Lets get some return on our tax dollar by seeing if we could wake the supposedly Smart Government up

  • https://twitter.com/JAROVNAK/status/610696967262441472 Check this out & please sign - don't worry we can have a lot more fun before they start to act. Look at the billions they have spent on our present nuclear plants that have such awful residues they are forgetting about. We now have clean, too cheap to really meter LENR power in (ssm) with Rossi's Hot E-Cats for a start, no? Jim

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    @JAROVNAK: I appreciate your effort, but do we really know that "we now have clean, too cheap to really meter LENR power in (ssm) with Rossi's Hot E-Cats"?
    We even don't know if LENR with very tiny energy bursts is real.

    Several replication efforts either failed, ended unconclusive or fundamental errors were located while analysing the measurement data.
    As long as this is the state of play, no politician will take you serious because politicians usauall have no knowledge in physics and will consult "mainstream experts", which ends up in a "not possible".

    We should better use our time to support replicators. This is the really important work.
    If these replicators are sometime able to reliably show that

    • at least tiny energy bursts with LENR are possible


    • reactors can be built in series

    Then you can really show it to them (the politicians). Then there is no space for "not possible" anymore...

    But I guess at the moment it is too early and will more harm the LENR-field than do good :blackeye: