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    Some resemblance with Pyroelectric_fusion.

    Made me think of the granted patent application of Pekka Soininen (Etiam Oy) that also describes the use of pyroelectric discharge combined with Rydberg Matter.

    It looks like Etiam Oy has been discontinued. Pittyful.
    It may be worth re-reading this patent which I brought up in 2014 just after it was published. At that time Holmlid's UDD/UDH works were not yet discussed here at this forum.

    This patent has some overlay with Holmlid's method to produce Rydberg Matter, where Soininen proposed ignition of Rydberg Matter by means of electrical discharge. In fact it refers to some of Holmlid's earlier publications.

    They, Etiam, tried to get investments for further research/developmet but didn't succeed in that. So that was the end of their story.


    I think Sweden got it right. protect those at risk, quarantine AFTER symptoms/ tests. And if you have to give away trillions, send it directly to those who are documented to be at risk and are self isolating and keep most of the work force working and use some for PPE and health support instead of Art projects and political wish lists.


    Numbers count or do they ?

    Denmark (5,8 M) 434 deaths

    Norway (5,4M) 206

    Sweden (10,2M) 2355

    Finland (5M) 199

    This is the latest snapshot and of course it doesn't tell the final truth. Anyway Sweden has the lightest restrictions at the moment and highest relative number of deaths in this Nordic set.

    This is something from Evans that is quite useful and can also be used in higher dimensions. Positive and negative rotation currents symmetrically cancel and also the fields (when using the correct topology) . This finally leads to a "magneto static" solution for higher dimensional fields in SO(4). Of course Evans stays in 3D,t but this path is correct.

    A bit out of the thread subject but it would be interesting to now which kind of reasoning has lead to higher dimensional thinking. I would assume that adding torsion in Einstein's space-time world lead to Evans' ECE originally maybe just by curiosity - what happens if we add torsion there instead of only curvature? Now there is probably something similar behind SO(4)-thinking, e.g. is it easier to explain some real-world phenomena adding dimensions or is there some kind of mathematical proof that directly leads to higher dimensions ?


    Simply counting charges by discreet numbers and mass units now looks like Kindergarten physics. (Do not forget that the quantum hall effect already did indicate that the classic charge can split in any integer fraction unit...)

    So do you mean that in spite of the 4 protons in the nucleus the electrons around it see as an effective charge only 2*e+ ? Or is it necessary to generalize also the circulating electrons' mass/charge behaviour ?

    Sorry that i'm asking these questions but i hope that the answers could help also some other guys who have sometimes problems even with 3 dimensions.

    I just did find an absolute exact model to show how the fusion of 4 protons to 4-He works. In fact, as a conclusion, we can say inside 4-He there are no longer neutrons. All charge mass has been transformed into magnetic flux. The remaining charge glue does as expected 5 rotations, what proves the core assumption of the SO(4) physics model.

    To sum up the Holmlid reaction 8 +1 protons form a resonant structure in the form a 8Be nucleus that is repulsive and decays into 2 * 4He and 2 kaons. The ninth proton takes over all fusion energy and splits. The 8 proton excess energy is 49.37MeV more than enough (49.08 needed) to from two neutral Kaons.

    A very interesting result ! This generates easily several questions but without SO(4)-background the most natural of them is - what happens to the electrons of an atom ?

    I suppose the net-charge of He-nucleus is now 4 times a positive proton charge when the number of negative charge electrons is 2, at least in the traditional model.

    Maybe the sentence "charge mass has been transformed into magnetic flux" is the explanation ?

    From Wiki::


    He has complained that papers he has submitted to peer-reviewed American Physical Society journals were rejected because they were controlled by a group of Jewish physicists led by Weinberg.[7] Santilli has filed a number of lawsuits alleging the suppression of his scientific ideas, including a lawsuit against the magazine Infinite Energy.[1]


    Its quite strange that this kind of sentence has been accepted in Wiki.

    There is something very sad and almost dangerous in these words nowadays when neo-nazis are rising their heads in Europe. Even if those denying physicists were jews, so what ? It would be as absurd to call some group Protestant physicists or Atheist physicists when Jews or Muslims were not included in that group.

    I pray also Lief Holmid, Dufour and Mills experience free flowing out of all the data they have produced into mainstream circles (of course prioritising the soonest release of a practical product). We need this to open up like a rose and let us intimately get to know this practically.

    Just a small correction - Leif Holmlid is the correct name. The part "ei" in his name is pronounced in Swedish or Norwegian like "ay" in the english words "lay" or "pray". The pronunciation like in the word "lie" is correct in German but not in Scandinavian languages.

    Every now and then you can find something interesting in ECW that is not directly related to Rossi. This time it was the thread Video: How the Electric Universe Model Can Help LENR Overcome Problems (Edwin Kaal).

    There is a link to a Youtube-presentation there where a tool for atom structures is mentioned - Atom Viewer.

    I took some screenshots as an example how the nucleus is depicted in the tool:

    1) Potassium

    2) Helium

    Now of course it would interesting to hear opinions about the tool and the ideas behind it - Structured Atom Model (SAM)

    Since no ammeter is specified, and power in measurement requires both current and voltage, a sense resistor is needed. But Rossi seems as confused as you - he is not an electrical engineer either - and he measures power dissipated in the sense resistor as power in, when obviously that is not true.

    You should read the papers, those describing the experimental results use the equation V^2/R to determine input power, and show the sense resistor. There is only one voltage, and that is why this particular Rossi error was very easy to spot. Rossi repeated this error many times, thoroughly confusing acolytes on ECW, who tried to push him towards some way in which such a measurement could be meaningful.

    You might also want to consider the circumstantial evidence. The control box needs a large power, with fans etc. It would be strange indeed if the actual output was a few mW.

    But if we believe what Rossi says (of course we believe in him ...) then this method is OK. He proposes that the plasma resistance ≈ 0.

    The situation is even more exotic if the resistance is negative: P = U2/ (Rs+Rp), (S: sensing, P: plasma) what would happen now if Rp ⟶ -Rs ?

    wikipedia page on "Alpha Institute of Advanced Studies" ECE theory

    "Evans' claims are not accepted by the mainstream physics community. In an editorial note in Foundations of Physics the Nobel laureate Gerard 't Hooft discussed the "revolutionary paradigm switch in theoretical physics" promised by ECE theory. He concluded that activities in the subject "have remained limited to personal web pages and are absent from the standard electronic archives, while no reference to ECE theory can be spotted in any of the peer reviewed scientific journals".[11]

    Several of the published contributions in this theory have been shown to be mathematically incorrect.[7][8][9][10] In response to these demonstrations, 't Hooft's editorial note concludes, "Taking into account the findings of Bruhn, Hehl and Obukhhov, the discussion of ECE theory in the journal Foundations of Physics will be concluded herewith unless very good arguments are presented to resume the matter."[11]"

    Just to defend a person who is not among us anymore...

    One of those critical articles mentioned above:

    Here is M.Evans' response on this subject:…_and_Jadczyk_(arXiv_2007)

    I personally can't evaluate either the claims or response. Maybe Horst Eckardt ([email protected]) would be willing to participate in discussion related to the ECE theory ?

    The negative resistance dU/dI is probably a quite non-linear function of the feed voltage. One nice aspect in utilising the car light-controller would be that the operating point stabilisation is already there.

    For hobbyist some old second-hand device would be more useful because of more discrete components and (maybe) easier modification possibilities.

    If the plasma-circuit could be seen as parallel inductance, capacitance and negative resistance, the resonance frequency could be controlled with the feed-voltage.

    As already mentioned that kind of circuit should be naturally unstable and no other excitation would be needed in principle.

    As we know from Rossi's demo, he had some kind of additional oscillation in addition to the bias voltage. So maybe that would be useful but why ?

    One usage for additional oscillation could be that by controlling the (square wave) on-off ratio it could be used for power control ?

    It might be interesting to study the possibilities of a standard car Xenon-light controllers as a starting point for hobbyists.

    Here is a quite clear description of the controller operating principle. Especially fig.3 tells the whole story of the operation:

    There are probably quite many technical details to be modified and questions to be answered:

    - from AC to DC, rectification is needed

    - how to modify the circuit to deliver lower final voltage (probably much lower than the typical 83-85 V, at least if we believe Rossi :) ) ?

    - is 0.4 A enough for operation ?

    - does anyone know the required voltage as a function of gas mixture and pressure, also anode-cathode distance ?

    Anyway the controller includes already the ignition sequence with the high voltage, 25 kV

    + negative resistance area current regulation

    FYI for those who might be interested ... 2'nd paper from Horst Eckardt "The full path of calculation through Cartan geometry"

    The abstract:

    During the development of ECE theory, several aspects of Cartan geometry were touched. In this article we present the big picture, how physics evolves over the entire range of Cartan geometry. The tetrad cor-responds to a given potential, and over several stages all types of connections are computed up to the torsion forms, which correspond to physical force fields. We put together all relevant equations of Cartan geometry. The potential is simplified by using a novel restriction to polarization.This simplification is translated to the tangent space of Cartan geometry by choosing the unit vectors of this space to be parallel to those in the base manifold. This leads to a diagonal tetrad matrix. Examples are given for some physical systems. In particular, a new justification for the Evans B(3) field is found.

    A sad message for ECE-theory followers dated at 2019-05-01:

    Sad news

    Myron Evans passed away at Morriston Hospital, Swansea last night. We will post more information about condolences to the family, his wishes and funeral arrangements as they become available. I am sure many of his readers will join with me in expressing our sincere condolences to his wife and family.