Cold Fusion Now Podcast with Dave Dagget.

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    David Daggett received a PhD in Engineering from Cranfield University specializing in Power and Propulsion and spent a career "maturing ideas into working concepts focused on energy and environmental technologies" at companies like Parker Aerospace and Boeing before becoming President of Phonon Energy, a non-profit LENR research lab.

  • Thank you again Ruby. Enjoyable, and informative interview. Highlights:

    -started Phonon Energy with own money, because he noticed some reputable names in the field.

    -ran 36 tests over 3 years, based on the Letts/Cravens laser model, with some *significant* modifications.

    -1 success. Described as "took off", as over a 1/2 hour period, reduced input as output increased. Had to "quench" the process to make it stop. Est 20-30 Watts output.

    -very excited, but then unable to replicate. Relates to others in the field who went through the same thing.

    -shut down Phonon because he could not get investor funding.

    -political views start at 12:30, as he is running for office. Feel free to listen, but keep in mind, we do not discuss politics here!