Статья о работах Георгия Шафеева по лазерной абляции в «МК» «Российское открытие» И на уране будут яблони цвести?

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    For a moment, imagine that the Chernobyl and Fukushima do not bother us anymore, and in their place grow wonderful gardens and the clear waters. Study Group under the leadership of George Shafeeva of General Physics Institute. Prokhorov, it seems, managed to make a scientific and technological breakthrough, the very possibility of doubt that the nuclear community. "For them it is sedition, and they can understand", because if the same radioactive cesium breaks a long 30 years, researchers from Moscow it occurs within an hour!And all thanks to an ordinary laser irradiation.
    Group Shafeeva might have been able to accelerate the decay of uranium-235 and uranium-238, and their products. According to them, it is recorded on a good measuring far above accuracy. And they are trying to convince that this is an experimental error is called in science "dirty hands".