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    It was interesting to see how Rossi thinks it works. You are missing the point. Axil's comment suggested that the babblers were not expert enough to comment on on fundamentals like this.

    I can't find anything in Rossi's description that explains LENR effects in particular. Can you? Rossi's statement reads to me like a brief description of quantum field theory as it has existed since the 1960's. Nothing new. Nothing related to LENR in particular (It appears that Axil doesn't realize this). What Rossi says applies to all electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions as far as I know. Even if LENR didn't exist, what he says would still be true. So why is this a particularly interesting aspect of Rossi's thoughts?

    What theory? I see nothing about LENR here. All I see is standard old quantum field theory as applied to any nuclear or electromagnetic interaction.

    Where in Rossi`s description is there anything particular to LENR?

    But these are all linear phenomena, and an autonomously bursting system doesn't sound at all linear to me. It puzzles me that the red

    trace in the following figure from Russ George's latest blog entry seems to be such a pure superposition of 2 sines with slightly different frequencies. Why should heat generation from coupled nonlinear oscillators appear as a superposition of sines? That is not usually how coupled nonlinear oscillators work. It is how coupled linear oscillators work but that is from the textbooks, I wouldn't expect it in reality ... not from autononously bursting systems

    I had a look at this blog post, and I was surprised to read that "many scientists" are suggesting the explanation for Huygens synchronicity "will be found in the strange entanglement of matter. Einstein’s spooky action at a distance".
    I would be curious to hear who these scientists are, as this sounds like a rather extraordinary claim.

    I have been reading a number of Mr George's blog posts. In my opinion they mostly contain poetical musings rather than serious scientific thoughts. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you know what to expect.

    Thomas A. Edison never headed a lab? Who knew!

    You are absolutely correct. I meant that it is pretty obvious that Mr. George has never headed a lab.

    You joke around and play the fool Mr. Smith, but I think you should be wary of Russ George. You should have results checked independently before believing them.

    And this sort of rule regurgitation is precisely why reductionst teaching and dutiful student mentalities/banalities are the death of inventive science. "Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." - Thomas A. Edison

    Here speaks someone who has never headed a lab.

    A gas supplier never fills a tank with an incorrect gas. Liability to say the least.

    Yup. The fire department, at least, would like to know what gas is in a bottle like this if they have to enter the premises during an emergency.

    Nothing is right with this photo though! Here is a pressurized gas cylinder that is supported by a single twist of wire placed below its centre of gravity. That is dangerous. That is nuts.

    The original Androcles is still running -70 days in- and still performing very well - gammas and heat. The next experiment is running, but it's reallytoo early to start discussing data.

    I believe that data from the new experiment has already been posted by Mr George on his blog http://atom-ecology.russgeorge…-ecology-and-cold-fusion/

    It seems to indicate that gamma counts from two different reactor oscillate in synchrony. Also, gamma-count oscillations occur not at 10 in the morning but at 8 at night. Is this correct? Do you still see gamma burrsting with 24 hour periodicity?

    Where is the Androcles project right now? Are the new reactors (the fueled ones and not the controls) online and are they producing the same sorts of behaviours as the first reactor?

    This is reminiscent of the 24 hour solar cycle where solar generated neutrinos modify the activity of the weak force.

    Why would there be a 24 hour periodicity in solar neutrino flux in Alan's lab?

    In the figure marked "Cold Fusion Excess Heat & Gamma Rays", I don't understand what the red trace is. It is apparently the linear superposition of two sine waves of slightly different frequency but is this experimentally measured or somehow modelled? If it is measured, and the gamma counts are also measured at the same time, then why do these two phenomena (excess heat and gamma counts) have so little to do with each other? They seem uncorrelated. What is the cross correlation coefficient?

    I have never understood the circa 24-hour period of the gamma bursts in your preparation. Is there some sort of 24 hour periodicity in the stimulation?

    Perhaps you could reveal your true identity so that it may be determined to whom the useful information you request be revealed is going. This so that a judgement can be made as to whether you can be trusted.

    I see a problem ... you have misunderstood the nature of this forum. When you answer a question here, the information you post does not go solely to the person who asked it. Instead, THE WHOLE WORLD will see it. Yes, even the lowliest commoner! It's irritating but that is the way it is. So there is no need to agonize over whether JohnyFive in particular can be trusted. I hope that will be a relief to you.

    On a happier note ... I notice you have found some time in your busy schedule for writing and responding to questions. Perhaps now you could guide me to which posts on your "atom-ecology" blog contain information about how the ecology part works. Is there a post that takes this on directly?

    Alan Smith

    I am not accusing anyone of anything. But in the absence of good evidence, I think that history is the best guide to the future.

    I am willing, however, to have my posterior probability distributions changed. In fact I would be delighted!

    Bruce__H -- for what are verifications? Without knowing how it is working with ability to replicate it it is absolutely useless. You could always make a black box with movable shields inside so it could mimic a gamma bursts.

    JohnyFive : "Black box" is just a figure of speech here. I am only using it to mean that the independent laboratory would not examine the fuel pellet beyond measuring the radiation. They wouldn't try to analyze its chemical or isotopic makeup or anything like that. I expect that the fuel pellet would be bare and not actually enclosed in a box.

    The unfortunate history of the past decade of LENR is that secrecy, supposedly maintained to bring a process to commercialization, is actually used to conceal flaws in the basic research. Scammers and the self-deluded come to rely on the untrue argument that only the marketplace can guarantee the reality of a phenomenon and that there is no need to produce evidence int the meantime.

    To me, the Androcles research looks just like all the others so far. But a gamma-bursting pellet, treated as a black box and measured in an independent lab, would be extremely strong evidence of the reality of LENR (is there an alternative explanation for such a thing? I'm not a physicist but I think not).

    But when you have the ability to switch gammas on and off, you are not going to be producing them while the inspector is around.

    Wait. Are you saying that you can turn the Androcles gammas off and on? I thought they were autonomously bursting along with a relatively constant elevated background.

    Due diligence would be simple, in fact I am staggered that previous investors with an interest in cold fusion (they know who they are) never obtained a gamma spectrum from Rossi's reactors, failure to do that is inexplicable.

    A Florida State nuclear safety inspector visited Rossi's Doral facility, unannounced, during the 1-year test and found no evidence of ionizing radiation anywhere. He was allowed free access to all parts of the facility - on the Leonardo side as well as the JMP side.

    I am generally sceptical of LENR results, but if your rice-sized pellet of metal was given to an independent lab and found to be giving off bursts of gamma bursts at room temperature (or at any temperature for that matter) then I would say that this is compelling evidence for the world that LENR is real.

    But -- going back to my usual sceptical self now -- I predict that this will never happen.

    Well, it certainly fits at least one of the hypercycle criteria in that we seek to create a non-linear reaction network with unique properties, and from that one might hypothesize that once established this network becomes self-organising and self-maintaining. It is certainly true to say that our now 2 month old part-gram of fuel is now in a different state to the initial one, as witnessed by the fact that the gammas spectra have evolved over time and now look somewhat different. All this means we have a lot of work to do, many more experiments - right now we could do with a dozen or so skilled technicians and 4 times the space. But, regardless we do the best we can by adopting a fairly strong approach to time management.

    If your 2-month old fuel pellets are still producing bursts of gamma rays without a corresponding periodic stimulation then this has to be a nonlinear phenomenon.

    Two questions about these old fuel pellets that are still producing activity ... 1) are you stimulating them periodically (and if so is the period the same as the bursting period, and 2) are they still being heated to whatever temperature you were originally using or have you stopped the extrinsic heating now?

    Now this is starting to sound a bit like a truly ecological/holistic approach!

    Does niche development and structure depend on the presence of LENR products (for instance in the style of Eigen and Schuster hypercycles)?

    Russ George

    You are absolutely right. I am indeed finding that my learning curve in atom-ecology is proving difficult!

    I see that you often refer to ecology and atom-ecology on your blog. But despite reading some of your posts I am still having trouble getting to the heart of the idea. Can you suggest one or two of the posts where I could best devote some time to try and get this concept on board?

    If this quantum left-handedness is shown experimentally to produce change in radio-activation in the presence of transmutation. then it is logical to deduct that the same transmutation process which lacks any isotope radio-activation is a result of production of quantum left-handedness of EMF.

    True, chemical chirality may not demand that left-handedness of EMF is homomorphic, but it could made the production of left-handedness of EMF easier in certain life forms that produce transmutation of elements.

    I've read this a number of times and can't make sense of it.

    I always wondered about that. They did have a well equipped lab there, as the photos of the "6 cylinder" submitted to the court showed. That was about the time of the inspection, yet all the inspectors saw was an an empty warehouse...huh? We need IHFB back to figure that one out.

    I think I broke IH Fanboy back in November. Sorry.

    A bit of time... sadly that era is over as more new reactor protocols are being baked. A second better Gamma Spectrometer has been ordered so as to provide a larger range as well as a coincident measure. The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. These words are the only sign of Frost as things are heating up.

    OK. Perhaps the next blog entry on your atom-ecology site could address this?

    OK. But your original point had something to do specifically left-chiral entities. What you are now saying is so general that I now don't see any remaining predictive power. Also, there are lots of important nonchiral biomolecules. Lipids (fats) for instance.

    Russ George

    If you have a bit of time now, could you explain a bit about the "ecology" in "atom-ecology"? I'm not sure why that word is there. I am interested in why you think multiple nuclides are needed for LENR. Is this essential or does using a mix of nuclides all at once just shorten the search for something active?