confused or maybe not).

    It is a shame that JM never priced the products coming out of the Doral Production and Research Center. I have never heard of a Sales team so negligent.

    /or unless I am reading this wrong... And maybe IH needs a sale team, to help Dewey :)

    Each of the C3H6SO molecules each have a separate vector. ( I will provide the equation later) but let it stand at this point unless someone can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the hamiltonians of my design are not in the H20. Well then they have a better design than I.

    /but I am making Thai tonight not a quacrk. Should I use more NaCl? this is important.

    OT: Li Battery technology this is the good link.

    The click-bait link followed down from SA Scientific-American-Blurb.

    The promise of lithium–sulfur batteries for future electric transportation and stationary energy storage is being limited by their poor cycling stability. Previous
    approaches to improvement often involve incorporating additional components with significant dead weight or volume in battery structures. We develop an ultrathin functionalized dendrimer–graphene oxide composite film which can be applied to virtually any sulfur cathode to alleviate capacity fading over battery cycling
    without compromising the energy or power density of the entire battery.

    Shane D. ,

    I thought you asked if the LENR poster ECCO was involved earlier.

    From ECW thread NOT-USER-ECCO Bob G. say's

    " When I was thinking of a name for this nameless reactor, I thought that

    ECCO (phonetically the same as Echo) would be very appropriate and it
    would honour one of the MFMPs most prodigious citizen crowd researchers."

    So the user ECCO is not associated if this is accurate.

    TBIU, read the long current string on Vortex (12years) , lack of speaking Japanese should not be the issue, (search Jed's examples on how translate has improved). There must be some other reason. Maybe Jed can provide a reason why we will still need translators. Universal language translators will be something we just take for granted in a few years. Along with 'Ma, I saw a steering wheel in a car'.

    Yes the sub was a footnote in the absurd. My understanding and knowledge on propeller design is very old (over 2 decades) it is still a secret (AFAIK). Back to the Papp engine. IE magazine is not very credible to me, but a damn good read. I read it but consider the bias in the article. I do that here (bias) also. How that engine produced kinetic energy (if it could have worked at all) is beyond what I understand. It would have to be nuclear at this point, non chemical. But that is the thing with these historic records. It is hard to challenge them after so much time has passed. I have not either seen or heard of a noble gas engine with out oxidizer.

    //As an aside, look at the back of the Kursk (after is was raised or razed ;)


    Thanks for the thread. I look at articles an try to drill down, if they are interesting. So the patent that was linked was to Pappy's use , but then (with regards to looking at patents) I have a lot of time on my hands to follow links. I asked you how it could have worked and you provided a plausible answer. Since we now have a Papp spot...

    Maybe there is some new knowledge here. It's a better place than the BG thread that is for sure. I did not want to get even near either the Sub or Feynman. But (regarding the Sub) who knows ?? in the early 60's-80's cavitation is one of the most protected of areas with regards to weapons. So going back- it would seem that he had non-noble gasses (air) or had a nuclear source. That engine had to leak- maybe he had it surrounded by methane.

    I am waxing philosophic here. He has not bridged from money to helping people with energy (read below 2-30 millon does not help) and he has not done any work after his retirement to help humanity. He created a crappy OS that is currently an AD vehicle, it had hope at one time. His donations to his foundation are for tax credits.

    But just in case someone reads this. His Gates foundation is quite self aware of their public image (he has some of the best programmers and AI that money can buy) .

    This man is no Buddhist and worships on the altar of money. To convenience by convincing yourself is well -- is by the very definition of the word convince. Look how he spends his money and follow the tax trail. This is the USA we are talking about, taxes are King. And providing politicians to avoid taxes is not only considered honest here --- but respected. Follow this man, not what he say's but what he does. 20-50 million here or there is a tax write off. Look how carefully he buys a horse ranch in Florida. He respects the value of a dollar.

    Eric (et all).

    I looked at the link you provided on I-energy (well I saw it years ago and a refresher is not a bad idea). Maybe we could have a thread and put this to bed once (well it will not be for all) Papp interested me for sometime. So I went to the links in the article.

    I think I am turning (like a zombie) to a ahhhahhh a skeptic. NEED BRAINS.

    Just so whomever is Sherlock ( but seems knows of MaryYugos posting style . This the the place. Not the BG thread.

    And for the record Papp it is bullshaite. Okay'm?


    If you take a look at the last graph titles defect concentration, the magnetic field is proportional to the defect concentration. This implies to me that all the muon/hydrogen based muonium are entangled is a superradiant like aggregation within a Bose condinsate of muonium which goes as the number of elements in the condinsate.

    This superradiant arrangement in a condinsate is common in LENR.


    I have to hand it to you reading the pdf.

    Is this quote the original work?

    "•No long range magnetism is developed in defective graphene" ? I would think that THH had to read this per his statement ... and he will brb. (chill Tom)

    Also we need to move the Papp thread to the playground. I think we are tiring the mods to the point that they are just celebrating St. Pats day a bit late.

    I do not see the background for this work in India explained, Is it just a demo, or some is there some more developed POC? I mean fully? Maybe I an just clicking on linky's and missing the background. Having a plasma reactor with cooling will not cut it any longer here without background. Some damn good people are here trying to help others understand. What is he demonstrating? And how is he doing it ? But specifically how is claiming that it is CF comes to mind.

    This paper is worth reading. I would like to mention that it is Pd based.

    We need to review what we are spending our collective time on. And consider and all of us-- please start looking at this and consider abandoning the 'Rossi effect'.

    The rest of us should consider this also, Just say'n. For some of us there is no point in beating a dead horse. Why the ever-loving deity are we spending our time on this bull.

    Ni may have a role to play along with Li. But that does not cut it without some proof.

    If you read this. I would say so much time spent on one persons belief that they saw XH. Professor of BS. This avenue should be abandoned without further proof.

    I am so blown away on why our more educated folks here waste time on this instead of focusing on what we are all here for.

    //anyway I said my peace.

    I also looked at similar studies (I look at almost everything alas) we need to define things into simply being (OU or NOT) == it either produces radiation or absorbs it. To me we do not have an ou emitter. My current belief... is one is of these things is not like the other I hope someone of my friends here can disavow me of this.

    maryyugo, I meant that Papp was full of bullshaite. Sorry I was mumbling so -- no submarine no noble engine (well he built an engine) but no nothing at all . I wanted to drag Sherlock out of this thread and into the playground. This or another thread would be the place for it. (Sherlock get your assa-pedia) to the playground where we are talking about Papp.

    Speaking rhetorically here. Why do we spend so much time telling the same people the same thing? Why not spend the same time on education?