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  • Dewey Weaver
    I have a reason that I use a pseudonym that is not relevant to the discussion. But that reason may change soon (retirement).
    I have a business and reputation that could suffer if I was attacked off the board. My point with you or Skifferol was get you both to stop the personal attacks as it seems kind of pitiful. My clients have been NASA and the government. I could see this info being misused. I have been around for years and you have my discus history. I also like and follow Thomas C. and Axil among others and they are certainly have different viewpoints. I have followed BEC from the Scarecrow show days. Anyway ... I also believe in LENR but not Rossi. And while I am interested in what ME356 has to say he has only has hearsay at this point. The reason I asked about you (though now, I am reasonably sure you are who you say) is the statement that has been repeated by IH themselves to only take news on the 1 year test officially from them. So your sudden involvement over the last few months is perplexing. In short you are part of this story and I am not. Does this help?

  • Would be interesting to see, how long we will be able to follow this nice bashing while passing the ball to one another...not beneficial at all for any objective discussion here, either pro or con each side...

  • Thanks Rigel - I jumped in after Rossi and his minions unleashed a long-planned slash and burn PR war against some really good people. Filing litigation just so he could escape to his next set of victims while unleashing the slander & lies that came out of that collective batch of scum demanded a response from somebody so I stepped in. I know that the truth will clear the air in the long run and do not fear their fabricating low life tactics. They lie for a living and think that everyone else lies / cheats all the time as well. They have crossed the wrong good guys this time though and deserve what is heading their way.

  • Dewey - I am a believer in LENR and following the story - and unfortunately this entire IH-AR opera - for many years now. I don't like many things that either party appears to do or promote, just to make it clear. I also don't absolutely feel to be part of your famous P.R. construct. On the other side you are obviuosly seem to feel adressed by my post and confirming it, so I am not a moderator here, but I would like to ask you to follow the rules here in this forum, even if this is the "playground".

  • Zorud - you answered my question. Thanks.

    Team Rossi always calls for the rules when the heat rounds hit the bullseye. I have it documented from both Mats blog and ECS. Their (your) tactics do not appear to be quite as effective on this forum which is crushing to Team Rossi.

  • Deawey in other thread you said:

    Sanders - Keep the options open for the possibility of the QuackX and the Quack Ultra. In fact, I might copyright / trademark both of those for the book and movie.

    Person who acts as 'spokesperson' of IH and not have other things to say about topic, does not give greatest impression on IH:s position on this dispute. If you would havesomething to show or proper arguments supporting IH:s stand you would have some value for this thread, but 'Rossi cooking in his container' does not give better hand for IH (if you are representing them anyway).

    What I'm happy with is that soon it is call time for IH and Rossi. Not so many weeks to litigation and cards will be seen with all eyes.

    PS No ERV still on binder, any theory on that?
    PS2 I'm not hater totally opposite, and I don't hate IH or you and I would love everybody to succeed and have good life, but I have learned in life that people and shit should be treated in a way they deserves...

  • May I propose that moderators would not delete posts, at least in this 'playground' thread. This works as vent for those who feels frustrated on current situation. Words does not hurt anybody, but might open curtains to ones head.

    Deleting comments that are outside of topic of other threads is question that I let on moderators team.

  • No one will run into trouble as long as he sticks to some basic rules, even in the playground here (which should not act as "vent" at all, in my opinion). I do not see why there should be different rules in different threads in order to keep a "normal" communication in place...
    Words do not hurt, of course, as long as there is no accusation, trolling, bashing or insulting others.

  • Person who acts as 'spokesperson' of IH and not have other things to say about topic

    Dewey Weaver is not, as far as we know, a spokesperson of IH, even in a figurative sense. He's an agent of one of IH's shareholders with a personal connection to Tom Darden. The distinction is a big one.

    Deleting comments that are outside of topic of other threads is question that I let on moderators team.

    As one who has had two comments deleted by barty a few weeks ago that a lot of thought was put into, I can say that if it happens to me periodically in the future I will not participate in discussions on this site any longer. I suggest leaving the handling of off-topic and trolling comments to the downvoting feature, which eventually causes the comments to fade out.

  • If the Rossi Effect is real it needs to be proven (or perhaps proven further in a way that satisfies everyone) and if there has never been any excess heat produced by any of Rossi's own tests/demos or by third party replications that needs to be exposed.

    There will never be complete acceptance of LENR and reactors will not be legal until we have a good model of what is happening. For this end it is important to complement excess heat determinations with good measurements of radiation and isotope shifts. Notice the word good! That means good energy resolution gamma/X-ray detection and isotope ratios, not only elemental composition.

    This was what happened to Wegener and his continental drift hypothesis: he lacked a good model for the drifting continental plates, and it took fifty years until the theory was generally accepted. Another reason may be the fact that Wegener was a meteorologist not a geologist.

  • Can the moderators please get on the same page?

    @ Rigel

    Here are no rules, it is a playground build up as a reaction of the endless in circles rotating and thus pointless debates here in the forum, where in principle the only aim is to discredit the debaters through unsubstantiated personal attacks. If you what to do this, or if you like it, or need it (there are people out there you have such desires) then come over here to the playground, but do not complain.


    There are ALWAYS forum rules. This thread is merely meant to be a little bit more relaxed about applying them. Which it is.

    Use downvotes if you wish, but deleting the comments makes it difficult for those who aren't constantly refreshing the thread to see what has been said, follow along with the dialogue, and make their own determination of what actually crosses the line. The only exception should be if people start posting threatening or potentially threatening comments.

  • Eric - As previously stated. I am a shareholder in IH. I am defending Darden against the completely improper and unjust slanderfest onslaught from Team Rossi. We are putting our money at risk and spending a lot of time in search LENR solutions that can solve our energy and pollution problems. I have invested in IH and have a right to defend my investment. The haters cannot say the same and will just continue to do what they do best which is to hate.

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