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    Soon after Rothwell and Mizuno posted descriptions of a system said to generate excess heat, a number of individuals and groups began independent replications. This thread, begun just under a year and a half ago, has recorded some of the replication efforts. The best described of the Mizuno analogue constructed by magicsound. His periodically updated reports, beginning in February 2020, are available here MFMP - Mizuno Analogue .

    Over time, Magicsound has tracked down and corrected a number of hardware and procedural problems in his syste,m, gradually understanding its capabilities and limitations. He has not, however, seen anything convincing in the way of excess heat or radiation.

    My questions now are the following ... where do these so-far negative results fit into the overall picture? Do we say now that this is a case where replication has failed? Or, if more time and effort is needed before regarding this as evidence against Rothwell and Mizuno? How much more time and effort is needed?

    Supposedly other groups have seen excess heat in their replications. But it is my understanding that these reports are little better than rumours with almost no detail. Maybe I am wrong. Perhaps someone can point me to something concrete. It should disturb everyone if it is true that the most carefully and openly described replication (Magicsound's) is so far negative and that the supposedly successful ones are left as vague claims.

    Why is wanting to know so important for you? Why do you keep pestering like this? Why not just tell me why you are so obsessed with Russ?

    Why? Because I want to know if LENR is a real phenomenon.

    Given recent developments, it now seems that the chance of a published account of the LENR work that went on in your lab in 2018-19 has faded. So it would be nice to hear that one or more of the fuel recipes that Russ George established work in the hands of others, not just George himself. I had been hoping that you might say that your first step would be to do this and that, yes, you have the system working using the old formula. If no one actually know the recipe, however, then this is not to be.

    My guess is that you are not able to use any of the George-prepared fuel pellets either ... to see if they still work. Is that correct? .

    Alan Smith

    Because I am interested. Suppose you find no excess heat or gamma radiation. Does that therefore also cast doubt on the previous results from your lab? Or does it just mean that you have changed the formula so much that it no longer works.

    Why is answering so difficult for you? If no one on the team knows Russ George's formulas why not just say so? If you don't want to answer then why not just say so? Why not just be straightforward instead of dancing around like this?

    I have always been interested in some of the more obscure elements, since many of them have few uses they tend to be less expensive than palladium, and provide clear blue water between our research and the prior art.

    Scientifically, the best way to push forward would be to first use Russ George's fuel recipe to replicate his results and then modify by adding your own. Do I understand correctly that you will not be doing this? That there will be no replication of last year's procedures and results?

    Something I look for in systems where temperature-dependent excess heat generation is claimed, is one or more inflection points in the heating curve. These appear because, as the temperature climbs into the range that the LENR reaction is claimed to operate, the extra heat evolved should locally raise the temperature of the mesh which should then creates even more excess heat. This is a positive feedback cycle which will suddenly kick up the temperature. An upward inflection should also be seen in the output power as well.

    I don't see such an inflection in these data. There are lots of jiggles in the output power trace but they are sudden downward transients followed by a recovery. I think they are oscillatory artefacts of a heated-air system ... like the guttering of a candle.

    I have looked for inflection points before in Mizuno's data and never seen a clear indication that such events characterize his system. In the early data there were occasional large inflections and transients, but such things are also seen in the controls. Over the past several years, however, as Mizuno has been perfecting his calorimetric apparatus, he has achieved more and more control over his system and such transients have disappeared in both the controls and the active runs. It now becomes clear that the upward inflections in the heating curve that I take to be indicators of the presence of temperature-dependent excess heat evolution are missing.

    There should also be downward inflections in the cooling phase of temperature or power time courses. This would be due to the positive feedback mechanism breaking apart as temperatures decline into a range where the LENR mechanism is not so active. It would be interesting to see cooling curves from Mizuno's system.

    And how much success and how much cash has that resulted in so far? I don't believe you know anything at all about raising private finance in the present day.

    I am saying that there are pathways to Russ George's stated goals that do not require him or you to raise any cash at all. I've stated one. If you think it is not the one you and the Atom Ecology crew want to follow, then fine, that is a policy decision. But you are trying to paint a picture that no other options exist, and that simply isn't true.


    Russ George. Atom-Ecology blog. Aug 10 2018 "Make money, yeah that’s possible but nah… Save the world first and let the manna from heaven fall where it will. I’ve got grandchildren to leave a better world to."