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    Thanks for the response. I do not think he has a chance in hell, but I am aware that this is a court case, not a forum hanging. You may be right, for sure an appeal. Your numbers seem like a good ballpark also. To think I thought he had the goods 6 years ago. SMH.

    IHFB, I was going to say Wow, but am not surprised. If it goes on for years, Jed will be correct, he may just strangle cold fusion. But just think ... The movies rights to "the complete and totally honest story of Dr. Rossi's life and times". This would automatically mean he gets a cut of the movie.

    Don't even think that way Rigel ||


    Yeah I know, I see that if someone feels that they are being attacked no one is a friend. I have had a bad week and just apologized to someone else in another thread.

    I honestly have no idea on how trials go. It's funny though I am critical of Rossi. You still have an open mind, somehow we get along. Dewey thinks I am shaking his tree.

    But now I understand if someone perceives you as a threat, they stop listening and start reacting.

    I am not sure if this is OT did you read the ECW open thread? Where Rossi said ( I paraphrase -- No reactors have been sent to customers) I am astonished at that. He picks now in the middle of the proceedings to be so honest? TOTAL CONSPIRACY there can be no other explanation /S

    I wonder if that will somehow that will be brought up in the trial. I am not sure if a date for it has even been set. This whole event has taken so long to play out.

    @Zephir quote "

    OK - I got it.. The people who are really interested about subject are able to find the source from much more modest indicia, than just "not working" link. Actually all my links work, they just occasionally lead into paywalled articles, which is common situation in mainstream science. I'm not here for bypassing the author rights of mainstream journals - no matter how unjustified they may look for someone. BTW I'm about to end all discussions with you, because you're trolling all my posts here with infantile evasions and thus diluting the subject.

    Zephir, I hope that you get a chance to read this. I first and for most apologize for your feeling I am trolling you. I also can see your point. My rhetoric and the content of my posts have grown confrontational this past week, and I was blind and did not see that it was heading so fast that way. You were being quite polite in your responses.

    I am not sure how I am evading but honestly can understand your perception of this. If it helps it was wrong but I agree that it was not unintentional, and I am now aware of it. Most of my questions are really literal, I come here to understand and learn. You have provided me with many links and thoughts. So I am sure if you let your shields down a bit, you will read a humble and sincere apology.

    That above " is all that I got", and I would ask you to reread it. I have zero intention in continuing this argument , and please understand I will not block you, I am very interested in your thoughts behind your links. So I will continue to ask you questions. Even if you block me. I just want to know more. Finally if you really after reading the above think I am trolling you, just say it and I will never respond to you directly or in directly again. I want you to honestly have the last word in this.

    @Dewey, Whatever do you mean?

    I am cold, Miami is warm. I think Rossi is a sham and that this is a sideshow to me, but not to you. Also, I have been on a roof looking for an air handler (there were dozens and dozens). I always think that I speak and ask questions plainly, without arrogance and with a true sense of wonder. And I follow up if I do not understand. Was it the comment to SSC?

    What did you read into my statement?


    I agree with you completely. I do not know how much you know about Utah. But it is the most unusual of states (even counting Florida). It has some of the most barren and at the same time beautiful vistas you would ever see. For a state without a large population the inhabitants are always in the news. I do not know how to explain it. But if you ever see Utah in the news read the backstory.


    I hope you can answer my questions. Is this case in open court? Does the Doctor show up every day? Or has never shown up, possibly waiting for the trial phase?

    I would also like to ask in your opinion only, when will the trial phase happen? Tickets from DC to MI range from $87 to $126 avg. Just wondering.

    SSC , I guess this is an attack, your options lack scope. Maybe think of #3 whatever it could be. As in we do not know what is in the minds of others. So maybe they were not sure, but they were sure they were still in business. And acted on it.


    I put it this way, CF works but so far input has been > or = to output. CMNS is still in its infancy and there is a lot to still learn. CoE still holds in the end so far.

    Edit: But then I read the NASA report Old guy had "NiedraJMreplicatio.pdf" a Thermacore replication and the question remains open,"

    Ok Alan,

    I would like a response to my post #160, in short we have energy like forever and ever. See the 100,000 years part. I also state we will have issues like war, famine etc.

    But energy we got. His policies you can follow on twitter each morning to see what ever mental state he is in that day. Over on this side if the pond it's quite the sport don't ya know? //say that in your Fargo voice

    This may be old news, I did not see it here. It's a link to ECW always open thread. Bernie Koppenhoffer asks the Doctor multiple questions # "1- you did not ever deliver any 1 MW plant after the end of the test with IH"

    The Dr. responds to question #1 Correct. I did not want to copy/pasta it. It's multiple choice. I do not know if this will have any bearing on the case.

    I must not worked hard enough, if a link does not work I abandon it. I am just getting old I guess. Thanks for that and the funny thing is I go to that site (NSF) also but have not been in a few days. I should have worked harder. In an honest suggestion why don't you stick to a simple explanation? Like your quote above, I have read your sub-reddit. The self linking sometimes is not the best way to get across your message. If someone knows it already. Not that you may care, but AWT seems to be bedrock for you. It's not for me, try to see that point of view.


    Dewey already answered that IH gave them a small grant but no longer work with them. BEC regardless of SRI's involvement is within the noise bars. Do not get me wrong, I have hope with those 2.

    I looked at SRI's calorimetery it is very well designed and sophisticated. It is what crushed my spirit when I started to even think about designing a flow reactor. Their small setup was over 50k. The one I just ball parked was a cytometry based and over 20k for the vessel alone. This is big funded science. LFH is about $300. I looked very hard at it, after that :)


    Link 1 and 2-spin component are locked. Link 2 and 3 do not mention "photons acquiring mass by their polarization". I am just trying to understand that sentence. I do not know if you are talking about inertial mass, refraction, doppler shift, gravity which all slow light down. How does polarization acquire mass?


    I was hoping that we could have a frank discussion and come to some agreement. I am an old chap PDP/VAX/UNIX device drivers. I really do not care what you did other places, though that Susan thing was wrong.I think you would admit that now. Anyway after a lifetime of looking at patterns, you start seeing patterns in almost everything. Example upvoting, or how Rossi is sloppy in his alts.

    But for example, once you see how a person gets upvotes then you see just one more pattern. After a while the patterns start to add up.

    I like the person that you hunted, and I asked you kindly not to hunt him on my home turf. Pattern wise I noticed when you were attacked your vocabulary started to mimic the way you were attacked. Then you used the same words. I am complimented that we think alike, I found one of my complete word for word sentences under your monkier. I assume that you liked the idea.

    I could be wrong, we could just think the exact same wording. I borrow others words sometimes, I may borrow yours from time to time. So it is all good.

    You should also understand there is no anonymity on the internet, regardless on how you nest. All it takes is one slip and the pattern locks in. You can deny that you are you. Who cares? Once a pattern is recognized and you follow it down it is quite easy to correlate. Once you have a fair range of who/what/where you change tactics. Some people are strategic (they make good bosses) and some are tactical (they make good techs). I am the later. I am wondering on your script. Do you need to input the usernames or do you attach a dictionary? I just would think if you had to think of userids that it would be time consuming. I hope that you see this as peace offering. Just exchange of tech info. As a offering I could help you hide better (CVE) or tell how to hunt better (NMAP, tcpdumps and wireshark or other specialized tools. Or I could just send up a pizza to your flat.

    Do you wish to continue? -peace

    Well that first link just goes back to your site. Then it is AWT related, so to me I can not relate. The Annillas link was good and informational but not related to photons acquiring mass directly only indirectly. The third link which has mass by polarization I had a lot of hope for but mass again was not cited in the article. The last link was just a jpg of the cannae drive.

    You know I think you have helped me and Axil and possibly yourself by making all of us improve our references. This is a good thing.


    I tried to remove that post since it was rude and I would like peace. I am sure that you use multiple accounts. I admit I am a Unix guy, I would find it interesting on seeing how a .NET PHP program could create multiple accounts. Since I am an old chap, I am somewhat lazy so its easier just to ask a question. So my question is no matter what forum or what userid the common denominator

    (which BTW is how your ID's are usually identified) what is your constant fascination with aw/daw? Why do you always link back to your own website? The only reason I can think is to drive Alexa rankings. Can you please help me understand why AWT is in almost every post from A-Z that you have done? It seems to be like a loop. There are times when you leave it alone, and you provide readable ideas. Oh and if you wish I will tell you how ip anomyzizers are easily defeated in windows boxes. Also can we agree to goto the playground to discuss this is OT, here.



    Thanks it was a good read, any life changing technology has the power to be abused, since forever. CRISPR will do to mammals what root grafting did to trees hundreds of years ago. Depends on if it is misused. Sorry that I did not crop this multi-fruit tree but it is beautiful.



    Why your link is an interesting read, I alas can not understand the relation. But I do think that CRISPR will be misused. I imagine it already is.


    I am on a quest for that information also. Here's the thing that bothers me, I would think that if you through enough energy at it you would overcome the coulumb barrier, in Nickel. But it would not produce any violation of CoE. So if you find anything interesting in your search let me know please. -thanks