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    It blows my mind that some here cannot see this whole situation from the outside. Brilliant people have been working for decades to make LENR a viable technology...the closest anyone has gotten is anomalous indicators of some excess heat, but far from anything controllable or sufficient for an actual usable device. Then enter the good doctor...while everyone else works to just find a spark...Rossi not only figured out the magic to do this, but to a level of selling 1MW plants!! How can intelligent minds not see the divide here???? Scientists and engineers around the world cannot get LENR past experimentation...yet the brilliant Rossi has taken it SO far past all others that he even has products on the market. And now the newest unicorn sprinkled in faerey dust...a 1mm tube that can make heat, light, electricity and thrust...what a fantasy!!!! Wake up people....seriously wake up!

    Rossi's investors money funded his collection of homes he bought around Florida right after he got paid....

    It looks like Henry W Johnson president of KMC was responsible for the property of the customer who was incorporated out of England.

    WHAT!?!?!? At what point are you going to stop passing off rumor and misinformation as fact?!?! Please show me proof of this....and do not come back to me with a "Rossi says" or bogus contract are amazing today.

    No. I started reading about Rossi's claims with great interest in early 2011. I contacted Jed with the intent of using my experience with calorimetry and general scientific method to help Rossi prove it worked. I have followed the story carefully ever since, reading evidence for and against. I have also studied the natural history of high tech scams and reviewed several others, including a review (Sniffex) which was used by the FBI to prosecute their successful SEC case against the company. I helped billionaire Dick Smith avoid the waste of a million dollars he was considering investing in Defkalion and we all know how that turned out. When Elforsk became involved, I wrote a detailed email to the CEO of the company, explaining why investing in Rossi was a poor idea without much better testing. He wrote back that he appreciated the input and referred the email to a subordinate for action.

    I highlighted again and again directly to Rossi and also in forums what Rossi could do to obtain credible tests of ecats. And much much more.

    I'd hardly call my activities "armchair quarterbacking". That's FAR from fair.

    I definitely agree with most of your perspectives and analysis, but I think you are not taking into account what I wrote. They made a very risky investment that turned out to be a bad one, and that goes with the territory in investment. Now if we were talking about a collection of scientists making a collective judgement on the good doctor's body of work...of course there would be a different outcome, but we are talking about an investment here. I believe Rossi to be a master of deception, and he got one over on them with their gamble on what many probably told them could be a world changing technology. I just feel it is unfair to say there was deep negligence and incompetence on the part of IH when they were, in my opinion, fooled by a master trickster, and probably by others who believe in Rossi (there are many)...coupled with the fact that this was a high risk investment in the hopes for something world changing.

    The deflection forces today on Planet Rossi is quite strong! The fact that no one would put themselves in that kind of jeopardy as an engineer that has $89million hanging in the balance on this deal is obviously so far over both of your can spin it any way you want, but that is just ridiculous to ignore.

    Peter Gluck did a mini-interview with Rossi on his EGOOUT today. Rossi seems to think his Quark-X will prove itself, and possibly save the day?, before the verdict:

    Peter: the Quark X is marvelous and opens a new front..
    Andrea Rossi: exactly and this is arriving before any verdict should have been set

    Of course he leaves himself a lot of wiggle room as he always does. Too bad he isn't as enthusiastic about working with IH to retest the 1MW. Or better yet, allowing a single Ecat be tested by a team of neutral experts, and save the few million in lawyers fees, along with sparing LENR the bad publicity. But no, not our Rossi...he likes doing things the hard way. :)

    Rossi's lack of understanding of law is almost as amazing as the magical abilities of the QuarkX!! How are people not understanding that the work he did after the 1MW plant are completely insignificant to the lawsuit?? You absolutely cannot use material after the fact like is madness on Rossi's part!

    I meant do you have should know by now that "Rossi says" holds about as much water as "Santa Claus says" nowadays.

    Amen! That is why I have grown to hate him.

    In a strange way, I will hate him even more if I ever discover that he has something after all, and he has buried it under layer after layer of deceit, misdirection, piss-poor experiments, and so on. I would prefer to think he is merely a scammer, as Mary Yugo believes. That way I could rest easy, knowing that nothing of value to science has been lost in this fiasco. I would only regret the $11 million in funding that might have gone to real researchers, the damage done to I.H. and the price they paid, and the time that was wasted.

    I almost wish I were as confident as Mary Yugo, but alas I am never as certain of anything as she is of everything.

    Hey, but I am sure that all the home properties that the good doctor bought with the $11 million are really nice places!! He may have screwed funding for LENR, but he helped the Florida real estate industry with $11 Million in investment money!!

    Responsible for what?

    Has there been an accident?

    Do you think that an inventor with paradigm shift in his pocket will care a lot about the proper way to do things?

    I can only assume you are being sarcastic with those questions unless you have not comprehended a single thing said today.

    1. Responsible for certification/licensing

    2. No clue if there has been an accident...that is irrelevant.

    3. If said inventor had $100million on the line for a deal going through...HELL YES!! Only a true idiot would not!!!!

    I know its Friday, but you gotta keep up Keieueueueueu....

    Every investment has risks...alternative energy has MASSIVE risks. I believe this massive risk just happened to be sugar coated by a very capable magician...with excellent smoke and mirrors. A good magican can fool even a very intelligent mind for a period of time. There are many very intelligent minds that unfortunately believe the good Doctor and his magic...this and other related forums are proof of that. I think you armchair quarterback this particular situation far too deeply, therefore I don't value your opinion on this issue at all.

    IH owned the reactor. The ERV controlled the test.

    You completely deflected from what I said by posting things we already know. If you don't want to address my be it... If you had a $100million+ deal under your arm, would you as an engineer overlook certification...something that engineers deal with. It's a simple point.

    Quote from JedRothwell: “Elsewhere, I mentioned that it does not appear Rossi's reactor or the equipment in his pretend customer site has been inspected by the state of Florida. Florida regulations specify that boilers over a certain size are regulated…

    Are we to believe the good doctor would put a $100million+ deal in jeopardy by not making sure that his equipment is certified and licensed? After all he is the "scientist" running the show here. Are we really to believe that the good doctor would not point out something like this no matter who was responsible..again I mention a $100million+. The logic in here today is fascinating!

    Ease up on the sodium, renzzzie. Think of your arteries!

    Oh no salt today Keieueueueue...I am having a ball today! I am not trying to be scarcastic...I honestly am blown away today by the logic problems in todays fine discussions!! It's friday man...salt free!!!!!!

    In all honesty I take none of this someone who started out on and ran BBSes back in the days of 150bps modems and 8" floppy discs...trolling has no effect on me. When you started out on forums before a web browser was even thought of...its hard not to be quite seasoned at the keyboard. I am quite sure this is the case for many people on here...its fun to jab and poke, but at the end of the day I would never disrespect you to your face...or even Sufferkill or Axil or anyone...its just internet fun while we wait out an extraordinary circus.

    BTW that was pretty funny...sodium and all lol

    You seem to have no grasp of the law or how business is conducted. When an employee in a company defrauds the company, the company is not at fault. The police arrest the person who defrauded the company, not the company president or officers.

    For example, when a bank teller embezzles money from the bank, they arrest the teller, not the bank president. (This seldom happens nowadays thanks to computers.)

    I am at a loss for words that you are having to explain these rudimentary points that we were taught in grade school...on a forum about cold fusion. FACEPALM!!!

    You guys really are at a loss for salient arguments if your only narrative now is to accuse independent posters of the corruption you spread

    What? Why don't you step out of the playground for a minute to see real discussions are going on in other topical must be at quite a loss for this post being what you have to contribute today...impressive Keieueueueeu.

    Jed: "The law does not work that way."

    I thought that you were a PDP-11 assembly language expert and not a lawyer.

    That little jab there would imply YOU are a lawyer are just on a roll today man! lol

    Wait, didn't you say that before. Do you actually believe it will become the truth, if you just keep vomiting it all over the place?

    Ohhhh the irony of Sufferkill speaking of repeating something in hopes it will become truth! That's rich!

    I cannot beleive that IH would let the test proceed in silence for an entire year and also use it to secure additional R&D funding claiming... stellar, stellar, stellar.

    The most logical answer is that Rossi is probably a very good showman...he works his smoke and mirrors well...not hard to do if you designed the system. I believe IH had much faith in Rossi to begin with...he fooled them for a long time...they gave him as much time as possible to produce the goods...appears he has failed to do so. Not really that complex.

    I seem to remember that the latest documents allow for each side to call up to 12 expert witnesses in the 2-week test (ha!) , a figure that I presume has been agreed between lawyers on both sides.

    If this is true, I would be quite concerned if I were the good doctor...something tells me all 12 chairs will be filled...and filled with much expertise and experience.

    What are you talking about? The inspection and/or certification would be with a government agency...what on earth does that part have to do with the contract or license agreement? Are you just throwing out speculative misinformation now for fun?

    It blows my mind that those on Planet Rossi cannot comprehend how insanely ridiculous it is that the fake customer is Rossi's own lawyer!!! How on earth can intelligent people gloss over this obvious red flag and epitome of conflict of interest. Even a 9yr old child would point out the obvious shenanigans of such a setup. Amazing...