LENR is occurring in SAFIRE

  • Thanks go to Max for finding this video from the Bath conference. Surprised no one has said anything about it yet. If you have the time, this is a very good watch. These guys are good to say the least. Anyone know if any of them are attending the ICCF next week?

  • Director,

    Thanks for providing. Very good video. Fills in some missing pieces, such as Safire is not part of, or affiliated with Thunderbolt. They were contracted by the International Science Foundation to test the electric sun theory back in 2011. Took the assignment because the sun does not emit gammas, which means "the physics of the sun is broken". Something that was new to me.

    During that research they discovered the transmutations, which after replicating the results themselves, and then validated independently through a government lab..."who found other things as well", they now confirm is real. Pursuing that now, but of course need money to do so.

    This could be the team that finally attracts serious attention from the mainstream. Certainly hard to ignore.

  • I think is great that they are testing the electric sun and finding stuff that is LENR related. I assume that at some point mainstream physics will be forced to accept the importance of magnetism as a fundamental cosmological and scale invariant force, as Wyttenbach has understood for his SO(4) model.

    That said, as SAFIRE gains notoriety I expect it to be fiercely attacked by mainstream as have been any prior attempt to dig deep in that side of the nature of knowledge.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • I think is great that they are testing the electric sun and finding stuff that is LENR related.

    From the video, I get the strong impression Safire does not want to be identified with Thunderbolt's electric sun theory. in other words; when someone talks about the EST, they do not want people to automatically think of Safire. That project is over, and now on to getting the funding to track down where these transmutations are taking place. As of now, they are not sure if it is in the electrode, or the environment surrounding.

    Lots of talk about nuclear waste remediation being the most obvious application when, not if, developed. But according to Monte, that will have to involve partnering up with the government because of the restrictive regulations involved with anything nuclear. IMO, that is the same reason Larry Forsley's GEC is now working with NASA to develop their hybrid fission/LENR reactor. I believe he even mentioned that in one of his presentations?

    Since a government lab has already validated Safire's results, I would think they would be a likely partner. But then there are the AHE events Safire reported at this summers Bathe conference, which can be developed without being under the governments umbrella. If Anthropocene is reading, hopefully they jump on this. Actually, any of the others like IH or CP should be interested. Even Google, since the Berkely Lab component of the team already observed an exciting nuclear effect.