Carl Page, brother of Google co-founder Larry Page in Padua ???

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    I launch this thread on the rumor that Carl Page is in Padua.
    I cannot confirm.

    I see it claimed by MFMP on facebook…ect/posts/955893337774699

    and by a local newspaper talking also of bill gates with an old photo of Bill gates visit of ENEA

    Mats Lewan cite his book, to confirm the (bad) relation between Carl Page and Rossi


    Mats Lewan at mfmp fb page: Not so much coincidence maybe. Bill Gates was the first who received my book, the day before it was released. A few weeks later Carl Page ordered 4 copies (one for himself, one for his brother Larry, one for Sergey and one for Elon Musk?). Would be delighted to meet them and ask (will arrive in Padua on Thursday).

    time to discuss of that rumor, and of any substance behind

    “Only puny secrets need keeping. The biggest secrets are kept by public incredulity.” (Marshall McLuhan)
    twitter @alain_co

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    Carl Page has shown interest in the field, a potential investor?


    Technical and Business Advisory Board MembersMembers of Brillouin Energy’s Advisory Board include:

    Carl PageCarl Page is currently President of the Anthropocene Institute. He is a highly sought after entrepreneur, an advisor to technology, internet marketing, and emerging clean-tech companies, as well as a prominent investor in both hi-tech and clean-tech ventures. A highly skilled computer scientist and clean technologist, Mr. Page was a co-founder of E-Groups, which later became Yahoo Groups.

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    Anyway no doubt I've seen Carl Page at the cofee pause.

    The special advisor of Bill Gates, Lowell Wood was there since the first day to attend the conference.


    Picture from 2015, when Gates and Lowell Wood visiting scientist Vittorio Violante and observed LENR experiments in his lab (ENEA).

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    Mats Lewan talk to Carl Page…d-impressions-mats-lewan/


    One of them was Carl Page [brother of Google CEO Larry Page] who is a strong supporter of the field which he knows well, and while talking with me and Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy, Page told me that he had invested in this company, and that he also found Godes’ theory interesting (I got some good briefing from Godes on his technology which I have studied too little before). BTW, Page also confirmed the rumor about him trying to put up a meeting between Rossi and Elon Musk, which I covered in my book, although he was a little sad that Rossi perceived him as a venture capitalist and not an angel investor.

    I would say the Page is a good force for the cold fusion field, and he also told me that he knows Tom Darden of Cherokee/[lexicon]Industrial Heat[/lexicon] and respected him much for his way of thinking and his view on how the field could be developed with some kind of ecosystem with mutual agreements on intellectual property.

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