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    The clay-structures look very interesting but i don't have any idea what you are trying to achieve. Could you tell a bit more what is the basic idea of the final construction ? Which theory is behind your device ?

    I have seen you mentioning e.g. Tesla-transformer somewhere. Is it there to get enough voltage or because of some other possible effects ?

    How about then the form of each component? Where comes the design for those ? They have quite a special, even strange form, each of those. And for sure you have an idea what is the purpose of each of them.


    What I find interesting is that a number of inventions over the past century producing very closely related conditions for EVO generation (for example T.H. Moray's glow discharge tubes, Nikola Tesla's extremely high frequency magnetically quenched spark gaps, E.V. Gray's systems, and SEVERAL others) produced a form of "cold electricity" that seemed to have superconductive properties. When used to power electric motors with heavy loads, such motors did not run hot at all. This mysterious form of electrical current even produced holes in the glass coverings of light bulbs: an effect that could be imagined as the remittance of an EVO. My guess is that even if EVOs themselves were flowing through the wires, the impacts of EVOs onto the anodes or collector grids used to produce the cold current were somehow imparting similar superconducting patterns that ran along the surface of the wires.


    Here's one view to cold electricity:

    After the last flop, still waiting for the promised public demo proving the claim of excess heat.

    Quite a strange attitude. Even if the reactions don't produce a single joule of excess energy, the results are extra-ordinary. Instead of chemical reactions this is possible only by some kind of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. Wasn't this the basic requirement ?

    Now it is interesting to see possible explanations about the results at least from the following theory groups:

    - Axil

    - Zephyr

    - Standard theory

    - Mills


    The plasma electrolysis at electrode is commonly used in cold fusion research, but its energy yields aren't as high in general.

    In the example given the value E_out/E_in =~ 1.3.

    In a later test equipment,,

    this value is already quite much better, Run#1: 2.05 and in Run#3: 2.29

    To me these values sound such that there is really an energy producing phenomena in these tests. If you compare these values to the values we have seen in the case of Ni-H, 1.0 - 1.1, it seems that this kind of test-system would be clearly a better direction to go. In the open test-cases related to Ni-H-systems we end up always in the discussion if there is excess energy or any at all.

    Of course one thing would be necessary in further development, some kind of theory about what's happening here. Mizuno's original explanation might not be enough ?

    If we take that to account it is totally useless to guess the input power. A simple circuit schematic could clarify the situation. So no idea about real COP.

    There's no systematic evidence at this point as far as I can tell that removing impurities from the surface of a substrate does anything beneficial. It seems to simply be an assumption that this is the case. It might be the opposite: that preparing a substrate by cleaning it will be partly or wholly detrimental.

    Related to that i copied this from Peter's EGO-OUT blogs Comments section at 2017-02-20:

    "Alan DeAngelis Andreas Moraitis
    a day ago

    I was thinking about tetrahedral and octahedral nickel hydride complexes a few years ago on E-cat site.

    “ Ni(0) (metal) + 6 H2 (gas) > [NiH6]6- + 6 H+ (protons)

    If I have this right, a set of six empty sp3d2 hybrid orbitals can be formed
    on the nickel by mixing 4s, 4p and 4d orbitals and then the lone pairs of
    electrons of the hydrides could fill them to form the octahedral complex

    “Ni(0) (metal) + 4 H2 (gas) > [NiH4]4- + 4 H+ (protons)

    Could also have a set of four empty sp3 hybrid orbitals form on the nickel and then the lone pairs of electrons of the hydrides could fill them to form the tetrahedral complex [NiH4]4-.”

    Another thread here also suggested that NiO instead of very pure Ni would be useful material for LENR. (I suppose no-one of the members of this forum did try this ever but ...):

    "LENR as entertainment
    Jul 10th 2015

    The experiment was to check the stability of nickelous oxide paint in hydrogen at 1000 C. I was asked by management to verify that the material would maintain color as a ceramic paint. My Variac/transformer would just meet this requirement. At 830 C. thermal run away occurred and the tube housing the alumina FiberFrax/NiO melted. I now realize that what had occurred was simply hydrogen fusion. Gas chromatography indicated a small increase in helium after flow through the operating reactor.

    After 50 years this fusion it's still inconclusive because of the focus on nickel with various impurity levels leading to trial and error results. Instead nickelous oxide suspension on alumina fiberfrax will give very good repeat ability. The NiO particles must be submicron in size.

    All my posts are on this forum."

    Here Ed Storm is just saying that "Temperature determines how fast D can get to the NAE by diffusion from its site in the surrounding lattice". But from perspective of my theory the temperature dependence cannot be so monotonous at all. The hotter the lattice is, the more wildly the atom nuclei wiggle against each other and the more frequently they occasionally collide. But the probability, that multiple atoms will collide along a single line in the same direction will decrease with increasing temperature too.


    You mention in your theory:

    Another factor contributing to high yield of heat during LENR are the quantum effects, similar to quantum entanglement and boson condensate formation. As most of you probably know, the fast motion of particles induces a de-Broglie pilot wave of undulated vacuum around them, which makes the vacuum more dense and the propagation of light slower in such a way, its speed is not affected with speed of particle itself.

    But during fast collinear collisions of long chains of atom nuclei this effect becomes very significant and it will create a cylindrical area of dense vacuum around collision line of these nuclei. This dense tube will both merge and entangle the atom nuclei into a collective motion and undulations, both will make their merging easier, because it will decrease the tension at the surface of atom nuclei just at the place of their mutual contact. The collective motion of atom nuclei will mediate and share their energy with longitudinal waves like the superconductor or liquid helium, which also mediates the heat waves well - so that the energy produced by fusion at some point will be redistributed along whole line of colliding atoms fast and as such thermalized.


    As you may guess, with increasing temperature of reaction the atom nuclei will move wildly and their ability to form stable entangled condensate lines will decrease, so that some neutrons may be still released during thermal runaways of LENR reactors.

    Now one interesting question is how this chain-formation of atoms fits in the plasma electrolysis type of LENR ?

    And which are the effective elements then , K, C, O or W ? E.g in here:

    About dark matter - it looks like ECE doesn't need it ! OK, i don't have any opinion about this but at slide 35 in this general presentation,…aneous/ECE-popular-en.pdf

    they mention:

    "Dark Matter

    - Standard physics assumes that more than 90% of matter are of unknown type

    - no radiation interaction, „dark matter“

    - What the hell do we know then from the universe???

    - ECE theory has explained the laws of the universe without such assumptions

    Quite strong a statement, isn't it ?

    With my laptop the main display looks OK , but when i switch to the second (external) display it looks like this (in both cases maximized window).

    The sample is from "portal".

    In this case the system is Windows 7 with Chrome browser.

    Zephir_AWT thanks for clarifying the situation among the mainstream physicists.

    I am still wondering what is the value of the mathematical proof that ties curvature and torsion together ? If it is valid, can it be just ignored like that ?
    Wouldn't that mean that if you ignore torsion you also throw curvature away at the same time ?

    As little as i understand these things to me it looks that this connection is essential for the whole theory and its consequences.

    I think signal injection into a coax stub is ok to create a signal -but of course, no use for running a heater - and PWM's are fixed frequency - we need another trick. got me thinking about the problem of using a simple PWM to give a…

    So what is the target (resonance) frequency roughly ? And related to which physical phenomena ?
    There was earlier mentioned around 100ns-level minimum pulse-width but this corresponds only to 10 MHz. Even the highest order harmonics could reach then a few 100 MHz at best.
    If i understand correctly everything interesting known today would require THz-frequencies and all the techniques mentioned here and earlier stay far away from those.

    Happy New year 2017!

    First i'm sorry that i keep asking these questions about ECE again this year. I probably started in a wrong way 2016 ?

    My key point was to get some kind of opinion of the real basis of the ECE theory. And as far as i understand the basis of ECE is this:
    1) Einstein = space-time + curvature, however not enough to describe reality =>
    2) + Cartan, Evans = + torsion

    So does the addition of torsion make sense ?

    Just as an irritating comment from the latest UFT-paper:
    "..., which uses the commutator method to show that if torsion is zero then curvature is zero. So neglect of torsion means that the Einstein theory is fundamentally erroneous. The Einsteinian curvature
    is zero, so its gravitational field is zero, ..."

    Unfortunately that is based on mathematics and as such worthless if we agree Wyttenbach (2016-07-15) "With mathematics you can prove "anything"."

    What if DFG fields was huge muon radiation? It generate lot of noise in copper lines, looks like RF noise, show nothing in geiger etc.

    About month ago I got hint to ground reactor RF shield. I put maybe 5m wire from reactor that was unconnected to reactor then I start to connect next part. When touched that 5m wire copper end it give nasty electric shock. When grounding line was ready and RF shield grounded it affect nothing to RF. It is not RF that make noise like RF.
    Best explanation theory currently are muons.

    Me365 report RF radiation that go through 1cm Al.

    What if it's a question of scalar-waves ? Sounds probably quite silly and controversial as LENR itself. Anyway some links to device instructions:

    Then what could be the source of these waves in LENR ? No idea but the 'symptoms' lead to this direction.
    Another question is how to build a scalar-wave sensitive detector that could receive scalar-waves only. Maybe the similar coil-structure
    as in those articles could be used as a receiver antenna also.

    Also, LENR reactions induced by experiments with electrical discharge most likely produced the Chernobyl reactor nuclear accident.

    Concerning Chernobyl the most important factor was human stupidity. If you know that this type (graphite-moderated) of reactor is inherently unstable and then you take the safety system off, can there be more stupid thing to be done in the whole world ?

    Refreshing to read something else than the newer-ending nagging in all of the IH/Rossi threads. David raises also thme dark side of LENR on the table. Normal explorers are interested in keeping the reactor as stable as possible. However we have heard about some radiation bursts and even explosions during tests. What would be more interesting to weapon-makers than those cases ? Easy to imagine the new-born mr. Q to develop a pencil-size LENR-powered missile for James Bond.

    Dear physicists !

    I would like you to tell your opinion of one of the (maybe so much hated) unified theories, ECE (Einstein - Cartan - Evans ) by Myron Evans.
    I'm asking this because i'm not familiar at all with the mathematics that is used to prove this theory (tensors etc.). Why this theory attracts me is the addition of torsion in space-time geometry.
    Here's a general slide-presentation of the ideas:…aneous/ECE-popular-en.pdf
    And this is more complete description of the theory:

    So does this theory have anything to do with reality or is it pure non-sense ?

    @Tom Paulson Your FFT graph of a simulated SCR spectrum is nice to look at, but rather deceptive. The log scale obscures the reality that the harmonic at 1 MHz is ~110 dB (3 X 10^-6) below the fundamental. I'm not saying that a chopped waveform doesn't have higher harmonics. However, only those below around 100 kHz have significant ) amplitude.

    In addition, the self-inductance of a typical heater coil acts as a low-pass filter. I measured a corner frequency of 50 kHz for my Glowstick coils. Higher-frequency stimulus thus requires a different mechanism, perhaps rods passing through the reactor end seals. This feature is part of the GS6 design now under development.

    There have been several speculations which frequencies could be useful for stimulation, varying from X kHz to Y THz. One (not so safe) idea came to mind. Why not try e.g. the 2.45 GHz found in almost every kitchen inside a micro-wave oven ? No idea if this frequency is better or worse than any other proposition. Electronic hackers could also tune the magnetron circuit to some other frequency if needed. The benefit of the oven is that the transmitter power is quite high, typically more than 500 W.