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    I understand the physicist tired by LENR and EmDrive claims, while they assume it is not well replicated

    And they're even correct in their stance - the replication effort of these technologies is really poor, just because the scientists interpret the attention (an essentially positive welcomming attitude) like the caution (a negative, rather dismissing attitude). What we need for extraordinary claims it the real atention - not the lack of it, i.e. the ignorance disguised for catiousness.

    Regarding the spacewarp technology with tripole fractal antennaes, it's difficult to judge its principle and possible chance for succes in this moment. The fractal shape of antenna implies, it could serve as a generator of scalar waves in similar way, like so-called the caduceuss coil. These solitonic pulses result from fractal wavetrains (compare the difractionless tidal bores at the amazonia rivers) Their mutual resonance would allow similar interference of phase shifted waves, like this one which allegedly occurs inside the EMDrive resonator and the establishing of gradient of scalar waves along antennae, which would result in warp field and thrust. Note that the scalar wave gradient is detected with laser interferometry in similar way, which Juday-White already did for EMDrive.