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  • ...look again. It happened again. An unfair unreasonable person moved my resonable question into here,
    ... I think, I need to leave this forum.

    More and more it reminds me of the e-catworld freak Frank Acland, so sad.

  • Who are the remainig active moderators here? Lack of posts for several months indicate Eric is gone. I only see two moderators now?

    Yes, it is not only puzzling why a certain moderator protects factless, "babbling" pro-Rossi posters yet is not adverse to thowing some shade on Rossi revealers, but is starting to cast shadow on his overall judgement world view.

    The facts are clear... what is publicly known absolutely paints Rossi as a liar and fraudulent con artist. His three supporters here provide zero "non-Rossi says" evidence for thier support. One constantly is personnaly insulting on a continual basis and without fact. Yet nary a slap on the wrist.

    Yes, from the collective actions and attitudes seen, it causes me concern, even for the on going project. If one believes they are "above or beyond" being deluded, they are often the very first who are.

    Supporting Rossi is advanced delusion. Just look at AA.

  • ...



    and I was banned for 2 weeks by Alan Smith after using the word "delusion".... no one really gets this anymore...

  • The facts are clear... what is publicly known absolutely paints Rossi as a liar and fraudulent con artist.

    Do you really believe that somebody serious is interested in your (and your follower trolls) comments?

    We know that Rossi had something. But nobody knows whether he ever will be successful! I only give him a 1% chance.

    May be you should once try to write a real post with real information not just repeating others (very, very old) claims.

  • Wyttenbach,

    I've been studying your papers that are posted online, and I have a question for you.

    How far does the electromagnetic induction field capable of producing excess heat in surrounding materials extend? Are we talking about a field that could extend for multiple microns or a field that would only extend for a much shorter distance?

  • Start around 11 min in, Interesting~

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    • Official Post

    Indeed - driving it into the side of a mountain at a high rate of speed.

    There isn't going to be much left.



    You have been such a grump since the recent conference in Greccio! Look at it this way; just because you were unsuccessful in adding to your already talented IH team, is not all that bad. Maybe the competition will be a good motivator for both groups. As McKubre says: "it does not matter who gets there first, just that we get there". Once we get there, then there will be plenty of money to made by all.

  • Nice one Shane - fortunately for the planet, you haven't the foggiest idea what you're trying to say.

    You should also pay more attention to the credibility of your sources.

    And furthermore, this place is stinking to high heaven as of late. I believe we get to call this your watch.

    Where are the grown-ups?

  • Quote

    We know that Rossi had something.

    Let's review very briefly: His entire life that is documented (other than Rossi documentation), Rossi had nothing but scams, environmental disasters, confidence schemes, money laundering, illegal business, a stay or two in Italian prisons,innumerable charges brought, and prolific manufacture of non-working devices basically made of junk, along with idiotic claims like huge robotic factories and made up associations with major companies. And now we know he has something?

    1) what do we know he has?

    2) how do we know that?

    • Official Post

    "This place" was not stinking to high heaven before you went to Greccio, but now after coming back you think it does. Something changed, or happened that caused you to turn into a grump. Pardon me for trying to figure out why. You have made yourself into an important part of LENR, and we respect that. LF also plays an increasingly important communication and informational role, so it is to our best interest we get along...Which we were doing before you got back from Greccio.

    And again, LF is doing very well. I do not see why you keep saying it is not, other than to create a false impression. Alan, AlainCo, Barty, Rends and I are trying to make it even better, and if you eased up, our task would be a lot easier.

  • evil avatar if it helps spread this message. Those who attended my last few ICCF lectures (19, 20 in absentia, and 21) know that I have been beating the community up precisely on the topic of selfish secrecy. If you believe that what we are doing is good for science or good for mankind then you have a duty to disclose.

  • Shane - that smoke infested rot started long ago. You've been infected by the topsy-turvy kingdom and I hope there is a cure.

    Many have fallen - you are not alone.

    I was actually quite pleased with the Greccio event and remain positive / excited about things - the sector is making progress.

    Clean the ship if that is within your capabilities.

  • Quote

    My experience when it comes to this field is that there are many people who think like McKubre. They start off dreaming of the benefits cold fusion or LENR could bring to the world and start working towards seeing it proven as a reality. When they start seeing extremely positive results -- not just a few watts -- they change their minds. Instantly, they put themselves first and decide that if they can't beat everyone else the world can go without such an energy source.

    Personally, I absolutely despise the world we live in today. What I value about LENR is it's potential to change our civilization in huge ways. That's why I want to see the technology be acknowledged as real and proliferate.

    This is crazy! If you can be "seeing extremely positive results--not just a few watts" you can put yourself first by patenting and then selling the rights. You can exploit the findings by enlisting the help of entrepreneurs who want to make money as badly as you do. How can the technology be acknowledged as real and proliferate when there is no decent proof that a useful version, or perhaps any version of it, is real? This is classic cart-before-horse stuff.


    For example, consider Andrea Rossi. Piantelli and Focardi did great work on Ni-H before Rossi ever started doing cold fusion research. However, their systems did not produce the kind of breakthrough output that is needed to break through the barriers the cynics, skeptics, and naysayers have put in place.

    Not at all. Not even close. First, Rossi is simply a crook and Piantelli and Focardi while honest and hard working never showed any evidence strong enough to be widely convincing. And Focardi's acceptance of Rossi suggests he was well past his prime when Rossi came along and promised him what he wanted to hear. Equally wrong, your remarks about "cynics, skeptics, and naysayers." They may annoy you, perhaps because some of them predicted early on that Rossi was simply following suit on his own criminal past. But in the big scheme the skeptics don't matter at all. Most of them don't control major funds. Those who do, large scale entrepreneurs like the Musks and Gates's of the world are open minded. They just want to make good investments and/or help out :mankind." Government agencies and the military would like nothing better than inexpensive and boundless power. So would environmentalists. Very quickly, nobody would oppose a new source of energy that had the potential claimed for cold fusion and LENR --if it worked.

  • There is a widening divide growing here. I hope reason and logic will prevail.

    This forum is being fed little tidbits of information. Sometimes contradictory, such as "sooner than later" versus "10 years and 10 million. What actual data that has been released is insufficient to make sound conclusions on.

    So, as true science normally involves, rational questions are posed, the answer (from some at least) is along the lines of "how dare you imply such. Of course we have covered every angle and more than you would ever know anyway".

    This is not the way forward. A logical, impersonal question should be answered with a factual and impersonal answer. If we do not have data details, these are the first logical questions to ask. There are no mind readers and the information released does,not yet back the claims.

    One of the glaring red lights with Rossi is that when a valid question or problem is pointed out, he storms off in a tizzy. We do not want to follow that path!

    This is not personal, it is science. The data needs to stand review. Harder questions than this will be asked. And at some point, the "un-named expert" (which is impossible to disclose ? not), will have to come forth. Or he is no more than one if Rossi's "areo space engineers".

    W gave a reasonable reply. It was not pointed nor evasive. THH simply then proceeded down one path of logic based upon the data released. This is healthy. For some reason, it seems to be taken personally. It is not.

    The more data available, the less first order questions there will be. I saw no antagonism in the questions.

  • Can you show an example of hematite and volcanic glass in a vapor state introduced to a sea water induced hydrogen gas created by aluminum gallium and the blood of a mutilated cow or horse. never mine the copper,cobalt or nickel~

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