David J. Nagel (Nucat) : Evidence of Operability and Utility from Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Experiments - Report

  • I thought I would post another link below on the EM drive which is something else non-related to LENR that I follow. This field is also getting Rossi-like (I get that point do you see?) but that there are real people that have very real skillsets working on it. Not that it works but in a way it is a vehicle for information.

    Dr. Nagel is an earnest man and he is following the method required.


    I also used to have some belief in this (EMdrive) but no longer but I will be damned if I close my mind off to scientific method. In fact I learned some of these things from you both as naive as I am. Claims are one thing.

  • Please allow me make to restate my point a different way. I agree with you both. But am saying it is not his belief system that counts BUT it's his scientific method. I find with CF it is not about theory but if the effect is real at all. I no longer believe in Ni but still in Pd. But you see - it is a belief so I keep an open mind. Subtle but a difference.

    True. But you might want to consider difference from what. Kirk would I'm sure say (with considerable evidence - he spent the time to look at this stuff) that he has an open mind.