Rossi Describing the Quark on a Whiteboard

  • It has been brought to my attention that a Facebook user by the name of Matias Mattsson has posted an image of Rossi at a white board, apparently discussing the Quark.…Sxyb3NzaSxsZW5yLGNvbGQ%3D

    Can anyone who is good at image processing clear up the image so all of the writing and drawings are capable of being read/understood?

    I'm very interested in the circuit diagram. Can anyone try to make some sense of it?

  • First of all, can someone make sure we have the highest quality version?

    Secondly, can anyone run the image through some processing to correct for the blur so we can make out more of the words and numbers?

    Thirdly, once the blur has been corrected, is it possible for us to reconstruct the information on the board in a clearer format?

  • Love the Toupée.

    I was going to say... did Rossi get a prescription for Aveda or join the Men's Hair club? I am not making fun of him or (anyone for that matter), it was just that I do not think I would have recognized him if someone showed me this photo without stating who it was! If he likes it... more power to him! :thumbup: (He does seem a bit more frail as well. Perhaps just the angle of the photo)

    But more importantly, it would be very interesting to see the equations!

  • From ECW:

    "Andrea Rossi March 27, 2017 at 7:24 AM


    This morning we will make a simulation of large scale production in the factory of Miami, Florida. We are resolving problems.

    Warm Regards, A.R."

    This is somewhat amazing.

    Again, a factory . How many times have we heard this over the years? Is this really Miami or the Doral facility?

    I am unsure what "a simulation of large scale production" would be and if it could be done in the Doral facility without major equipment.

    Such as injection moulders, die casting or glass forming operations. Assuming he is talking about large production of the Quarkx's.

    If he is talking about large scale production USING the QuarkX, this would be just as interesting! First, this would mean that he has

    "managed" to combine many 20 watt Quarks into some higher power unit! One that is stable and controllable none the less!

    "We will make... We are resolving" I wonder who "we" consists of? From the depositions, it appears that at the Doral facility, there

    was Barry West, who is no longer there and occasionally James Bass, who I doubt is working there now either. The Johnson and Annessar

    family had some accounting and office functions evidently. But anything else seemed to be done on a cash basis with local individual

    day laborers.

    But if I was a betting man, I would have to say this announcement should be considered to be in reality the same as "JMP real customer", their "real production", and who knows who the "team" is? More forum fodder for his fans.

  • This is what I think Rossi wrote:

    EDIT: I noticed that in Gullström-Rossi paper the Stefan-Boltzmann constant in the same calculation was written as 5.67 × 1012 instead of 5.67 × 10 -12.

  • I can't make out any more than this:

    The text on the left is probably mostly wrong.

    I tried using the program you suggested a while ago (in a sandboxed environment), but I didn't obtain any real improvement with it.

    EDIT: updated

  • Thanks for producing the diagram. Can you do the same with the drawings on the right of what I'm guessing are control boxes or a mirrored image of a single control box?

    I think it would be best to ask whoever first uploaded this photo if he remembers other details himself or if he took other photos. I don't see much value in trying to make out the drawing on the right - it's too abstract, at least for me. However the circuit shows - as I mentioned in the other thread - that the 1 Ohm resistor is likely being used as a current shunt. The voltage across the "plasma" component could be arbitrarily high.

  • I've made some changes to the above diagram: after squinting my eyes I can sort of see that the "T" was in fact an "I", supporting the idea that the 1 Ohm resistor is being used for a current measurement. I think I can see "mega" written on the text on the left, but perhaps it's not.

    In any case, I am unable to understand how the way Rossi determines input power here can be correct, but perhaps I am doing something wrong since I'm not an electrical engineer.

  • Alan Smith

    It is indeed half the story, but if you look at the calculations he makes on the whiteboard (which I transcribed in comment #10), it appears he's using the power dissipated at the shunt resistor for the COP calculation. The same method has likely been also used for the short report of the recent Gullström-Rossi paper.

  • H-G Branzell April 6, 2017 at 2:04 AM

    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    I have seen your whiteboard calculation of the COP for the QuarkX. I do not understand why you use the power in the external 1 Ohm resistor as input power to the QuarkX. Could you please explain, thank you.

    Best regards, H-G Branzell

    Andrea Rossi April 6, 2017 at 6:12 AM

    H-G Branzell:

    The whiteboard photo has been published without my authorization after being done during a professional training under NDA in the meeting room of Leonardo Corporation’s factory.

    I am ot going to comment on it.

    Warm Regards