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    You mentioned in some other thread earlier that these kinds of structures require > 3D.

    Also that the Maxwell-equations need to be extended to higher dimensions to achieve that.

    How about starting the whole discussion from the extended equations ? Would it be easier to understand

    these results as a consequence of the new set of equations ?

    If i understood correctly what FT said that the main problem is to get enough electromagnetic excitation power in the THz-range. Their solution is to create very sharp, high dU/dt (or dI/dt), pulses and wish enough harmonic components in the high frequency area. It is easy to understand the problem, because the highest electric frequencies in normal life are those found in WiFi or inside a microwave oven, a few GHz. So 1000x more is needed. I checked a little bit in the internet what is available at the moment. The fastest components seem to be capable of handling a few hundreds of GHz but THz is still far-away.

    To succeed they need to invent something quite exotic to overcome the problem. Fortunately there is quite a lot of interest in this frequency area especially in sensor development so maybe suitable components are soon available there ?

    Very interesting.

    In addition to the results they have achieved there are two key-points here.

    1) They can repeat the experiments by careful and well documented (also boring) test-design.

    2) Collaboration between scientists. Montgomery Childs seems to be a person who can convince both the investors but also the scientists so that they can co-operate and discuss openly.


    With a little of imaginative effort, and comparing its work to the one of other researcher, we can argue that probably EVOs are aggregate of charged particles, mainly electrons, glued or "cohered" by slow neutrinos and/or a stable magnetic configuration


    It would be interesting to hear @Wyttenbach's opinion if this is possible from the 4D-theory point of view. There is some kind of analogy between the result of 4He nucleus consisting of 4 protons and the possibility to construct some kind of electron clusters.

    Has there been some forum software modification lately ? I typically login only if i'm going to write a message, otherwise just checking new messages without login. Now it seems that login is required always.

    Accidental feature modification ?

    Still one more comparison. How about a positron v.s. a proton ? They both have the same charge, +e, but totally different mass.

    The mass-difference between an electron/positron and a proton has been one of the unsolved questions a long time. If the mass is a magnetic property in the end, maybe you have a good explanation to this also.

    Actually one answer is already (might requiry some understanding) in the chapter

    "4.2 Proton mass calculations" from

    "The proton, electron structure, its resonances and fusion products" by Wyttenbach.

    The discussion is about electron/proton but i suppose it doesn't matter whether it's an electron or positron.

    This is pretty easy. Inside out flux is topologically left or right winded there is no classic symmetry in SO(4). If both particles met (under ideal conditions only) then all binding forces are opposite = cancel and thus only EM flux remains. The 3D/4D flux matrix is given in my writeups. With this you also will understand why only our protons do exist!

    Still one more comparison. How about a positron v.s. a proton ? They both have the same charge, +e, but totally different mass.

    The mass-difference between an electron/positron and a proton has been one of the unsolved questions a long time. If the mass is a magnetic property in the end, maybe you have a good explanation to this also.

    There are two pictures:

    - The macroscopic world according Maxwell - this needs only tiny extensions for interactions with dense mass.

    - Dense mass world cannot work with axioms = charge & "blubber mass".

    Magnetic flux is the only "stuff" that exists nothing else is needed to define physics. On the atomic level the magnetic moment is not generated by a ring current as in fact the field moves with "c" and the charge is at rest. This is given by the Faraday law. But the picture is completely symmetric of course, if you look at the magnetic moment only!

    Some more thinking. Let's have an electron and a positron. If they are according to your theory kind of magnetic structures it might be a piece of cake to construct the model of a positron from the model of an electron. Some phase-shift in the field and that's it :) .

    As we know when these particles meet each other the result is a disaster, they both disappear and continue as photons moving in space with the speed of light . Or should we call the result as electro-magnetic waves in this case? Now when the original particles contain energy capsulated in limited volume in their structure, what does happen to the local magnetic structures in order to be transformed to electro-magnetic waves?

    If i remember correctly it should be also possible to get an electron-positron pair as a result ( a reverse process) when two (suitable) photons collide.

    Maybe this can't be be possible if we think only the waves. Interaction of waves is not possible.

    How about your theory, what does it tell about this ? If it is possible to transform capsulated magnetic structures to waves, maybe the reverse should also be possible ?

    Charge is a topological effect of nested magnetic flux. The electron structure and the proton structure are obviously different - but the mechanism how charge is generated is the same.

    This is very interesting.

    When i had to study the obligatory physics a few decades ago the lesson was something like this:

    - the magnetic field is a result of a movement of a charge

    - the magnetic field affects the moving charge by creating a force with the cross-product formula

    You tell now that the magnetic interaction doesn't need the charge at all but the interactions are between magnetic fields.

    Now the question is where does the required magnetic field for a magnetic flux based charge (e.g. electron) come from in this model?

    When looking into the future when you have removed charge out of the equations i suppose the next step is to remove mass from those also ?

    When I saw "DNA fears" in the title of this article, I thought it meant fear of mRNA vaccines. It is worse than that. It says:

    "A group of New York City public school parents and teachers are asking a judge to suspend mandatory coronavirus testing — until the city can guarantee that the tests won’t also be used to collect their DNA in a database."


    The more sophisticated madness is that the vaccine includes micro-chips that send information to cloud. So no tests are need, the chips will do it.

    You might want to try this one, also Tex-based.


    I have used it a bit and would recommend it for mathematically oriented texts. Open source and available for Linux but also for Windows.

    Some resemblance with Pyroelectric_fusion.

    Made me think of the granted patent application of Pekka Soininen (Etiam Oy) that also describes the use of pyroelectric discharge combined with Rydberg Matter.

    It looks like Etiam Oy has been discontinued. Pittyful.
    It may be worth re-reading this patent which I brought up in 2014 just after it was published. At that time Holmlid's UDD/UDH works were not yet discussed here at this forum.

    This patent has some overlay with Holmlid's method to produce Rydberg Matter, where Soininen proposed ignition of Rydberg Matter by means of electrical discharge. In fact it refers to some of Holmlid's earlier publications.

    They, Etiam, tried to get investments for further research/developmet but didn't succeed in that. So that was the end of their story.


    I think Sweden got it right. protect those at risk, quarantine AFTER symptoms/ tests. And if you have to give away trillions, send it directly to those who are documented to be at risk and are self isolating and keep most of the work force working and use some for PPE and health support instead of Art projects and political wish lists.


    Numbers count or do they ?

    Denmark (5,8 M) 434 deaths

    Norway (5,4M) 206

    Sweden (10,2M) 2355

    Finland (5M) 199

    This is the latest snapshot and of course it doesn't tell the final truth. Anyway Sweden has the lightest restrictions at the moment and highest relative number of deaths in this Nordic set.

    This is something from Evans that is quite useful and can also be used in higher dimensions. Positive and negative rotation currents symmetrically cancel and also the fields (when using the correct topology) . This finally leads to a "magneto static" solution for higher dimensional fields in SO(4). Of course Evans stays in 3D,t but this path is correct.

    A bit out of the thread subject but it would be interesting to now which kind of reasoning has lead to higher dimensional thinking. I would assume that adding torsion in Einstein's space-time world lead to Evans' ECE originally maybe just by curiosity - what happens if we add torsion there instead of only curvature? Now there is probably something similar behind SO(4)-thinking, e.g. is it easier to explain some real-world phenomena adding dimensions or is there some kind of mathematical proof that directly leads to higher dimensions ?