Proposal for compact, low cost, aneutronic fusion - from Miley, et al

  • Extreme laser pulses for possible development of boron fusion power reactors for clean and lasting energy

    ABSTRACT: Extreme laser pulses driving non-equilibrium processes in high density plasmas permit an increase of the fusion of hydrogen with the boron isotope 11 by nine orders of magnitude of the energy gains above the classical values. This is the result of initiating the reaction by non-thermal ultrahigh acceleration of plasma blocks by the nonlinear (ponderomotive) force of the laser field, in addition to the avalanche reaction that has now been experimentally and theoretically manifested. The design of a very compact fusion power reactor is scheduled to produce then environmentally fully clean and inexhaustible generation of energy at profitably low costs. The reaction within a volume of cubic millimetres during a nanosecond can only be used for controlled power generation.

  • Looks like the way to go, asymmetric non linear tickling with lasers. Holmid does similar but with low power lasers and replaces high density plasma with ultra dense hydrogen. Maybe there's a link here. Thanks for the post.