Rossi Provides Projected Timeline of E-Cat Development

  • [feedquote='E-Cat World','']Andrea Rossi was asked yesterday by a reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics if he could provide a schedule for upcoming E-Cat deadline. Rossi’s response was this: Andrea Rossi August 30, 2016 at 8:44 AM Eugenio Mieli: 1- continue the manufacturing of the industrial plants: NOW 2- complete the R&D of the QuarkX to […][/feedquote]
  • Stephenrenzz, this is just standard, classic, run of the mill, ordinary behavior for any free energy type high tech scammer. Steorn, Bedini, Dennis Lee and Carl Tilley, to name a few, did exactly the same thing. Distract gullible believers from the lack of proof for the previous product by promising a vastly better new one, also without proof. What is amazing is that it works... to a point. For example it worked for several years with IH but it isn't working now. Steorn got millions of dollars from their silly investors as recently as a year or so ago with a similar subterfuge.