Norman D. Cook & Andrea Rossi: On the Nuclear Mechanisms Underlying the Heat Production by the “E-Cat”

  • On Arxiv a paper with Norman D Cook (Kansai University, Osaka) and Andrea Rossi (Leonardo Corp) was poster yesterday.
    It discuss of the result of Lugano E-cat test, and of model of atomic nucleus.

    "In the present study, we focus on recent findings of nuclear transmutations concerning Lithium isotopes [3] in light of the lattice version [5] of the independent-particle model (IPM) of the nucleus. Specifically, after brief review of the well-established IPM, we consider details of the substructure of the 7Li4 and 8Be4 isotopes that allow for the generation of alpha particles at kinetic energies well beyond what could be produced solely through chemical reactions."

    As Brian Josephson remind, this is not at al peer-reviewed, but I imagine there will be comments.


  • Thank you Alain for digging it out!

    Rossi doesn't talk here about his low temperature eCat. Nevertheless, the theory seems very interesting (But I'm not an IPM expert at all).

    What is odd in the theory is the "low" excited state of Li7 at 0.478 MeV. Is the NAE the key to create this "low" excited state of Li7 ?

  • Since there is no quality control on the arxiv, only censorship, the question of whether it has actually been published or not is important. On the other hand, it becoming public on the arxiv means it is available for anyone to read, and also the abstract will have been emailed to all subscribers to the nuclear theory list.

  • Arxiv is the harbinger of the end of the Academic Ivory tower as far as I'm concerned, freedom of thought and public peer review by qualified individuals some of whom are not tied in to academia so offer new perspectives. Something Universities seem to have policed out. Embracing open publishing is going to save public trust in scientific institutions in the long term.

    Dr Cook is not a fringe scientist and has been publishing in Nuclear theory for decades. Not read deep enough if he has any heretical theories but he's been cited over 1000 times in his career so he looks legit, historically at least.

    He's an older gentleman so has no nothing to lose career wise... only guys willing to stick their neck out are at the end of their careers, independantly wealthy or independent from academic community which is a shame but just highlights the Dogmatic nature of modern scientific inquiry.

    I wonder who contacted whom, I can't imagine Rossi sought him out?

  • Sorry for the missing comment.
    Arxiv is not a reviewed journal but a facility provided to scientists to share various kind of papers to be commented, reviewed, corrected...

    Let us see what is the reaction of competent people.

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  • Bob Greenyer is very critical with the paper:


    Well - first off, unless I am confused at their intention, it is
    embarrassing that they keep referring to Nitrogen (N) as Nickel (Ni)
    especially when Nickel is a major part of the reaction.

    Pretty sure that 15Ni8 should be 15N8.

    If this is the case, I sincerely hope they don't present this to a patent examiner!

  • Personally, I find it paradoxical and sad that Arxiv, after refusing the publication of the Lugano report, has accepted a paper which is totally based on the results obtained in that report. Compliments to Arxiv for their 20/20 hindsight vision!

  • It was a good choice, Cook's theory is admirable.
    But it only explains do not wait prediction or problem solving power from it.
    It shows Hot Cat is special, not like Warm Cats. The Li story is out of context.

    From the above quotes, reads more like it's more at the very early speculation stage of things and requires a lot more data. It's more like half formed ideas than a developed theory of operation, and also suggests that Rossi is working at a different level to parkhomov in terms of what his device is achieving if we take the quoted information at face value.

  • Hi all

    We need to test the theory against past experiments both successes and failures, such as the MFMP glow stick experiment.

    We then need to use the theory to refine existing failed or partially successful experiments with the knowledge the theory imparts in order to test the theory further and find out and refine its limitations and exceptions; this after all is the scientific method.

    The MFMP tests that produced low gamma are a predicted factor of the theory, they could be refined to examine this aspect.

    Kind Regards walker

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