Ultrasound induced transmutations in metal bars?

  • A fairly recent paper --

    "Deformed space–time transformations in Mercury"
    International Journal of Modern Physics B - March 2017
    Abstract at URL - http://www.worldscientific.com…10.1142/S0217979217501685
    -- claims detecting transmutations in a mole of Mg exposed to ultrasound
    -- without gamma emission

    In previous papers by the authors conjecture ultrasound cavitation initiates piezo-nuclear reactions.

    "Nuclear metamorphosis in mercury" - pdf available at URL:

    "Piezonuclear Neutrons from Iron"

    -- and the following URL provides a list of citing and related papers ---

    These experiments do not seem difficult or expensive to replicate.
    The equipment and materials appear readily available.
    Does anyone know whether these results have been replicated? - or rebutted?

  • Does anyone know whether these results have been replicated? -

    Lou Pagnucco : Sono-fusion experiments with frequencies ranging from 20..1600kHz have been made over the last 15 years. Because of the high neutron? load I do not recommend this Iron/mercury experiment for amateur replication.

    Since one year I tell all LENR experimenters that the expected radiation is highly anisotropic. The main reason for this is, that the nuclear spin axes plays an important role in the overall reaction. If a first order resonance occurs, then all involved nuclear core axes get aligned. If a second step (like Alfven sheer wave) resonance builds up, then the nuclei start to approach in axial direction, where the Coulomb repulsion is much weaker... If hydrogen is present (very small amount are sufficient) then this leads to a M+H add-on reaction which starts the chain. This effect is best seen in the Lipinski experiment. Whether they measure H* or neutrons would also be interesting to know.

    That it works for iron was already known years before the F&P experiment – cavitation in high speed turbines... But that 20kHz are sufficient is interesting, this is a home loud-speaker frequency! (But I doubt this, because they have a pending patent... Also their hint with earth magnet field is a patent driven joke!)

    I would be interested in the radiation result for mercury, but it looks like it starts to decompose in the well known distributed transmutation reaction type (see Urutskov).

    They (the experimenters) still believe in the break down of the Lorenz invariance... May be they should first read Mills work about the correct description of space-time in strongly curved (mass dense) space!

  • https://scholar.google.com/sch…ites=14937271233535619360
    These experiments do not seem difficult or expensive to replicate.
    The equipment and materials appear readily available.
    Does anyone know whether these results have been replicated? - or rebutted?

    Thanks Lou Pagnucco for this Interesting thread. Such a mechanism would likely be a source for low momentum neutrons, assuming the observations are genuine.

    By the way, and unfortunately, the last link (quoted above) appears broken, at least through my ISP.

  • Wyttenbach,

    You correctly warn amateur experimenters that (if the reported results are correct) dangerous high momentum (along with low energy thermal) neutrons may be released. If the results are correct, the presence of hydrogen might explain the observations.

    That ultrasound as low as 20KHz intiates the phenomenon makes me wonder whether some very narrow band of excitation causes either strong resonance, superoscillation, or some kind of self-accelerating/focusing Airy wave - possibly also, special metallurgical properties are needed.

    For me, the theory explaining the phenomenon is less important than confirming the results. If the observations are correct, either new physics, or some very rarely attained infitinesimal volume of the control input space is responsible.

    BTW, another company that has raised significant capital for (what appears to be) sound-induced nuclear effects is the Oxford University spinoff, First Light Fusion (formerly known as Isis Innovation Ltd). However, they appear to rely on vortex-focusing in shaped micro/nano-particles.

    See URL - http://firstlightfusion.com/

    or their USPTO Patent Application 20160296465 October 13, 2016


    or follow the thread --

    New Sonofusion Patent Application


    Yes, the papers report both low energy thermal neutrons and high energy neutrons.

    I don't understand why that link no longer works.

    Instead, google the string (Cardone "Piezonuclear Neutrons from Iron"), then click on

    "Cited by" and "Related articles" links for the paper's URLs.

  • Ahlfors : The most recent summary of "hard core" LENR like reactions is:

    Transmutations of iron have been found already a very long time ago (> 50 years) and a Swiss follow publication has been stopped by a certain nations intervention...

    These phenomenas are well known since the fifties and are found in all military ballistic experiments. The failure of LENR/Cold-Fusion/Fleischmann/Pons was not to ask the military for their publication...

    But these times are gone and the military soon will ask the new successful teams for help...

  • It's perplexing how many anomalous results in neutron production have been reported.

    Either there are many poorly performed experiments, or the rules of political-correctness are inhibiting progress.

    Two more involving thermal shocks ---

    "Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Experiment generates millions of neutrons in a second" https://www.nextbigfuture.com/…-reaction-experiment.html

    "Mark Prelas Studies Neutron Production at MU"