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    If I wanted or could do things traditionally (i.e. Mizuno-style plasma electrolysis) I wouldn't have called the thread "unconventional".


    Sorry, my purpose was not to critisize your tests. It's nice that someone shares openly all the results to the interested ones.

    I just wanted to show that test as one example of getting good results. Maybe there is something that could be scaled down from 200V level to 12 V. In your case the max. power is ~ 120 W v.s. the Naudin case ~ 700W. And as you mention short-circuit that means that the voltage level requirement is quite low.

    One thing that has been bothering me is that already at that time Naudin could get > 2 COP with quite a simple arrangement, when e.g. for Brillouin it is hard to exceed that value with much more sophisticated system.

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to inform about the traditional plasma-electrolysis (maybe everyone has already gone through the Naudin-pages) but here is one example anyway:

    Test 4

    To me the Naudin-pages are some of the best documented tests for those who want to try something.

    You should have heard the shriek of the Tesla-like coil I built (before it nearly killed me - the arcs and sparks were not safe at all).

    I (for reasons unknown) stacked 6 identical stainless steel dog food bowls, separated by rolls of electrical tape laying flat in the bottom of each bowl, and adjusted them so that the six bowls had a gap of about 1.5 cm between them, equally over the entire area of each bowl. The top and bottom bowls were connected to Earth and the Tesla coil output respectively. Once one spark set could jump from one bowl to the next, the effect cascaded into thousands of sparks jumping between the bowls in thousands of locations, like a chocolate fountain made of violet and blue sparks. I can hear the horrible sound clearly in my mind 30 years later.

    (A pencil was laying on the table, and rotated itself in the field of the device, allowing a fat arc to jump nearly 10 cm from the spark fountain, through the pencil core, arced again over to a metal-framed chair, then another 10 cm to my leg. My leg stiffened so fast it launched me away over a meter to safety. Otherwise I probably would be dead now. I turned it off, put it in a box, and never operated it again.)

    Loosely related to the subject. There was an American TV-series here a few months ago about Tesla's heritage and building Tesla's death-ray. The guys even visited Tesla-museum in Serbia and got a permission to take photos of some of the original hand-written notes. The other thing is that finally they also succeeded in constructing some kind of a death-ray device. It was a about 3 m high Tesla transformer. They could destroy a drone from a distance about 3-4 m from the device. So i suppose the voltage of the "lightning" needs to be several MVs in order to achieve this.

    Sorry, I have very limited understanding of this theory (or any other theory...), but one starting point for "Spin Connection Resonance" could be found here, starting at slide 39:…aneous/ECE-popular-en.pdf

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    The clay-structures look very interesting but i don't have any idea what you are trying to achieve. Could you tell a bit more what is the basic idea of the final construction ? Which theory is behind your device ?

    I have seen you mentioning e.g. Tesla-transformer somewhere. Is it there to get enough voltage or because of some other possible effects ?

    How about then the form of each component? Where comes the design for those ? They have quite a special, even strange form, each of those. And for sure you have an idea what is the purpose of each of them.


    What I find interesting is that a number of inventions over the past century producing very closely related conditions for EVO generation (for example T.H. Moray's glow discharge tubes, Nikola Tesla's extremely high frequency magnetically quenched spark gaps, E.V. Gray's systems, and SEVERAL others) produced a form of "cold electricity" that seemed to have superconductive properties. When used to power electric motors with heavy loads, such motors did not run hot at all. This mysterious form of electrical current even produced holes in the glass coverings of light bulbs: an effect that could be imagined as the remittance of an EVO. My guess is that even if EVOs themselves were flowing through the wires, the impacts of EVOs onto the anodes or collector grids used to produce the cold current were somehow imparting similar superconducting patterns that ran along the surface of the wires.


    Here's one view to cold electricity:

    After the last flop, still waiting for the promised public demo proving the claim of excess heat.

    Quite a strange attitude. Even if the reactions don't produce a single joule of excess energy, the results are extra-ordinary. Instead of chemical reactions this is possible only by some kind of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. Wasn't this the basic requirement ?

    Now it is interesting to see possible explanations about the results at least from the following theory groups:

    - Axil

    - Zephyr

    - Standard theory

    - Mills


    The plasma electrolysis at electrode is commonly used in cold fusion research, but its energy yields aren't as high in general.

    In the example given the value E_out/E_in =~ 1.3.

    In a later test equipment,,

    this value is already quite much better, Run#1: 2.05 and in Run#3: 2.29

    To me these values sound such that there is really an energy producing phenomena in these tests. If you compare these values to the values we have seen in the case of Ni-H, 1.0 - 1.1, it seems that this kind of test-system would be clearly a better direction to go. In the open test-cases related to Ni-H-systems we end up always in the discussion if there is excess energy or any at all.

    Of course one thing would be necessary in further development, some kind of theory about what's happening here. Mizuno's original explanation might not be enough ?

    If we take that to account it is totally useless to guess the input power. A simple circuit schematic could clarify the situation. So no idea about real COP.

    There's no systematic evidence at this point as far as I can tell that removing impurities from the surface of a substrate does anything beneficial. It seems to simply be an assumption that this is the case. It might be the opposite: that preparing a substrate by cleaning it will be partly or wholly detrimental.

    Related to that i copied this from Peter's EGO-OUT blogs Comments section at 2017-02-20:

    "Alan DeAngelis Andreas Moraitis
    a day ago

    I was thinking about tetrahedral and octahedral nickel hydride complexes a few years ago on E-cat site.

    “ Ni(0) (metal) + 6 H2 (gas) > [NiH6]6- + 6 H+ (protons)

    If I have this right, a set of six empty sp3d2 hybrid orbitals can be formed
    on the nickel by mixing 4s, 4p and 4d orbitals and then the lone pairs of
    electrons of the hydrides could fill them to form the octahedral complex

    “Ni(0) (metal) + 4 H2 (gas) > [NiH4]4- + 4 H+ (protons)

    Could also have a set of four empty sp3 hybrid orbitals form on the nickel and then the lone pairs of electrons of the hydrides could fill them to form the tetrahedral complex [NiH4]4-.”

    Another thread here also suggested that NiO instead of very pure Ni would be useful material for LENR. (I suppose no-one of the members of this forum did try this ever but ...):

    "LENR as entertainment
    Jul 10th 2015

    The experiment was to check the stability of nickelous oxide paint in hydrogen at 1000 C. I was asked by management to verify that the material would maintain color as a ceramic paint. My Variac/transformer would just meet this requirement. At 830 C. thermal run away occurred and the tube housing the alumina FiberFrax/NiO melted. I now realize that what had occurred was simply hydrogen fusion. Gas chromatography indicated a small increase in helium after flow through the operating reactor.

    After 50 years this fusion it's still inconclusive because of the focus on nickel with various impurity levels leading to trial and error results. Instead nickelous oxide suspension on alumina fiberfrax will give very good repeat ability. The NiO particles must be submicron in size.

    All my posts are on this forum."