Steorn Announces Second Orbo O-Cube Webinar (Update: Production Getting Started)

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    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']For those interested in Steorn’s Orbo-powered O-Cube, a second webinar has been announced which will be held on Wednesday, December 2, 2015. UPDATE: Here’s a photo posted on Facebook by Shaun McCarthy — it looks like they are getting the O-Cubes ready for assembly ahead of taking orders (they are supposed to be ready for […][/feedquote]

  • Greenyer obviously has not followed Steorn's past record. The only achievement Steorn ever had, and I've been following them now for 9 years, is to bamboozle and flummox investors and a few ignorant followers out of 20 million Euros. In all this time and with a plethora of claims, they have never proven that anything they ever claimed is real, works, or even exists. They have never sold anything except memberships in a follower club which never accomplished a single thing. Their founder and CEO, Sean McCarthy, recently made an appearance on the Moletrap forum and proved himself to be a duplicitous, cynical, lying sociopath.

    It is doubtful that Steorn will ever sell their new device to the public and if they do, I can absolutely guarantee you (anyone want to bet?) that it won't be adequate to charge cell phones or if it is, it will have an expendable battery which will need to be changed after a very short period.

    The discussion on Moletrap is here:…nts.php?DiscussionID=4638 You may need a signon and password which are free, easy to get and can be entirely anonymous.

  • $"He guesses that Steorn has achieved a very very optimized device to make micro-vibrations and temperature differences usable."

    Back in high school physics class we wound a coil and rotated it through the earths magnetic field. The microamps current was good for a gyrocompass but hardly useful for anything else. It's jail time for these LENR scammers.


    The article referenced describes a LED that converts heat (lattice vibrations) into light while rapidly decreasing it bias voltage. While maybe interesting physics, I don't think it is that relevant in this context, or is the Steorn device supposed to "draw heat energy from its surroundings"?