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  • There has always been a troubled game between Dewey, IH and Rossi.

    We will never know who were the doubles of Clint Eastwood, Lee van Cleef and Eli Wallach but whatever.

    That people like Hagelstein, Higgins or Letts get lost more often on LF, it's pretty good for the website.

  • Colleagues,

    A question about COP has been raised and I can answer because these numbers were presented at ICCF21 in Colorado.

    I typically apply 300W to keep the reactor around 200C. I then apply a DC discharge to the reactor of 200 mA, 350V or ~ 70 watts.

    Labview reduces background heating power to around 230 watts, keeping total input power constant at 300W.

    Calibrated XP was reported at 7-10 watts from sub-gram amounts of palladium that had been plated on the inside of the cylindrical reactor. A plot from our paper from ICCF21 is shown below.

    When I changed from light hydrogen to heavy hydrogen, thermal power output slowly increased above input power. The maximum separation was about 10W. I consider this of scientific interest but not big enough to be commercial.

    If one counts only discharge power, the COP was ~ 1.10.

    If one counts total power, then the COP is ~ 1.02 to 1.03.

    Both results are outside of the error bars of the calorimeter, which was demonstrated in the data presented at ICCF21.

    I'm presently looking for 20-30 watts of excess power.

    This information is publicly known but perhaps members of the forum have not taken time to look at the details. I'll be pleased to provide any background information.


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    Thank you and a warm welcome! I'm really glad to see you here, i also appreciate you telling us your version of IH.

    I started this site in 2011 with an important purpose, to increase communication in the field to accelerate the development. That's why I'm so grateful to see you post. <3

  • Bob#2 and Colleagues,

    I've conducted LENR experiments since July 10, 1992 and can testify personally that it is a long, slow battle. A "lucha" , as might be said in Spanish (my second language). My latest experiment is #825, starting with #1 in 1992.

    Who is in the battle with me? Dennis Cravens has been my research collaborator since 1992. We acknowledged our IH sponsorship at ICCF21 with appreciation. I think Bob also recognized his affiliation with IH at the same conference, as we all three collaborated on our papers. That information is public.

    IH sponsors additional researchers in various places; some I know and some I don't. Since that information is not publicly known, I'll not respond further. I will say, that the researchers who work steadily and quietly on LENR under IH sponsorship do so with the same appreciation I have for the financial and spiritual support.


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    Thanks again. You have already taken one arrow, and there will possibly be a few more coming your way. Hopefully that does not run you off. It is the nature of the beast I guess.

    May I ask if there is anyone else in the field you follow, and why so?

  • Shane and Colleagues,

    Arrow? Guess I missed it. I answer direct questions, whether friendly or "snarky".

    My lab normally runs 24 x 7, so I don't have much spare time. I'm shut down for a few days, waiting for a vacuum pump repair in Orlando, FL. So, I have spare time to interact with this interesting group.

    People I know who made or are making a difference in our field of LENR:








    Miley and his group






    There are others but this is my "off-the-cuff" response. Knowing how this works, I likely left off several

    excellent colleagues but I promise they will be on my next response...Dennis

  • Thank you for direct answer.

    So we have an "Industrial Heat Low Energy NUCLEAR Reactor Prototype of scientific interest but not big enough to be commercial".

    Do you know if the "environmentally philanthropic leaders" are happy?

  • Ahlfors and Colleagues,

    That is correct. To be commercial, I've read, we need a COP of 3, not 1.10. I'm a long way off from that target but willing to continue the effort for a while longer. I am hopeful that one of us will make a large step-up in power, or at least we will provide enough data to enable a future researcher to make the leap.

    Happy? Yes and no.

    Yes, I believe IH management is happy with the effort but not satisfied (happy) with the result.

    This is also my opinion about my own effort: A in effort, D in results so far.


  • Ohh you have to know Dewey promised me 15000 euros in the past but filled finally your friend Biberian who tell to him that my work was only bullshit.

    If sadly you should fail for sure KW will come soon from Biberian side:thumbup:

    All of these entities won EU money by my help but the french gravity center managed to get out me from the way.

  • Dennis Letts Thanks for your inspiring pure spirit of scientific adventure, curiosity and fun. I first glimsped it in 2012. I've learned so much. Once again... Thank you for the loving works you do. gbgoblenote - A bit of history

    Cravens Demo a Puzzle for Onlookers

    Cold Fusion Now

    AUGUST 12, 2013 BY RUBY CARAT…o-a-puzzle-for-onlookers/

    The Neo-Coulombic booth with Dr. Dennis Cravens at NIWeek 2013.

    Last year’s NIWeek 2012 was a pageant of LENR with multiple events bringing...

    Dennis Cravens‘ demonstration of anomalous heat generated by … er, well, what could that have been?

    The sample sphere (L) ran about 4 degrees C hotter than the control (R).

    The sample sphere (L) ran about 4 degrees C hotter than the control (R).

    The device consisted of “two simple spheres, a control with a little sand (a bead “bath”), and a sample.” 😇

    Anyways Dennis

    Now to share my favorite prose... with you and all of your'n...

    Dedicated to you and your collegues in CMNS and within Industrial Heat; all true inventors, free thinkers and solution seekers... My heart heroes, so speak.




    It’s of great use to wonder

    Why our minds wander

    In awe of it all

    Being forever true

    Seeking the new (like a scientist)

    We are just now discovering

    That which has always been

    Impatiently awaiting us

    Craving our keen attention

    Hoping for deeper understanding

    Awesome is

    The wonder of discovery

    And the power

    Of awe


    Cold Fusion Now

  • Gregory,

    I helped Dennis Cravens that summer at NI week 2013 because it was held in Austin, Texas, where I live.

    The year before (2012), I helped NI coordinate the Celani demo, so I was already familiar with the conference layout.

    I thought Cravens' demo was really interesting and consistent with his mental set - rock solid science but fun.

    Dr T (Jim Truchard, co-founder of NI) spent a long time at Dennis's booth and asked him if he could make a LENR charger for his Tesla. Dennis said maybe next year!

    I also met Dewey at NI week, which led me to collaboration with IH. So, the week was well spent.

    Keep enjoying life and science,

    Dennis Letts

  • Cydonia and Colleagues,

    I too have been passed over for funding in the LENR field but I didn't take it personally. Politics are found in all human enterprises and LENR is no exception.

    I'm not wise enough to know whose work is BS and whose work is worthy; I am wise enough to know what we all should do: keep working!

    If you and your work are truly worthy, the continued effort will prove its worth and yours.

    This is not idle advice because it worked in my case - I worked mainly on my own for 23 years and eventually IH saw potential in my published experiments. Every day I try to prove that they were right. So, keep thinking, working, and contributing with a positive spirit. This effort may not always work but I know that it has worked at least once. Dennis

  • Fully agree with you even if sharing these facts made me feel good now yes it will be over..

    You know i have had so great sincere exchanges with Bob Higgins at my beginning also now with some LF staff members, to be able to say my future if Lenr future could not be in France for sure !

    About you, you can read my comments here, i already considered your work with your partner Cravens very very relevant ( laser experiments for example) , Peter Hagelstein, Bob Higgins for sure too.

    Vladimir Dubinko who worked in the same way as you should be well considered too.

    Josef Garai gone in the same way as you.

    And all Japan teams for sure are relevant too.

    So i wish you good luck for your next steps.

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    The famous brass spheres in the metal beads bath shown at that NI week event is a tantalizing experiment yet so few people had the capability to really appreciate the importance of it. Thanks for sharing with us your participation on that event.

  • Cravens spheres


    Respect for your LENR research /effort ..not for the faint of heart

    Anyone who talks about their results on LF is braven and not craven..

    judging by the arrows directed Mizuno' and others' way

    Btw, as is well known Cravens spheres used Samarium/cobalt..

    Samarium dates back to Chukanov..

    Wyttenbach reported interesting low Kev gamma emissions form Samarium during LENR reactions

    The new players from Bangalore... indicated improved xs heat performance with samarium added to their Pd/Ni of December 2020

    As a class the the lanthanides sit as row beneath the unstable.. fission prone actinides

    and have quite a few metastable isotope forms e.g.

    Are any of the rare earths being investigated further by you or Cravens?

  • Thank you and a warm welcome! I'm really glad to see you here, i also appreciate you telling us your version of IH.

    I started this site in 2011 with an important purpose, to increase communication in the field to accelerate the development. That's why I'm so grateful to see you post.


    I should be thanking you for creating this useful forum. I'm pleased to be here, even if I don't participate often. Thanks for your contributions to LENR. Dennis

  • Also ask if you have any plans about any scholarly article about the basic science as you understand it.

    Curbina and Colleagues,

    I don't have any papers planned at the moment. Most of my time is spent worrying about mundane items such as vacuum integrity and solid electrical connections. There are many moving parts and my moving parts are slowing down at age 74.

    In 2012 I developed a mathematical model for the dual laser results. Using only experimental data without any data fitting or massage, the model output matched experimental results very closely. In fact too closely, as many colleagues thought I massaged the data to get a close fit. I did not.

    The model/equation

    The fit

    Each data point is a separate experimental result from dual laser stimulation. The active sites were guessed to be vacancies, following the ideas of Hagelstein. The number of vacancies in a metal of known number of lattices can be computed, as was done in the XP equation. The vacancy formation energy (VFE) of 1 eV was guessed at first. Later I was able to compute the VFE because we produced one experiment that had two XP data points at two different temperatures. That procedure can be shown in another post if required. Dennis