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    Go Axil- but the antiparticle has to be called the Zephilon. Dirac would not have it any other way. One seems to be bent on destroying the other. I will leave this alone. But good job on having a particle named after you. Have to get Profmattstrassler to acknowledge this name also. I am also serious about this. Your work should be acknowledged and at least be appreciated.


    I just deleted my comment (it was overboard). I am with you on this. IHFB does his homework and does follow up on an idea an provides good questions. Talking down to someone or using baby talk gets me. But I am not one to judge. But I would like it called to my attention if I do it. I would assume that Jed would like to know also. Maybe I would not like being told it at the time but I would appreciate it in the long run. It would make me a better advocate of my position.

    robert bryant

    Thank you for the response. I commented in the other thread (meson based model) with an easter egg (for old Tommy C.)

    A great video. I will look at your links, but I think I found the answer in the comments look for someone named David S. Please never take what I say as a conflict, I just did not understand as the graphic as it showed it... but I did not see the connection. I just have a tendency to follow up questions that I do not understand. We have such great minds here... Spending them on Rossi to me is like trying to fix burnt toast by scraping it off. Holmlid may have something, I am unaware if he has a video of what he thinks is going on. Mills quite honestly I have serious doubts of as he moves his target by financial quarter just like ITER or big science does. Anyway I enjoyed the video immensely.

    robert bryant ,

    This was a good video I have to copy/paste your comment.

    Happy Easter/ We don't know how lucky we are,(John Clarke in memoriam)

    Maybe we could get him out with an easter egg. We should be addressing theory and how it does or does not work.

    Rossi has boiled these eggs. The video made good points.

    Anyway I chased down your link on zillions of quarks in the Prof-Matt article, someone named DaveS. explained it in the comments.

    Maybe we could discuss this video someday.


    Please consider codifying it .This eye 4 eye stuff is not professional. This smacks of anger not reflectance. The only words I have seen here that have brought me to anger are pests that shut conversation down and chase contributors away .


    Personally I hope you both keep using this thread unless something new comes up-- for me it is easy to follow. I originally wanted to help, but Can has this so well covered (I would just be a bug.)

    Others may just not be speaking up the thread is awesome.

    Bob- I am interested in what you are trying to do. I respect you greatly. Once you said you did not have a set theory per se that you wanted to discuss, but I never followed up on this. Did you mean something like the Mossbauer effect? I know that you have the scent of something, you have the protocol nailed down as best as I have seen. I think many others will follow in your footsteps. As this work will be the new GA on how to do it. So if I may ask... what do you think will happen? Or if you are not ready now and just experimenting it works for me.

    Dear MODERATORS and everyone here.

    This is a community-- not what you or I or what the originator/founder thinks. It is collective and volatile and alas as such ==== may need to be moderated but ALWAYS this is either due to language or content. BUT FORSURE NOT DISAGREEMENTS OR BIAS NOR DIFFERENT IDEAS! . Banning is a violation of rules that are set down in advance. Not something that is either arbitrary or capricious. Not one persons 'moods' should set the tone. There are no rules that have been violated. I really really do not understand what has been violated.

    How about defining some very simple rules and codifying them elsewhere and point to them when needed?

    1. Do not be an ass or DOXX

    2. Don't bring religion sexual orientation or race into a conversation about LENR

    3. Each and everyone of us needs to be able to laugh at a joke at our expense, maybe it is an indirect way of telling someone something they need to hear.

    This place has a unique world wise audience and we need to keep it this way.


    I have always wondered about this avenue. But I would think that all shocks regardless of the shock source would be well modelled and tested due to the similarities with nuclear weapons, which are very close if not overlapping in design. And that website is mush 101. My bet is getting something out of sonofusion will be quite the chore.

    Unless I am missing something. All the locks are missing from the recent banning massacre. So both the Dew and Wyttenbach and of course sifferkoll are now able to post.

    I would ask them to consider posting again albeit more thoughtfully.

    Only one name is missing from this list who could contribute more than most but hey can't due to some non existent policy of permabans.... Can't have everything X/


    I am missing your point above completely. The Hermitian link is a stub. But the link on Carl M. Bender getting the prize was interesting. I also *read the comments. The user Hyperfuzzy looks like one of our posters here. I noticed the style of attacking others for proposing an idea. I have seen that somewhere...hmm.

    This seems out of scope for LENR. Needs a better tie in.

    robert bryant -

    Thanks for the link on protons. Any knowledge that can help explain something is worth reading. That said the link offers no proof in its premise on zillions of of lightweight particles called quarks, antiquarks and gluons, (also the 3 sub-links he referenced) are all 3 quark is a proton related.

    No soup of particles no zillions. But a good read anyway.


    Take what Alan said as a compliment. He is quite good with words when he wants to be. I was a bit discerned when I read some thread on ECW that you are done educating people. People can take an idea or leave it but it is a valuable contribution.

    //On a different non related note altogether- MP knock it off

    Oh fubar this 'with the I am out stuff' from many of you today. We all know regardless of sides we are in it to the end. Just that we have burned out on discussing how Rossi did his deed and his outcome.

    Rigels prediction--- No one is going anywhere. We just have exhausted the data. Tomorrow or the next day or the next we will have more data.

    It's just we have nothing more to argue about. And Dewey could have provided bread crumbs, but cannot well... now. Why? Because he took it personal and got his ass banned for 2 weeks. Sheesh...

    You all can come back later this mess, I will still be here. Do not even consider leaving me here to clean it up. This is a court case not a Rossi is full of BS case.

    We are mostly all in agreement on this. SMH

    @IH Supporter wrote: "I would not be surprised that there was a water bypass that allowed the pump in the customer's area to pump to somewhere "down stream" from the temperature sensor."

    Your honor objection! speculation. And besides your honor no one on either side is surprised on what my client does anymore.

    BobHiggins ,

    I am rusty but have your script reference a flat file on a timer say every 15 minutes for parameters. If the flat file has not changed then no bother. If it's changed then the new data is acted on.

    As far as hung threads, get a watchdog to see if it is being used. If you are stopping and having to restart, well we dont want that. And maybe can come up with a way to either bypass it or fix it. Have a watchdog for any realtime processes.

    This is a bit of a segue, but thanks to Alan Fletcher (and good helpful links) and other posters, I may just be able to replace my old as Titanic boiler. (which does not have a pigtail BTW)

    This is educational even as a byproduct.

    Thanks Para, I would think that any heat regardless (of leaked steam or not) would encounter a temperature difference at the exit point and stain over time. But regardless I would think that even the difference in the heat between the building and outside would show up somehow. I will have to ponder this. I will consider that it was sealed and pressurized and just heat alone--- no leaking steam. Still can not get over the condensation but I will think....

    Para how was the heat ventilated without a stain on the exit regarding the difference in temperature? I am putting you on the spot here sorry. I think you will be able to answer this quite simply. Shouldn't we see possible condensation over time? If not why not?

    I will try another way, please help me out here everyone. If that window is expelling even 0.25 MW of heat/steam where is the stain around the exit point from the inevitable exothermic condensation in Miami over a period of 350 days. This does not make sense. Things stain when exposed, even stainless will have a backwash.

    @Shan ye,

    Good to be back. Glad you felt it necessary to at least comment on my comments. ;)


    I am also glad you are back. Regardless of the side if I see someone stomping someones ideas here I try to step up. This is not bullshaite. If someone leaves here we all lose.

    But your arguments are beyond the RossiSays they carry both weight and purpose. I had to look to see when you commented last since you were busy elsewhere. So welcome back! Your challenges are the best that we as a group have in my opinion.

    Maybe there is something to be said that we are pushing the Rossi believers away.

    I honestly think---- that it is no longer worth pursuing how 1 MW of heat left the plant. Nothing that I can imagine can come up with that heat sink.

    Can you think of how the heat was dissipated? What are the real questions in your mind we should be looking at?

    //Please if you can look at post #4303

    This is to THH,

    This is a copy/pasta quote from my browser quote of the day.

    “Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” — Thomas Henry Huxley

    I would like to say I hate doxxing, and doxxers get special attention from me. Pests are bugs and some are better to crawl off. I am all for leaving it alone.

    We lose people to doxxing. F that.