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  • Ruby did a great job translating SERGEIs article in Regnum

    I think Ruby will interview Sergei soon.

    The titanium reactor work achieved with minimal funding is wonderful

    He posted a question about the decay increased gamma radiation in the lab,

    What could the approximate halfllife of 13 days be due to?

    Perhaps there is some contribution from Vanadium 48 formed from Ti48 during reactor startup.

    V48 decay Halflife 15.98 days to titanium-48 ......Emissions Positron: 694 keV Gamma: 1,312 keV

    Maybe a look at the gamma spectrum could shed further light.

    Maybe Sergei has done this already..or is doing it now.

    I look forward to that interview.…=rad&rad_product_index=69

  • I think she will interview Sergei soon.

    Yes she will, and has already provided the staff a list of questions for feedback. I will say that, from what I read she clearly did her homework, and asked some of the more scientific based questions (I think she is studied in Physics?) I have seen to date. So when Sergei answers, I think we are in for a treat. He selected his own translator as I understand.

  • studied quite a bit from odd sources back in the day

    Your Cropscience reference mentioned deuteron activation of natural titanium.

    This might have some relevance to heated and stressed titanium deuteride squeezed with excess deuterium in Sergei's reactor

    It may be possible that not only trace quantities of V48 with a 16 day halflife of but also of shorter lived Scandium isotopes( 1.8 -3.3 d) are formed..

    But tallying up concentrations and emissions with the overall 13 day halflife will take lots of finance. Another possiblity is that the decay is non exponential.. as suggested by Yu/Hagelsteins's Co57/Fe 57 2018 findings.

    a list of questions

    Ruby said she might get time to answer a question about patent pending.. has the log drawn out patent process affected financing?

    7 years with the gnomes in the EU patent office is too long .. IMHO...

    Why was it so much quicker with the Russian patent office?

  • Finally! If you speak Russian, you are in luck!

    Listen to Sergei Tcvetkov speak Russian and Natalya Famina translate to English on the Podcast page:

    Attached is both the Russian and English transcription kindly made by Sergei that responds to my questions.


    Here is the article posted up that utilized the transcription, but modified for reading.




  • Original Water Technology Сегодня, 2:00

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    Hello !

    The seminar "Cold Nuclear Fusion and Ball Lightning" at RUDN University will be held on Thursday, October 31, 2019. at 16:00 in the audience number 1, 7th floor

    in the building of the “Engineering Corps” of the Russian University of Friendship of Peoples (RUDN),

    st. Ordzhonikidze, d. 3, (at the Don Monastery)

    Directions: from Shabolovskaya metro station, any tram 2 stops. to Kra-Almaz, then walk 100 m, at the crossroads to the right, 100 m to the left of the old RUDN University building.


    16.00-16.20. Samsonenko N.V., candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor of RUDN University; Filchenkov M.L., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Institute of Gravity and Cosmology, PFUR:


    16.20-18.00. Klimov A.I., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Researcher IHEP RAS; Kornilova A.A., Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Senior Researcher Moscow State University Lomonosov; Vysotsky V.I., Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, University of Kiev (Ukraine); Sverchkov AG, Editor-in-Chief of the Department of Science, REGNUM Publishing House; Famina N.V., Ph.D., associate professor of MADI (Moscow) About the 22nd International Conference on Nuclear Phenomena in Condensed Matter (September, 2019, Italy)

    I suggest that the seminar speakers respond to my comments (see below) and speak on them at the seminar ...

    Report by Anatoly Ivanovich Klimov -

    "Cold Fusion news of the Nuclear Sciences is told by academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Klimov" -

    5 minutes 35 seconds - THIS is the mistake of physicists - "... the behavior of hydrogen in the crystal lattice ..." There is no such thing in nature ... And it cannot be for the reason that both the free proton and the proton in the composition of hydrogen and the proton in the composition any core has a colossal magnetic field - in its geometric center the magnetic field is ~ 1014 Tesla...

    26 minutes 54 seconds ... I strongly disagree with Klimov ... This is his deepest error ... BUT ... But it is impossible to understand me STANDING in the position of old physics !!! Comprehend THIS !!! Take a break ... think ... Doubt ...

    I wrote for you - a statement by Richard Feynman of 1955 -

    «Our duty as scientists. We are at the beginning of the development of the human race, so it is natural that we face problems. Tens of thousands of years of life await us. Our responsibility is to do and study all that is possible, to improve the answers found and to transmit them. We must leave the people of the future freedom of action. In the period of the turbulent youth of mankind, we can make the most serious mistakes that can slow down our development for a long time. It would be such a mistake to state that we, young and foolish, know all the answers now. It will also be a mistake to suppress the discussion and criticism with the words “this is the answer, guys, the person is saved!” And thereby doom the person to a long existence in slavery by authorities, to bind him beyond our imagination. People have made these mistakes so many times. Our duty as scientists who understand the great value and progressiveness of the philosophy of ignorance - progressiveness that would be impossible without freedom of thought - is to explain that doubts need not be feared (!!!!!!), they should be welcomed and discussed, and in proclaiming the importance of freedom of thought and the demand to preserve it. It is our duty to all future generations. »

    There are no "hammers" there ... A magnetic field must be created - "artificially" ... Between the electrodes of galium - a magnetic field ... But this is not enough ... It is necessary to get a "bare" proton ... It just does not give hydrogen such an effect, and water vapor gives ... I have no right to write ... Think about it ... Read between the lines ...

    25 minutes 35 seconds ... The authors could not and cannot understand the following - they had the most important thing - the e-capture reaction on the proton !!!

    20 minutes 30 seconds ... Until you understand that HE is a magneton, i.e. a formation that has north and south magnetic poles will not be of any use !!!

    32 minutes 40 seconds ... Electrons get heavier ... Bravo !!! That’s what I wrote about in my article - “Following the Trail of the Baranov-Zatelepin Experiment, August 12, 2019” -

    "I wrote ... and again the" question ", which I also posed earlier, and what prevents the electron from absorbing the" mass of ether "..." A free electron absorbs photons without restrictions in the conventional sense - i.e. up to a certain point - these are the laws of its magnetic INTERACTION with the medium - obviously there is a role for the “temporary magnet” played by the cluster of electrons - Klimov called it so - “the whole team affects the electronic conductivity” ... Absorbing photons, the electrons become heavier - they grow mass ... This shows the magnetic structure of the electron, the magnetic essence of its substance - the elements of the ether, which I called "yoktomagniki" ... Here we can trace the very role of the ether ... - its magnetic essence ... Do not forget about the role " secondary ma netic field "of electrons and protons ...

    33 minutes 30 seconds ... Here it is the moment of truth ... Here it is the Klimov ERROR and other hedgehog physicists with them - the electron DOES NOT land in any orbit, the Bohr orbit !!! He is an electron, INTERACTIONS with a proton with his magnetic field and does it LINEAR ... I have analyzed it more than once and the last time I wrote about it in an article -

    My correspondence with physicist Oreshko on September 2, September 19, 2019 -

    33 minutes 50 seconds - Klimov - "This is a neutron-like object ..." Anatoly Ivanovich! This is a complete neutron, which is obtained by the reaction of e-capture on a proton !!! How can you not understand this? How many articles I sent to you ... And everything down the drain ... Go down the MOUNTAIN ... "Cool your pride ..."

    34 minutes 25 seconds - Klimov - "So far I have met only one work ..." It's a shame to hear this ... however ... But ... Thank God - about 3000 people read my articles ... and if Klimov did not notice my WORK, then the rest I think will be more grateful ... DO NOT JUDGE and DO NOT be judged ...

    35 minutes 33 seconds - Klimov - "And then WHAT?" And then he is mistaken !!! There is no electric field in nature !!! Then the "secondary magnetic field" WORKS ...

    36 minutes 28 seconds ... A very important point ... "There is a lot of soft X-ray ..." Yes, this is the way it is emitted by electrons - those very free electrons !!! I have already explained in my articles that the bound electron is NOT able to emit x-rays, ultraviolet photons and light photons !!! Only a free electron is the "emitter" of THESE photons !!! And it is they who “sit” and “get excited” in the cluster ...

    80 electronvolts ... indicator ... Strictly speaking, electronvolts must be removed from everyday life - they completely "covered" the true picture of the world and physical phenomena - it’s kind of a theoretical virus in physics ...

    38 minutes 30 seconds - "From the point of view of ... ultrasound ..." What a deep gap between the "old" physics and the new - "physics of the microworld" ... It’s unknown to Klimov that photons are able to interact with electrons ... T .e. not only absorption and radiation between them is possible, but also interaction ... I demonstrated with a simple experiment with a match suspended in a bank -

    Physics of the microworld, Experiments proving that there are no electrostatics in nature, part 1 -

    Physics of the microworld, Experiments proving that there are no electrostatics in nature, part 2 -

    Experiments proving that there are no electrostatics in nature on June 3, 22, 2019 -

    Experiments proving that there are no electrostatics in nature on August 4, 26, 2019 -

    Klimov didn’t have time to watch “my bullshit” ... But THIS is not bullshit, and the same as the aforementioned researchers got - they got temporary magnets from free electrons, thanks to the photons that form the ultrasonic photon wave !!!

    The energy threshold ... It is clear! The pumping occurs of free electrons ... and ... the "power" or magnetic potential of the temporary magnet grows ...

    43 minutes 35 seconds ... Information that is very important to me ... Think about it ... Another work "pours water on my mill" - photons spin unstable neutrons and decay ... This is what I wrote to Klimov and thousands of physicists in his article -

    “Laser against radiation, December 8, 2018.doc” -

    Photons fly when using the "source" of ultrasound !!! They spin neutrons - I wrote about this again in the article - My correspondence with the physicist Oreshko September 2, September 19, 2019 -…uCHWd8xZ/view?usp=sharing

    There is something for physicists to think about and go over to the "physical chemistry of the microworld" by F.M. Kanarev .... ...

    An unstable neutron decayed in thorium-228 - photons spun it ...

    Let me remind those who have already read my articles and inform those who have not read - DO NOT trust the radiocarbon analysis and build the age of objects on it - the carbon radioactivity depends on photons, i.e. from the photons of the Sun, whose activity is constantly changing ... Think about it ... I wrote about this three years ago! And here is another work that indirectly confirms this !!!

    50 minutes 40 seconds .... We all walked, walked ... And here it’s “a blow below the waist ...” It's funny to hear this from the person to whom I sent another March 25, 2017 to [email protected]

    material - "Afanasyev V.S. and its hydrowave technology, January 20, 2017" ... and my letter - "Letter to Cherepanov A.I. to the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia D.V. Manturov, December 6, 2016" ... These materials are disassembled "on the bones" HOW to work with water ... It was Afanasyev who realized in the 90s how to work with a hydroxyl group and in 2003 created the first hydrowaves ... In the same year, in Saudi Arabia, in response to the statement of Yevgeny Maksimovich Primakov at the conference there that "Russia supposedly lagged behind the West technically th respect for 20 years ... " Afanasyev jumped to the podium and angrily said - " Russia is already ahead of the West for 30 years in technical terms! " He knew what was at stake! This “hit below the belt" Afanasyev was struck by YOU gentlemen of physics back in 2006 when, on my advice, he started the problem of processing liquid radioactive waste at IRT-MEPhI and got unique results ... But you and Klimov did not go into it, considering yourself smarter some ... In 2009, Afanasyev again struck all physicists of the world “below the belt” - by processing liquid radioactive waste from the Techen cascade of water bodies, he managed to turn strontium-90 into zirconium-94, thanks to TOMU that mastered the secrets of working with the hydroxyl group in the Technical spr the avka he wrote for Putin, he wrote -

    "3. On the other hand, any water contains hydrogen, deuterium and tritium.

    4. In our generator, water is exposed to a Hydrowave effect:

    - at the input, it is saturated with an excess of electrons;

    - then in the water stream a pulse discharge (10-100) μs is organized with local temperatures up to 30,000 degrees K and pressure up to 10,000 atmospheres in the discharge zone;

    - using the cavitation process, water is energized, that is, it receives small bubbles ready for intense collapse in the crystal lattices of various metals that make up the material of the water channel. Conditions are created for e-capture in the hydrogen atom, when the electron is shifted to the atomic nucleus, creating an analog of the neutron, a phenomenon known in modern physics.

    Such a neutron is able to interact freely with any atomic nucleus with the release of significant thermal energy. The occurrence of new chemical elements from water and water channel materials: aluminum, copper in combination with high-temperature steam, which, when triggered by a turbine, will provide additional electricity for use in industrial and social facilities, has been recorded. "

    I quote and quote this part of the Technical Information in my materials, but Klimov ignore domestic HEROES and admire foreign ones who are 30 years or more behind Afanasyev !!! Afanasyev is an outstanding physicist, a unique inventor who is certainly worthy of the Nobel Prize ... But who will give it to him ??? The Kurchatov Institute, along with professors at MEPhI and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, ignored Afanasyev ... I wrote to Velikhov, Kovalchuk ... Zero emotions ... the RAS choked Afanasyev and his microwave technology - what are the “conclusions” of Mr. Sarychev and his friend academician Laverov? What is the conclusion of academician Myasoedov? Think about it - the RAS instructed to give an expert assessment of hydrowave technology to the reclamator Bolgov ... In this technology there are e-capture reactions, reactions of deuterium with tritium, deuterium and tritium are born and "burned", and the land reclamator was assigned to judge this !!! Is this a conspiracy ???

    That is why this technology is the only one in the world so far that is able to solve the problem of processing Fukushima-1 liquid radioactive waste - and solve the problem of tritium in the Fukushima-1 LRW ... In 2021, the Japanese will start dumping them into the ocean ... I have repeatedly turned to Klimov wrote - "Everything has already been" stolen "to you ... pay attention to the Hydrowave technology" ...

    The community - all of our "heroic" ministries, institutes, RAS, etc., ignored the fact that it is possible to create generators based on Hydrowave technology, in which 100 kWh of thermal energy will be generated per 1 kWh of applied electrical energy ... Never you will not be able to understand the physics of such installations, relying on the "old" physics! Starting with Kurchatov and continuing with such researchers as Yutkin L.A., Bolotov B.V., Kladov A.F., Balakirev V.F., Krymsky V.V., Bolotov B.V., Vasilyeva N.V., Vachaev A.V., Ivanov N.I., Kazbanov V.I., Pavlova G.A., Solin M.I., Urutskoev L.I., the physics in their installations was and is the same as in the Hydrowave technology and This physics was discovered by Kanarev in the physical chemistry of the microworld - their essence is magnetodynamic nuclear reactions ... Read my 2017 article - "Using the Hydrowave method to purify aqueous solutions and thermonuclear reactions" -…wHLFcwK7/view?usp=sharing

    I invite you to carefully read my article from 2016, which was sent to all authorities -
    "An open letter to all representatives of the authorities in Russia, May 18, 2016.doc" - 
    or here

    After the accident at the Secondary School of Forces, Fortov said, “We don’t have PHYSICS that would explain the reasons for this accident” ... In fact, this speech of his is nothing more than a confirmation that modern physics is instituted by such mathematicians - false physicists as Landau to a standstill ... I inform Fortov, Klimov and all the others - “We have physics, which allows us to understand the GSS — this is a new physics - the“ physical chemistry of the microworld ” by F.M. Kanarev ...

    50 minutes 59 minutes - Klimov - "Why should water be used as fuel? ..."

    “Poor” Klimov ... He’s not in the house of maintenance that even on November 15, 2007 the Fakel installation was tested in the boiler house TsVKTG (ЦВКТГ) of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in Pushkino, which prepared a water-fuel emulsion with a ratio of “32% water and 68 % fuel oil "-
    , and later a fuel-oil emulsion was obtained -" 83% distillate and 17% diesel fuel "- in fact, this is a new" hydrogen " technology based on microwave technology!

    In the Technical Reference (2014) for Putin, Afanasyev wrote -

    "Next in line is low-energy nuclear fusion:" smog "from the combustion of hydrocarbons (oil, gas, coal, etc.) can almost completely disappear if we turn thermal power plants to burning water-fuel emulsions.

    1. Moreover, we use a small percentage of hydrocarbon fuels (oil, coal, etc.) from 5 to 20%. In this case, there is combustion, an oxidative reaction with the release of thermal energy. At the same time, we save fuel consumption and significantly improve the ecology of the environment.

    2. The water-fuel emulsion contains a large amount of distilled water (the product of purification by the microwave method). Water alone, by itself, as you know, does not burn - water, on the contrary, extinguish fires. "

    Photo of a flask with a fuel emulsion -

    51 minutes 29 seconds - a question to Klimov - "Is it possible to consider the fact that cold nuclear fusion exists!"

    Afanasiev, for well-known reasons, was silent for a long time about this - this is the result of the action of the well-known RAS commission on pseudoscience ... Nevertheless, in the summer of 2013 at a meeting in Hydropress (Podolsk) I heard from him for the first time that in his installations cold fusion reactions are taking place - you need to make sure of this on my page -

    - album "Meeting at JSC Hydropress" -

    6 years have passed ... And many do not know THIS ...

    52 minutes 14 seconds - Klimov - "There is NO such result!" Strongly disagree! There is such a result - these are the Hydrowave installations and the results of their tests! Think about the temperature of the medium in these Afanasyev installations from 60 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius ... But locally it was received - "... with local temperatures up to 30,000 degrees K and pressure up to 10,000 atmospheres in the discharge zone;"


    How did Afanasyev organize an “electric discharge” without cathodes and anodes ??? Here is one of the outstanding achievements of the physicist Afanasyev ... Electricity in his installations is supplied only to the electric motor !!!

    From 52 minutes 30 seconds to 54 minutes 05 seconds ... How is hydrogen made? The physical chemistry of the microworld reveals IT in full! About the Japanese ... They are well done ... They rest ... They unsuccessfully - while unsuccessfully, try to repeat the Hydrowave technology ...

    April 7, 2015 - 4 days before the death of Vladimir Stepanovich Afanasyev, I received this letter -

    "Dear Mr.Cherepanov,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

    Our previous reply "Toshiba had already completed study

    same as you" means "It is not necessary for us to search

    other method to solve tritium issue."

    Therefore, we are not interested in development of further


    Best regards,

    Toshiba Corporation

    Power System Company

    Nuclear Energy System & Service Division"

    The Japanese adopted a national program ... That's right ... But they lagged behind Afanasyev ... for now ... Using the "old" physics they will suffer for a long time ... BUT ... But not theoretical physicists are promoting TECHNOLOGY, but such like Afanasyev, and perhaps there will be a Japanese inventor, thanks to which Japan will receive an analog of the Hydrowave technology .... And we ??? And we "cook" in our own juice ... We are engaged in nonsense and do not pay the success of our compatriots !!!

    Cherepanov Alexey Ivanovich

  • I noticed that presenters of RUDN tend to exaggerate results of foreign researchers in order to create a feeling that urgent action is needed for Russia not to miss lenr train. I see similar sentiments of the researchers outside of Russia.