Some exchange with David Daggett, of Phonon Energy

  • After the findings of David, I get intrigued and I gained contact with David Daggett on Linked-In.

    He is retired from Boeing, and there he is proud to have invented the aircraft fuel cell APU technology (patented). He knows well fuell cell, and their measurement practices, and worked as consultant on that subject.

    He feels LENR is disruptive, and as it happens for his ideas, that after harsh critics today, it will appear self evident tomorrow when demonstrated. He started his project as a non-profit to avoid critics about chasing research funding. If things get good, maybe he will launch a commercial spin off.

    He started to be skeptical after discussion with Dennis Bushnell of NASA Langley, 8 years ago. The Demo of defkalion at ICCF18 triggered desire to know more and he visited them in Athens, and witnessed a test. He have good gut feeling, quite skeptic of Gamberale position. He got contact with Jet Energy, Lenuco, but he feels Defkalion is ahead. No answer from Cherokee group. He have informat contact with NASA folks, some in Chinese universities, and one business contact.

    His project is first to fund a well instrumented boiler to prove the technology. It seems a rational first step, not so different from the test of E-cat by Elforsk.
    No reference to any license fee.

    • If Defkalion have nothing to show, then I imagine the losses will be painful but limited.
    • If Defkalion provide a working reactor it will be a third-party test, and the beginning of a story.