ISCMNS: 12th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals 2017 - near Asti, Italy - 5-9 June 2017

  • William Collis of ISCMNS officially announce the 12th ISCMNS workshop on "Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals"
    It will happen in Italy in a hotel in a village named Costigliole d’Asti near Asti in Piedmont (Italy),
    on 5th to 9th of June 2017.

    Organizing commitee is W Collis and J Vinko.
    Patrons are ISCMNS, LENRIA and Airbus.

    the goal are expressed that way:


    Workshop Goals and Format

    The purpose of the workshop is to bring together an international experts to present their results and encourage discussion. The emphasis is on experimental innovation, methods, instrumentation, diagnostics and theory. In addition there will be afternoon discussions on topics of interest including explanations for the anomalies.

    The working language of the workshop is English.

    more details :

  • I sure wish that Alexander Parkhomov would repeat his FIRST experiments utilizing an optimized setup (more insulation, a steam chimney to make sure water is bubbling out, multiple methods of temperature measurement) with MULTIPLE brands of nickel, BRAND NEW Alfa Aesar LiAlH4 (97% purity), and of course control runs for each type of nickel powder.

    As everyone on this forum knows, I'm convinced his FIRST tests produced excess heat (primarily because the control runs were always within 10% of unity while his active runs produced excess heat). But a better series of tests would help sure up all weaknesses. And, for goodness sakes, he needs to LOSE THE PID!

  • Quote

    LFH will be there (Sam and me). Our sponsor just decided today.

    Your sponsors should force you to do some experiments instead... :-) And the readers of this forum shouldn't upvote you for it, but they're also in twaddling mindset, which gets the perception of action by talking about things instead of doing them - so that they can't even see a problem with your attitude. What I can perceive within LENR community is just small scale of mainstream physics ignorance: instead of doing actual research the scientists are collecting and constructing expensive toys which they have no usage for (ultrasound generator, metallurgical microscope), they're sweeping the conferences and twaddle until their money are going.

    Don't take it personally, but mainstream physicists managed to ignore the cold fusion for whole century just by doing the very same.

  • Well, the amount of research you can do with a voltmeter and a box of Lego is quite limited, you need the tools to do the job. Since we cannot just order something brand new every time we need it, much of our equipment is (of necessity) built from scratch. If you support small independent researchers - one of our aims - this is the kind of help they need.

    Incidentally, the ultrasound video we made has had over 6k views and generated several hundred emails. Why did we make it? Because we were being asked by 'people like us' how it might be done. The u/s equipment we needed for our research programme would have cost around $1000:00 we didn't have, so we made something that does the job for $100.00. This is part of our role. What do we use it for? For preparing fuel for our customers to test.

    Over the last 12 months LFH have screened over 60 different materials for LENR activity, developed data-logging tools, made three important upgrades to the reactor system we offer, published papers, made support and 'how to' videos for our customers - and donated cash and materials to some- and built a functioning LENR laboratory from scratch. As well as independent researchers our customer base now includes no less than 3 universities and two major car manufacturers, and our customers have told us that our reactor is 'a great piece of kit' and similar comforting phrases. During all this time we have only had one item (a data-logger) returned as faulty by a customer. This only happened a week ago, first time after 12 months trading without any return requests. That client btw will be refunded in full plus his postage costs the day the logger lands back on our doormat - regardless of how it has ended up on the sick list.

    Our sponsors are very happy with what we do, btw - has it not occurred to you that LFH's principal purpose is to facilitate research carried out by independent researchers? Which we do quite well, we know that because it is what our customers and sponsors tell us. It would be very easy for us to produce some good-looking but doubtful movies showing XSH and boost our sales - but we do not do it. Why not? Because we want to build a reputation for integrity, good service and support. Without reputation in this business, you are less than nothing, as recent events elsewhere demonstrate.

    We are moving LENR research forward in the best way we can, we would like to do more. If you can get to London you are welcome to work in our lab with our support, as others have done and plan to do in the near future. Why not give it a try? Then you can see what goes on, up close and personal. ;)

  • I'm not required to travel anywhere for to get things: this is your mindset - not mine one. The LERN progress is based on experimental results - and I don't see any reports from you in this matter. Why I should visit you after then? You're not interesting for me in any way.


    our customers have told us that our reactor is 'a great piece of kit' and similar comforting phrases

    But did you see any LENR results from them? If not, then you just failed from this perspective.
    I know I will not change anything, but it's good to look at things from their naked perspective.

  • For someone who 'isn't interesting' to you, you seem to have devoted a lot of time to criticism. I'm sorry that our business and social model isn't to your liking, but there is little likelihood of us changing something that seems to suit our customers and those who follow our work.

    As for 'failing' because we haven't cracked the LENR riddle in a sustainable and reproducible way, we are part of a big crowd. Sure we have seen interesting results, but not the rock-solid system we are looking for. A 'flash in the pan' is no good to man nor beast and no good to LENR researchers - there have been too many flimsy claims. Not our style. When we have mastered the tech in a reliable way we will not hesitate to talk about it. And ponder this- If we say something 'doesn't work' after a few tests we have not PROVEN it doesn't work. It shows that it doesn't work the way WE did it. Someone else might do better. An example. We ran 1 test with a fuel capsule supplied by Tom Conover. It didn't work for us. Since he later said we went about it the wrong way, we offered to do it again, following his own procedure as closely as possible, but he didn't want Sam to 'play it again'. We have proven or disproven almost nothing about TC's work so we have never made a fuss about it. That's the way it works.

  • Quote

    but there is little likelihood of us changing something that seems to suit our customers and those who follow our work

    The attitude of mainstream scientists is exactly the same - they also feel no need to change their modus vivendi, because they're fully satisfied by their life and work. I'm not even criticizing it - I'm just illustrating the social atmosphere and mindset, which has lead into one century long ignorance of breakthrough findings. Billions of people, who are working hardly - but the progress stalls, because they're not focused to result of work, but the work itself.

    Regarding the replication of cold fusion, here are much simpler and more reliable ways how to demonstrate it - like the SPAWAR's co-deposition of palladium observed with thermocamera. That's the way it works. Why this experiment wasn't replicated by anyone for twenty years? Well, just because of it.

  • Why this experiment wasn't replicated by anyone for twenty years? Well, just because of it.

    You have identified an experiment you believe can be replicated. And you have identified a problem you believe to exist within the broader community of LENR watchers, that of idle talk. Now perhaps with this understanding of things you will step away from LENR Forum, replicate this experiment and report the results somewhere?

  • This is common argument of mainstream science proponents, once I present similar objections at nearly daily basis:

    If you believe in it, why don't you finally shut up and why aren't you doing it yourself?

    My answer is also the same: I don't take money and gifts from another people in their (futile) hope, I'll do some research instead of them.

    As you can see, your attitude is not very different from attitude of mainstream physicists with cold fusion:

    they like grants, gifts and conference travels - but they also feel too comfortable for doing actual useful research.

  • I think the implicit criticism is spot on: it's 100 percent surreal experience to observe you, a voluble chatterer, criticizing Alan, who is actually doing something. But I also reject the underlying premise of your criticism of people who are not doing experiments. Not everyone who is interested in LENR is cut out to do experiments or should be doing them. And there is value for many (if perhaps not for the researchers themselves) in following developments and analyzing them.

    That you reject an argument that shows your hypocrisy does not invalidate it. :)

  • Quote

    voluble chatterer, criticizing Alan, who is actually doing something

    Alan is already old, he did enough of work already and I do appreciate it. But the traveling around conferences is not what saves the world from energetic crisis and subsequent nuclear war. We're running out of time, what we need are the actual results. I'm annoyed, that I'm the only person at the world, who perceives the situation so - but it's my stance in a given moment.