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    The world does need people who think like Axil. Well... maybe not that far out. But certainly, a great contributor like Musk, who has accomplished so much in tangible work, also has some weird ideas and grandiose plans. Anyone want to travel to Mars? One way, I believe it will be.

    My point is, visionaries are really needed. But we also need critics to keep them in line with reality.

    No Mary we don't need to do anything to handle his reality. We need Axil to keep on being Axil. I have never seen him attack another user personally. And of all people you should know about personal attacks. I often ask direct questions here, they (mods) are kind enough to allow it.

    I also read you and do not dismiss you. Your reality will be challenged someday maybe? Not with this but in general, 'eyes wide open'. He has been taken to task before and started citing more links. Never personal attacks not once.

    Best thread and discussion here in a very long time.

    Are waves built on top of waves (fourier transform) ? I am imagining if something revolved around the speed of entanglement or if slowed down then tachyons if they exist that these (superluminal beings) would be discussing math that just does not fit and out of bounds. Like a bose ground state. Hypothetical (speaking for the FTL folks here if the tachyonatics 'I mean people or something like reasoning beings' exist) imaging if they could go beyond ground state. What would they think? We can slow down light now. Go the other way.

    Maybe it is possible to test for LENR activity by putting a cold reactor in a soda bottle and then look for crater impact marks from high energy subatomic particles coming from the reactor after a few weeks of exposure time and using a decent microscope that you know how to use.

    That would eliminate the expense of a calorimeter and probably be more accurate.

    Axil I have said it before. I will ride this ship down with you. We need people that think the box is round. Sometimes I try to imagine something that can not be defined with mathematics. And I have a hard time.

    Then I think of you. Some day we will have dinner.

    Yes, as a skeptic I do find it hard difficult to express my thoughts here.

    Mr Barker you are shaiteposting -- say something either funny or constructive or de-constructive either that or STFU. Be somewhat articulate. I do not agree with everyone here but I am civil. > Have an orange it is both sweet and tangy.

    Also if you want me to explain what this means you can use the convo button to speak with me directly. Make to make it simple if you shaitepost and end up in clearance.You have no one to blame but yourself.

    barty I do not know if you are posting an update. But I appreciate your work, not easy, probably not paid and often not appreciated. It should be... The funny thing is I also like Mary Yugos posting as I ass ume you make an ass out of me. It was subtle. Old joke very old joke. 'When you assume you make an ass out of u and me'

    Anyway carry on. We sometimes take ourselves to seriously.

    Shane D.

    I am very surprised that you liked this comment. It is very common to know if someone is using an Alt to avoid a ban. I really would like a response Shane.

    You seem to me (well just like me) if someone is trying to evade the forum rules it make sense to find the and block based on IP else this place will be flooded with more BS than it currently has.

    I will say this Eric = good and poor Skif is nutz. I hate to say this directly but his shaite is over the top and he needs to consider his words.

    All of that is self-taught (and probably erroneous), learned from reading textbooks I purchased on Amazon in 2012 and after when I first started taking an interest in LENR experimental writeups and in skeptical criticisms of LENR.

    I am now amazed if you learned physics without formal education after reading you all these years. Well hats off to you sir. Really I mean it. I got to quit sniffing paint damn.

    It's kind of harmless. I would have preferred Zeus46 not post it there, but some people found it funny, including (I think) one or two mods. At any rate, we do not have a problem yet of people posting lurid images to threads, and once it becomes a problem, you can be assured that it will be handled by the mods.

    We do have a recurring problem of people such as yourself attacking forum members, suggesting that they're astroturfers and insulting them, calling them "useful idiots," for example. This puts you on the bad list, if you weren't already aware of that. We'll continue to deal with this situation as it evolves.

    Maybe you would be friends if you sent him a pizza?

    I thought I would post another link below on the EM drive which is something else non-related to LENR that I follow. This field is also getting Rossi-like (I get that point do you see?) but that there are real people that have very real skillsets working on it. Not that it works but in a way it is a vehicle for information.

    Dr. Nagel is an earnest man and he is following the method required.…r-claims.html#more-135473

    I also used to have some belief in this (EMdrive) but no longer but I will be damned if I close my mind off to scientific method. In fact I learned some of these things from you both as naive as I am. Claims are one thing.

    The quickest look shows a) no references to my work and b) references from 2016.

    What this means is that this document is another 'true believer' product. No consideration of extant non-nuclear alternatives.

    This implies to me it is just a rehash of what has already been discussed here and elsewhere. If someone reads it and thinks that my initial impression is wrong, please correct me.

    Kirk there is nothing wrong with a true believer it just matters if they are practicing science. He is doing both and you know it. I just want the science nothing more. If it is not there then it will not be. If there is something there then we are meant to study it.

    I have not heard this rumor. But let me point out that I know of several cathodes going back to the early 1990s that were both Pd and Ni. Usually Pd plated onto Ni, or a multi-layer sandwich. So it might be both. Pd has been plated onto various substrates or alloyed with Ag and other metals. So if you hear a confused rumor that seems to imply both Pd and Ni, it might be both.

    Pure Pd does not works well as far as I know.

    People (a.k.a. researchers) are working on this (Pd & W) Jed. I am sure of it. Just trust me on this. I would not say it otherwise. No point.

    Alan Fletcher ... truer words.. so to speak.

    Even though I do not see the point in Rossi anymore. That man has some ability that I could never have. Even most of us on the 'Rossi is a farce' bandwagon agree that he is damn good at pulling one (scam-a-roony) off by now. Even you Mary have to begrudge him that.

    I was reading one of the above posters on ECW noticing some of the flaws in NI based work. I was hopeful. We need to put this and the QuarkXQZ behind us now.

    After the pump test what is left? A blue light? We have to move on. There are more Pd tests coming from independent researchers -> i am sure of it.

    I will take my team and read. We shall discuss.

    If this comment was to me I would say that it is best you do. Research continues. Keep an open mind based on what evidence that is presented. I do. 'I unlike others' here see some avenues that do not work. I am still on the Pd bandwagon so to speak. I will ride this out for a while. We will see.

    There you go. A threat to ban me just because I questioned the validity of LENR! Is that how things are run here? My questions are valid!

    JedRothwell claims there have been thousands of replications of Palladium based LENR. I never said anything about powering the world with Pd/D LENR. I asked about why there were no working reactors. Even if it was to cost $100k to build a single working reactor, which barely lit a 5w bulb, and then run that for a period where it ruled out any known methods of energy production, you would have yourselves a winner. The cost to build it, the availability of Pd etc, would be irrelevant. The field of LENR would become mainstream science and we would no longer need a forum like this to denigrate each other.

    I have asked Jed for a link to the McKubre papers he quotes regularly but as of yet he has not provided. I want to review this document and then we'll discuss. Savvy?

    Listen to this Jed has time and time again linked to his index on the library. Look at it if you have a chance-- before posting. I am probably the only advocate here for keeping Marys voice here in LF (to say the least) and everyone many others are not in agreement with me.

    I will say this from my direct experience currently that there are researchers working on Pd based LENR.

    There is or is not something there. But what ever it is has been there for quite a long time. Rossi was a distraction and continues to be.\

    He continues to be just a distraction. Nothing more.

    It uses 'THE FORCE' geez Shane D. duh.

    Here is my question, does he design his stuff after coming up with a way make the foolery more plausible? Or does he make something and then spends his time on how to fool it for the verifiers ? There is method somewhere, I think.

    Betting anything in any other currency here than quatloos shows someones immaturity and that the mods moved this thread here indicates that they are the 'Providers'. Internet bets based on money show how serious someone is to show their honker. I have no desire to see your hork nor frame the battlefield with your specialty if say you are a lawyer or some wealthy internet asshole persona. It (LENR) is a point of view that may or not be supported. We need to look at this (betting) with a sense of the humor that it was intended not by the size of someones hork. FFS.


    I was not going to say a word but thanks but (well I am rigel after all ) I would like to find anything out that can not be disputed. Please keep the pump until the critics jump in on both sides in case something is in question Thanks! We do not want to hear a question like "but in this condition well this happens" or any such thing. People are watching this.


    I really appreciate the honest response. I am glad you took the time to respond. Rossi is not my cup of tea anymore but was at one time.

    I am no longer a fan of IH now either BTW. My nice guy 'goes out the window' when I think I am being deceived regardless of which side does it. Just business they will say but not once I think someone is not being honest. It's bad science regardless of whether or not if it is 'good business.' Hurts us all.

    Since this is an 'aftermath discussion'. Rossi in a way is teaching people lessons in how to use or misuse equipment such as pumps, VOMs and scopes and how that can fool educated people, and also at the same time actually inventing a new form of math. On the plus side If researchers duplicate any of his results, we will now know what to look for. He is kinda like the 'Penn and Teller' of LENR. I am also learning here what to check. It in a way is educational. I am not being disingenuous here.

    As I look at the current state here in 'a bit of disbelief'. I am not sure why any replicator is still working on the dogbone, when Rossi himself has clearly moved on.

    E-cat scrapped then dogbone scrapped but now new device that has the same unbelievable metrics. If you use his system of checking measurements you are good to go.

    If may ask those that still believe in him one question. It would be what would it take at this point to doubt him?

    Lets hope so Axil. I read your stuff on Vortex. I am not sure why you believe in Rossi anymore but do what you think is right. Don't change. I have never understood why people that disagree with you need to insult. They just can move on or maybe come up with a rational response. We disagree on LENR+ and I think Rossi needs to fade away but you and others are waiting for the super quark XQ (I think its now called) we are all trying to fix the same problem. Just do what you think -- screw the written critiques unless a valid point is raised then reflect and respond. Even me. But I will be damned if I ever critique you for thinking outside the box.

    Yes I kinda agree with this. But I would also see if anything other made claims people are interested in that can be tested. I would like to nail this down a bit before more replicators spend more time and address all the complaints at once. Just my 2cts.


    If you want to purchase the one on e-Bay and test it, I'll reimburse you the entire amount. Then after done testing, if you wouldn't mind attempting to re-sell on e-Bay. I'll take whatever you get for it, minus some amount for your hassle.

    It isn't a new one, granted, and it may be a lemon. But it would at least give us a data point. I would really like to know who is blowing smoke: Rossi or Dewey.


    One of those two have access to then and I am pretty sure they are not being used anymore. Maybe Dewey or whomever is posting for the other side can ask what happened to them. It is a good question.

    If you go to the trouble to look up the names and C.V.s of the researchers in the major papers from 1989 through 2000 or so, you can easily determine that those people are now somewhere between 80 and 100 years old if they are still alive. Very few people still conduct laboratory research at those ages. Most of them are dead. You can confirm that with an actuarial table.

    I have their obituaries so I know which ones are dead, but you don't need that information. Surely you know that most people are dead by age 90, and very few are capable of doing laboratory research.

    They made good progress while they lived and had funding. They did get better results. A few of them still are getting better results.

    Jed - I live in DC and I get this message. There are real scientists working on this. Either way they just want to know.