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  • Signor Rossi, and any scientist or engineer working with him, is very well aware of what would have to be done unequivocally to demonstrate anomalous heat production.

    He and they have assiduously avoided doing any of those things. For years and years he and they have turned a deaf ear to all pleas for proper instrumentation used properly, for proper control/dummy runs, etc., etc., ad nauseam.

    This last circus was not a "demonstration". It was just an entertainment. Those who invest in Signor Rossi's blague (whether cash or simply belief) are doomed to perpetual disappointment.

    So it goes

  • “Those who invest in Signor Rossi's blague (whether cash or simply belief) are doomed to perpetual disappointment.”

    Those who invest cash are certainly doomed to perpetual disappointment. Those who simply believe will always believe since anything Rossi says or does is sufficient for them. Cults are like that.

  • If Rossi has backing to build an automatic production line, what exactly do you think it is going to produce? Did the apparatus shown last week look like a product to you? If so, what exactly would that product do?

    I don't expect an answer from you, Adrian, other than more insults, because you actually have no answers to serious questions.

  • Penon is a paid stooge and an embarrassment to professional engineers everywhere.

    He's absolutely incompetent, as shown by his accommodation of a cretinous method of measuring steam enthalpy.*

    And any other supposed engineers who tolerate and apologise for him are on the same level. IMO.

    *Have you never heard of a steam meter?


    Barry West was debriefed by Murray in July 2015 while the 1-year test was ongoing. In a memo he wrote following the debriefing, Murray said "It was indicated that there was a steam flow sensor installed in the system by Dr. Penon. This sensor was located in the steam line between the source and the sink but the device "burned out" at some point and therefore no mass or volume flow is readily available". (235-11 page 32).

  • Continued....

    The sympathetic members of the audience then rationalize the discrepancy somehow, which then Rossi chooses the most flattering (to himself) version of, and later supplies as the correction, validating the sympathetic audience members, endearing him to the sympathetic audience some more.

    The mezzanine heat exchanger is a possible example.

  • Do you have references for this? You want to be taken seriously or are you just a disruptive clown.

  • Axil: "Do you have references for this?"

    Quick, John Hellins, "The Turbo-Encabulator in Industry", British Institution of Electrical Engineers' Student's Quarterly Journal", 1944

    "Science: For Nofer Trunnions", Time Magazine, April 15, 1946

    Over 70 years old, but as relevant as ever.