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    Your credibility would be better served if you diverted some of the energy used in posting endlessly, to producing data. Have at it and quickly.

    What on earth are you talking about? Produce what data? I have no connection with IH or Rossi, so I await data the same way you do. I am sure it will all come out in proper time...spoiler alert Axil...the trial hasn't started yet. You are just reaching for anything at this point.

    Rossi is not the only one who needs to do an independent demo. IH and their backers must also setup up a system where a flow meter can be setup to reduce a COP of 50 to a COP under 1. What is the critical factor, the lack of a back flow valve? Well, set up the test. An electric water heater might be used and a flowmeter without back flow check valve should produce a COP of less than 2%.

    I will await that demo on YouTube. Put your data where your mouths are. least you have FINALLY admitted Rossi needs to do an independent demo! I am blown away right now. As for IH proving how Rossi faked his results...I am quite sure we will see more than just information on how the flow meter was tricked, I am sure Rossi had other tricks up his sleeve. I am interested in serial numbers as well. This really is going to be so interesting when Rossi has to face REAL experts over this. If you don't think it is extremely easy to trick just about any metering device numerous ways with the right circumstances, I have some land in Florida to sell you...oh does Rossi. (if you don't get the Florida land sale reference - Google is your friend)

    Big claims with nothing to back them up...the story of Sir Doctor Rossi's life! THAT should have been the title to Lewan's book! Although I do like the irony in the title of Lewan's book "An Impossible Invention" invention it may be...but impossible is quite right.

    Excellent find Shane...I can't wait to see how Sufferkill and his minions try to spin this one in the thin air of Planet Rossi...

    I just explained why I am part of the Rossi discussion...did you write this without even reading what I posted...or are you not able to comprehend it? I would repeat it again, but I don't want FrankWTF to lose his mind with another repeat of something. No wonder skeptics have to repeat things...the air must be too thin on Planet Rossi. -Facepalm-

    First, Rossi has to prove people like you wrong though massive production. Once the LENR concept is proven to the common man, then it will be accepted as science, no nobel prize until then and no big money either. It is you mary, Rossi must discredit you. It's you and him like a mongoose and a cobra in deadly combat. But in the end when the battle is over, you will look back on a wasted life. So Sad.

    Such utter nonsense. The vast majority of technologies are proven WELL before massive production, and this one is no exception. As mentioned a million times, (disclaimer for FrankWTF) all Rossi needs to do is perform an independent demonstration among trusted peers with Rossi's hands OFF the demo. Even the skeptics would accept this...and please do not mention the faulty Lugano test. There is one reason and one reason only that Rossi refuses to do an independent demo...because the "Rossi Effect" is not real. Plain and simple.

    Are we playing that game Renzzie fool...?? You have absolutely no XXXXXXX idea what information I got. IH obviously planted some distortion info on Jed (or maybe Jed made it up himself). But I can assure you Jed is a GIANT SPINNER OF FUD (ie. lier). You may of course say whatever you feel about it, but I KNOW, that you know, that you don't know the whole story ... (then of course ther is the possibility that you and Jed are teaming)

    Well lets play that game then Sufferkill...I'm game. What grand weath of insider information are you going to honor us with? I am absolutely on the edge of my seat! And since you are so proud of this insider information, how did you obtain it. Let me guess, in a typical Rossi-esq fashion, I am sure that is classified info right? It's amazing how you craft these ridiculous little conspiracies about pretty much everything you see. Just so I have it clear, on Planet Rossi, IH planted distortion info on Jed, you make him sound like a cyborg that IH uploaded virus code into...AWESOME!! It gets better...and NOW I have teamed up with cyborg Jed to spread global infectious FUD (FUD term is almost as worn out as Rossi Says or substantiated). This is making for an excellent sci-fi story Sufferkill, please let me know when you get to the part where Rossi attacks me and cyborg Jed with his QX powered phase pulse arm mounted cannon...riveting!

    Let's try to use an analogy you might understand

    What would you think about someone going in a movie theater and nagging people, telling them the movie they're watching isn't real?

    You're either a nutjob or a FUD machine. Maybe both?

    Lets try to help you understand your own analogy. Your analogy implies that lenr-forum is the Rossi-believers "movie theater"...that is where your analogy falls apart. I have hope that LENR will prove itself, the Rossi situation is apples and oranges from LENR at whole. Therefore this forum is no more a theater for you than it is me...I am here for LENR information...the Rossi scandal is icing on the cake. Your analogy falls apart even worse when I turn it back around to ask you...what would thing about someone going into a movie theater and nagging people, telling them the movie they're watching IS real...when its quite obvious you are watching Alice In Wonderland. Hopefully you can comprehend how badly your analogy fails...A+ for effort there though Keieueueueueue!!

    I definitely do not consider your #1 and #2 to be of any significance at all to my question...those hardly qualify for promises kept by Rossi. I have seen both of those links and neither qualify as showing promises kept...

    Well, I will say this, the word "substantiated" will never be the same for anyone closely following this space. This meme I'm afraid will be with all of us for a very long time to come.

    In the context of the Rossi Effect...I am happy with substantiated, proof, evidence, pick a word any word, I would just love to see SOMETHING out of the good doctor that does not look like snake oil from every single angle. But yes, haha I agree that word will be in the LENR books forever. I am sure it will have a slightly different definition in the library on Planet Rossi than it does here on earth.

    If you look back at Mary Yugo's posts around the Internet dating back to 2011, you will find that he questioned Rossi's statements at every step of the way. Questioning the existence of of the Lugano test and testers, the 1 MW plant, the U.S. investors (until news of IH's involvement went public), and so forth. M.Y. was wrong each time. Rossi is overly optimistic, and he admits as much. But when he takes a public position on his blog about the existence of something, time tends to reveal its existence, to the surprise and chagrin of many.

    Again, please list for me the promises that Rossi has kept that can be substantiated.

    You used to be such a nice litte troll, renzzz : /

    Truly I find it astounding you spend so much energy harrassing people who believe in what you think is woowoo. Do you also troll flat earth forums? Seriously, what's wrong with you? Nothing of this affects your everyday life, not your long-term plans.

    Keieueueueue do you not see how foolish you look with your hypocrisy here? You can't invest in a long term argument on a forum for discussion about a topic and then point the finger with such a ridiculous claim when you yourself do the same thing....oh good lord I feel like I am talking to a 8yr old child about how hypocrisy works...this is sad lol.

    Of course this does not affect my everyday life or long-term plans. If the 'Rossi Effect' was real, then this would change ALL of our lives, but sadly it is not real. I have said this before, but as FrankWTF has pointed out, I repeat myself, but I will say it again for your benefit. I believed Rossi at one time (as I sadly did with the fraudulent Shaun from Steorn), but this whole circus has shown to me the reality of Rossi and his effect. It is quite evident for so many different reasons that Rossi's effect has not been substatiated. Every turn of the way there is a red flag with Rossi at this point, I won't list them as to not get FrankWTF's undies in a bunch, but we have all discussed them to death at this point. Keieueueueuue what is your hypocritical reason for being a warrior for the good doctor on a daily basis here?

    I'll admit, it seems more likely at first blush that the U.K. company would use its own U.S. attorney to form the shell company. But on further reflection, it is possible that the U.K. company did not previously have a presence in the U.S., that Rossi reached out to them with the opportunity, that they agreed to give it a go but wanted to avoid being exposed given the controversial nature of LENR (understandably), and so agreed to have Rossi's lawyer form the shell company. Documents filed with the court bolster this possibility.

    Of course that is technically possible, but do you see how the answers to skeptics questions always have to have outlandish answers that have to be built after the fact to fit? Everything that is ever discussed about the fake company, the building the fake company was in, the ventilation (one of my faves when looking at the standard HVAC vents on googlemaps image), Rossi's resistance to prove to ANYONE outside shady private questionable tests that his effect is real...pretty much every major piece of this crazy puzzle always requires outlandish after-the-fact answers to fit. An intelligent person can visualize this when looking at it from a whole. You know the addage, but I will not repeat it as to not upset frank since I am evidentally the one who repeats (insert sarcasm)

    Yet FrankWTF stands in his shining armor above all the "says" crew with his brilliant perspectives and remarkable wisdom...give it a rest FrankWTF. In keeping with your claim of my 'ad infinitum' I will remind you that this is all part of the legal process, and means nothing to the case. Why you and other can not comprehend this is beyond all of us...all I can gather is that you have no understanding of legal process in the U.S. but thank you so much for adding useful information here and not just repeating what has been mentioned numerous times (ad infinitum if I may) -insert eyeroll-

    Jed (and others here) are convinced that the customer is fake and that Rossi is simply making this all up. I'm not so sure about that. Generally, when Rossi has taken a public position in the past about something being in existence, to the surprise of many, it turns out to be true. Based on this track record, I think the safer position to take is that the customer probably exists, and is likely a going concern from the U.K., as expressly set forth in the license agreement.

    LOL..are you being serious here? Turns out to be true? Rossi has spoken about manufacturing plants of magnificence that he HAS running...yet we have never seen a single shred of evidence of these manufacturing plants. He has spoken about so many customers that never ended up being real. The only customer he has shown to exist is either a very shifty shell company or outright fake. What exactly has he said or done that has turned out to be true..especially enough to create a track record for someone who is yet to show any proof of his "effect" after decades. Wow...

    Rossi claims that his "customer" for the one-year test has ordered three more units. He also stated that he expects these units to be delivered by the end of this year.

    Does anyone believe that such deliveries will be made before the trial? If they are, and if they all worked and satisfied the customer, it would be hard for Rossi to lose the case.


    I don't think even Peter and Sufferkill truly believe this will happen if they were to be honest. lol We would love to see just ONE legitimate real delivery of a product created by Rossi that does not go to some fake customer ran by his lawyer or his gardener...just ONE! This is just how the good doctor kicks the can down the road, you won't see any working units out of him this year..or any year for that matter.

    The irony you continue to speak with is truly astounding. You act as if you and Sufferkill are not acting as self-appointed judge and jury supporting the good doctor! All we have to do is change the middle part of your post there to one of the many illogical ridiculous points that both of you continue to harp on daily. The only difference here is that you and Sufferkill have absolutely no inside information, and Jed in fact has been privy to actual inside information pertaining to this circus. You and Sufferkill have even taken the "court of public opinion" to a whole new level on an order of magnitude above what you cast on Jed with your ridiculously biased and misinformed blogs. You both perpetuation the "court of public opinion" daily with your blogs...even to such an absurd point of mentioning us here as forum posters...quite a sign of obsession by all accounts for both of you. The fact that your's has the word EGO in it just tops the icing on the cake for irony. lol It would do you MUCH good to track down a nice mirror for deep reflection on this one Peter.