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    small idea

    The EM drive irradiates microwaves inside the metal tube, but the metal tube has a cone-cut shape. Microwaves are reflected inside. Thrust is generated toward a surface with a large area.

    Considering this in terms of electromagnetic mass, when microwaves are reflected inside a metal tube, electromagnetic mass is generated in the direction of incidence. Then, the large surface and the small surface will be in the same state as when force is applied from the outside to each other. Therefore, a large-small surface force is generated.

    However, if you think about it more carefully, when the electrons are hit by microwaves, the direction of the electric field is random. The direction of the generated electromagnetic mass should also be random. In order to explain the generation of force by electromagnetic mass, it is necessary to align the electric field on only one side in some way.

    In order to align the electric field, it is possible to create a coherent microwave, adjust it precisely, and irradiate the electrons. However, this method is not realistic. The other is to apply a positive bias voltage to the metal to be irradiated and swing the electric field of the microwave to the negative side. In this case, when it hits an electron, it is possible to add a negative electric field even if the direction of the electric field is different.


    There are many examples of EM drive experiments published online, but I can't find any experiments written about metal bias. The fact that the thrust of the EM drive is only a few grams at most has been confirmed, which may be because the difference in electromagnetic mass caused only by the shape of the chamber is measured. Or it could be biased by accident.

    ISS experiments have shown that the interior of a substance does not rotate well with liquid. Therefore, there is no molten metal inside the earth.

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    My model is very realistic. When the olivine in the mantle undergoes a phase transition, it emits a large amount of electrons. This electron is the power supply for the Faraday motor that drives the earth.

    Olivine inside Earth releases a large amount of electrons

    Water and carbon dioxide are generated in the olivine phase transition. Water comes out to the surface and becomes the sea, and carbon dioxide creates an atmosphere of nitrogen and oxygen by muon catalyzed fusion.

    Muon fusion create Earth's atmosphere

    All natural phenomena are related.

    On the basis of geological and geophysical data planet is a generator of electricity, a dynamo (auto) machine. Due to the formation of electricity ore, oil, and water. If my model to create in the laboratory, we will get the generator Tarasenko! I do not have the conditions to create a model, but who creates it, the geology and confirm my theory! If someone used. ?(

    My comment may have been late. But I will show that the earth is a Faraday motor.rotation_earth_0.jpg?itok=AVDt0LFC

    The magma belt in the Pacific volcanic belt makes one round of the earth. Magma is a conductor that conducts electricity, and a large amount of current flows. The earth's magnetic field and the current flowing through the magma drive the earth as a motor.


    Earth is Faraday motor

    I have been doing amateur radio HAM for a long time. There is a magnetic loop antenna as an antenna often used by HAM.


    The feature of the magnetic loop antenna is that the internal copper wire is shielded with aluminum. Because of the shield, only the magnetic field goes out. An electric field is generated because the charged particles around the antenna = air molecules change due to the magnetic field. There is no need for photons to intervene here.

    Miguel Vaca's simulation pf photon capture and release by an electron based on Randell Mills GUTCP equations..


    If you consider the Schumann resonance, you can intuitively understand that the figure you showed is meaningless.

    The Schumann resonance wavelength makes one round of the earth. How does the electric field coulomb force reach the back of the earth?

    That's a very worrying conclusion! If no photons then no matter - so where does that leave us (up the creek I guess!):)

    If photons are present, what is their frequency range? What kind of photons does ELF have? My guess is that all electromagnetic waves are electric field pulses.

    Photons emerged when Einstein explained the photoelectric effect. However, the photoelectric effect can also be explained by electric field pulses.

    Light travels through particles

    particle theory of light is wrong. light is only electric field pulse. The reason why light expresses the particle property is that the properties of gas molecules that transmit light appear.

    I forgot one important thing.

    3.Electric field lines are not neutralized. Maxwell misunderstood Faraday's lines of electric force


    The image that electric lines of force neutralize in the middle is wrong.


    Electric field lines do not neutralize on the way, plus and minus reach the target independently. The Coulomb force vector is synthesized inside the object.

    A nucleus is a state in which protons are bonded by electrons. A nucleus has positive and negative charges. The electrons in the orbit repel the negative while being attracted to the positive of the nucleus. It is in a state loosely connected to the nucleus.


    In addition to the positive and negative Coulomb forces of nuclei, standing waves of gamma rays by neutrino incidence maintain orbital electrons.

    I explained that nuclei are connected by excited electrons - mesons. In SEAM that I insist, protons and electrons are in close contact. I expect that some of the electrons have penetrated the proton. This is why some of the charge of the electrons in the nucleus does not go out of the nucleus.


    In the part where the proton and electron overlap, the electromagnetic mass disappears by that amount because it cancels out in the region where the Coulomb force is extremely small. This is a mass defect.

    When visible light jumps into the atoms, most will be reflected by orbital electrons. If the electric field pulse is short enough, the electromagnetic wave will reach the nucleus. Nuclei mediate short electric field pulses. However, neither X-rays nor gamma rays can penetrate deep into the substance. The shortest pulse is a neutrino. Neutrinos fly away at the speed of light from the moment they occur. This is a property of electromagnetic waves.


    When neutrinos collide with neutrons, they blow off the combined electrons. The reason neutrons can exist for only 15 minutes is because neutrinos are falling by 66 billion per second per square centimeter.


    The reason why tritium has a half-life of 12 years is that when a neutrino passes through an electron binding three protons, a force is generated on the outside. If the neutrino has enough energy, it can eject the bound electrons.

    Evidence for Correlations Between Nuclear Decay Rates and Earth-Sun Distance

    When a neutrino passes through the nucleus, the nucleus oscillates. This vibration is called proton vibration. Proton oscillation radiates a standing wave of gamma rays around the nucleus. Orbital electrons are trapped in the valley of the standing wave of proton oscillation. This is the cause of quantum leaps.


    The energy that maintains atom comes from neutrinos.This indicates the possibility of controlling atoms by manipulating neutrinos.

    When thinking about the propagation of electromagnetic waves, Maxwell's mistakes need to be dispelled.

    1.Change of electric field → generation of magnetic field

    2.Change of magnetic field → generation of electric field

    1 is correct, 2 is wrong. This mistake appears as a Faraday paradox.

    If you correct 2

    Change of magnetic field → movement of charged particles → generation of electric field

    A magnetic field does not generate an electric field directly. There are always charged particles.

    Therefore, the propagation of electromagnetic waves is mediated by charged particles.

    Light travels through particles

    Air molecules transmit electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere, and interstellar materials transmit electromagnetic waves in outer space. Electromagnetic waves are electric field pulses.

    However, there is one important point here. In order to recognize that the electromagnetic wave is a pulse of an electric field that travels through charged particles, it is necessary to recognize the nonlocal interaction. Particles are transmitted in an instant by nonlocal interaction. This will have the impact of destroying existing astronomy.

    So how do the pulses of the electric field pass through the atoms?

    The five mistakes penetrate deep into physics and are difficult to correct. Explain the mistake of gravity.

    Newton discovered universal gravitation, which was a mistake. Newton has only confirmed the moon's orbit observed by Galileo using Hook's spring law. Kepler discovered the power of working between planets, but Kepler realized that the orbits of the planets were not elliptical but spiral.

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    At that time, astronomers were wondering why a strangely moving planet would not collide.The universe was repulsive. Newton ignored the repulsive force and came up with universal gravitation. Newton does not prove that mass produces gravity. One century later, Cavendish is said to have experimented. However, the lead used in the Cavendish experiment is a diamagnetic material. He measured the electromagnetic force. Since the gravity on the ground has no repulsive force, we can see that the gravity on the universe and the ground are different forces.Ground gravity is the generation of the same electromagnetic mass as EM drive.


    Gravity mistakes lead to an understanding of mass defects in nuclei. In order to explain the mass defect, it is necessary to explain the propagation method of electromagnetic waves and the bonding state of nuclei.

    Fossilisation by planetary discharge? ammonites?

    Peter Mungo Jupp admits that this is pure speculation..tm 1.52

    but some of modern geology is speculative and difficult to test

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    For example, limestone is considered to be biogenic, but it is mostly made up of pure calcium carbonate.

    Think about how seawater turns into limestone. The main component of limestone, calcium carbonate is CaCO3. Seawater contains 3.5% NaCl in H2O. In electrical cosmology, neutrons are protons + electrons. The atomic weight of the nucleus represents the number of protons. For example, calcium Ca has an atomic weight of 40 and contains 40 protons. Water H2O has one proton for hydrogen and 16 protons for oxygen. Each atomic weight, that is, the number of protons, is counted as follows.

    CaCO3-> 40 + 12 + 3 × 16-> 100

    H2O-> 2 + 16-> 18

    NaCl-> 23 + 36-> 59

    By the way, since the salt concentration is 3.5%, the number of sodium chloride protons contained in one molecule of seawater is

    59 x 0.035 = 2

    So, if you count the number of protons contained in 5 molecules of seawater

    (H2O + NaCl x 0.035) x 5-> 10 + 80 + 10-> 100

    It can be seen that the molecular weight of 5 molecules of seawater and 1 molecule of calcium carbonate are equal. Seawater that has been subjected to high voltage has its nuclei reconstituted and instantly becomes limestone. Similarly, the body of a living organism is transformed into a rock component containing silicon and the like by transmutation.

    This is just a guess, but I think it is possible. When a large amount of current flows through seawater, it becomes limestone.



    A fossil crab that emerged from limestone.

    I found out that you have a book, your ideas in the book have evolved since you published it? I am wondering if you have any formal education in physics or you just are self taught. I have nothing against self teaching, btw, just I want to understand better how you have come to these ideas. Surely THHuxleynew seems to think your ideas are nonsense, but I have curiosity about how someone can arrive to such ideas and the thought process. I have no bias against new ideas if they can shed light over old conundrums.

    I started thinking from science history and earth science. The current science cannot explain the revolution of the solar system and the rotation of the planet. Moreover, it hardly explains the phenomenon on the earth. After considering these problems, I came to the mistake of universal gravitation, electromagnetism, and relativity.

    Is LENR not related to earth science? If there is a theory that can explain LENR correctly, it should be able to explain earth science in the same way. I believe it.

    Lasers are powerful electric field pulses.When electrons receive a pulse of an electric field for a long time, the voltage rises and changes to muons and mesons.Isn't the meson generated after the laser irradiation started?

    A powerful laser may turn electrons into mesons. But I don't have experimental equipment. I think fossilization is an example if we want to generate mesons in natural phenomena. Fossilization is a nuclear transmutation that occurs in living organisms. It was the planetary discharge that caused the transmutation. Electrical Universe indicates that planetary discharges have been in the past.

    All this has been taken from https://etherealmatters.org/sam
    The user kazunori miura Keeps making slight (erroneous) changes to the Structured Atom Model and then continues to give it a name and tries to compete with SAM.
    I would appreciate it, if you would stop depicting the nucleus based on SAM in this very wrong manner.

    Posting about your own ideas is great, and challenge anyone and anything you see fit. But you have been doing this from day one we launched this model.
    So please understand this has nothing to do with the Structured Atom Model (SAM)

    nb. You keep switching 3He and 3H constantly which throws of any logic of the number of protons and electrons.



    My idea was before I knew about SAM. The important point is that the Coulomb force of electrons inside the nucleus gives repulsive force to the orbital electrons. SAM has taken over the nuclear electron theory of the 1920s, but cannot eliminate the mistakes in quantum mechanics. Think of the five physics mistakes I have pointed out. please,

    I don't know if you are familiar with Leif Holmlid's recent work & patent on muon catalysed nuclear fusion - but as yet they cannot explain how a 100W laser pulse can eject mesons from ultra dense hydrogen or UDD. All other research suggests Peta-Watt energies are required to fragment protons to release mesons. Your theory proposed an interaction of D with neutrinos, resulting in an activated state, which in tritium promotes/accelerates beta decay. The other strange behavior reported by Holmlid is a spontaneous release of mesons from UDH/D without any laser stimulation, which suggested to me that maybe this is a response to background radiation, and thus possibly to the high density of background neutrinos. Can you calculate what the energy increase might be when D or T are stimulated as you propose, by neutrinos, and whether in combination with laser pulses might be sufficient to stimulate the massive release of mesons reported by Holmlid/Norront Fusion?

    Existing Source for Muon-Catalyzed Nuclear Fusion Can Give ...

    https://www.tandfonline.com › doi › full

    by L Holmlid - ‎2019 - ‎Cited by 2 - ‎Related articles

    I have not suitable idea for that now. but I believe that the size of electrons changes depending on the applied voltage.

    Muon (-) → electron + mu neutrino + anti-electron neutrino

    The size of the electrons is more variable and the size determines the voltage.

    >Large signals of charged light mesons are observed in the laser-induced particle flux from ultra-dense hydrogen H(0) layers.Mesons from Laser-Induced Processes in Ultra-Dense Hydrogen H(0)

    Lasers are powerful electric field pulses.When electrons receive a pulse of an electric field for a long time, the voltage rises and changes to muons and mesons.Isn't the meson generated after the laser irradiation started?

    HN(0) (s=1)→(p+e−)(p+e−) →K±+K0L+K0S+π±→ decay →μ−,HN0 s=1→p+e−p+e− →K±+KL0+KS0+π±→ decay →μ−,

    It's similar to my theory, but needs some consideration.One thing is that protons and electrons do not combine as they are. Because electrons lose energy when they fall into protons. The electron needs to get energy just before it falls.

    Physics that lost philosophy becomes a playground for mathematics. I insist on being a natural philosophy.

    please look this video.

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    If you see this video and you claim gravity, I will not say anything to you.

    5.Space does not exist. Einstein introduced the mathematical concept "space" without verification

    This is impossible to persuade as long as you believe in Pythagoreanism. I have been discussing with many people until I came to this forum. Physics is rationalism. Physics considerations cover not only atoms, but also the earth, the solar system, and the entire universe. New physics is required to be established under different conditions of these scales.