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  • Does anybody have heard of that story around Global Energy Corporation

    Do you know if it is genuine ?

    It smell not so nice because I've not heard of anything in the community.




  • Gregory Byron Goble is our resident expert in the subject, He has a lot of speculation about it but there’s nothing solid AFAIK.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • AlainCo

    I expect the (GEC) CMNS energy systems being launch certified are on track, nothing further yet disclosed as you understand. IMHO as to be expected, considering market. Ditto for (GEC) LENR Electric as shown by you.

    I hold the (GEC) LEC/FG thread here and the (GEC) NASA LCF site in a similar opinion, that which is well selected for disclosure, incomplete perhaps, and both efforts are a few years more advanced, along with useful applied engineering, than shown. That is perhaps good, all things considered.

    As expected and presented earlier...

    Spinoffs (like GEC) from these DTRA efforts will continue to surface.


  • The (GEC/Navy) Guam disclosure was an oopsie. If the governor had not been impeached the megawatt LENR Thermal plant would likely be up and running by now without the "community" one bit wiser.

    The GEC LENR Thermal and LENR Electric products, also their Space Act Agreement and NASA LCF projects are all purposeful public disclosures and announcements.

    Speculation and positioning...

    Perhaps for some.

  • Notable are who this technology has been presented to.

    From Table 5-2. (page 88) List of presentations to admirals and heads of government agencies.

    Date / Meeting Place / Person(s) Briefed

    • Aug. 2, 2006 NDIA Naval S&T Partnership Conference in Washington DC: RADM William E. Landay III (head of ONR), Dr. Mike McGrath (head of S&T at ASN, RDA), Lt. Gen. Lawrence P. Farrell Jr. (USAF, retired)
    • Sept. 28, 2006 Capt. S. Black (Navy Liaison to the Vice President) in the Vice Presidents’ ceremonial office in the old executive office building in Washington DC.
    • May 2007 NDIA Joint Services Environmental Management Conference in Columbus, OH: Len Gollobin (Head of NDIA Energy Security Panel), Jim Woolsey (former head of CIA)
    • Nov. 7, 2007 SSC-Pacific: RADM Charles (Grunt) Smith (Vice CDR of SPAWAR)
    • May 2008 SSC-Pacific: James Colvard (retired SES, on special assignment to the Secretary of the Navy)
    • Apr. 2009 SSC-Pacific: ADM James Hogg (four star admiral, retired)
    • Apr. 14, 2009 SSC-Pacific: Brief given to congressional staffers
    • Apr. 27, 2009 SSC-Pacific: RADM Nevin P. Carr Jr. (Head of ONR)
    • May 14, 2009 AFCEA C4ISR at the San Diego Convention Center
    • June 26, 2009 SSC-Pacific: Dr. Richard L. Garwin (JASON Defense Advisory Group)
    • Aug. 2009 SSC-Pacific: B.J. Penn (ASN)
    • Sept. 24, 2009 SSC-Pacific: RADM Joe Rixey (Vice CDR of SPAWAR)
    • Oct. 27, 2009 SSC-Pacific: Mr. Zachary Lemnios (DDR&E)
    • Dec. 9, 2009 Chief of Naval Operations/Strategic Studies Group
    • May 13, 2010 MITRE Corp., VA, EMIS
    • June 29, 2010 Army Research Labs, Adelphi MD: RDECOM Power and Energy TFT LENR Workshop
    • Oct. 14, 2010 SSC-Pacific: Congressman Darrell Issa
    • Aug. 30, 2011 SSC-Pacific: Dr. Richard Carlin (ONR)
    • Others: RADM Kenneth Slaght (SPAWAR HQ); RADM Tim Flynn (when Captain of SSC-San Diego); Dr. John Fisher (DDR&E); Dr. Fred Saalfeld (senior civilian at ONR); VADM G. Peter Nanos (retired, Associate Director R&D at DTRA); Congresswoman Susan Davis; Senator Diane Feinstein

    NASA GEC LENR Reactor for Space Power/Electric Space Drive

    Scale-up Build and Test 100 kilowatt to 20 megawatt thermal

    + Umbrella Agreement - January 2018

    • The initial goal is to develop and run a self-sustaining 10 kW thermal, 2 kW electric, hybrid generator for planetary space missions and planetary surface power. Such generator technology would be scalable to 100 kW at the Plum Book Facility. Larger generator designs would be built and run at appropriate offsite location.

    + Annex to the Umbrella Agreement

    GEC presentations of the NASA GRC LENR reactor contract

    ‘Space Application of a Hybrid Fusion-Fission Reactor’ (ICCF21 abstracts) Lawrence P. Forsley, Pamela A. Mosier-Boss Global Energy Corporation, USA Email: [email protected]

    • JWK Corporation and Global Energy Corporation have spent the past two decades understanding and developing Condensed Matter Nuclear Reactions with the US Navy and NASA. This has resulted in a US Patent, 8,419,919 “System and Method Generating Particles”, that has been replicated and published in over 50 peer-reviewed papers. We have observed energetic particles during Pd/D co-deposition [1, 2] including ≥ 1.8 MeV protons (with 15 MeV protons), ≥ 7 MeV alphas, and 2.5 MeV and 14.1 MeV neutrons [3]. These neutrons are energetic enough to fission uranium as was reported in 2016 [4] with an average energy > 6 MeV.
    • Deep space missions are dependent upon 238Pu thermoelectric generators (RTG) providing less than 1 kW of electrical power. With the exception of the solar powered Juno probe, every spacecraft destined past Mars has been RTG dependent. Consequently, deep space missions are power deprived for both instrumentation and propulsion. Indeed, human travel beyond the Earth-Moon system requires nuclear electric propulsion if astronauts are to arrive healthy.
    • Global Energy Corporation (GEC) began developing a non-fissile reactor core suitable for deep-space power. GEC has a second Space Act Agreement with NASA Glenn Research Center to develop a launch-compatible design, operating at the Plum Brook Station facility. Plum Brook has vacuum, acoustic and shake table systems to certify space launch capability. Various electrical power needs range from tens of kilowatts for instruments to over 20 megawatts for human space craft electric propulsion and planetary power.…ew=Forsley-Lawrence-1.pdf

    Space Application of a Hybrid Fusion-Fission Reactor w Forsley (soundcloud)

    Global Energy Corporation (GEC)

    Website (note link to NASA Lattice Confinement Fusion)

    Global Energy Corporation Launches (cold fusion) Electric Vehicle

    (LENR) "trickle charger" gives the car a "10,000 mile range" without fueling or charging. Patented nanogenerator simply "attaches to battery pack of existing EVs... "

  • "The current findings open a new path for initiating fusion reactions for further study within the scientific community. However, the reaction rates need to be increased substantially to achieve appreciable power levels, which may be possible utilizing various reaction multiplication methods under consideration,” said Glenn’s Bruce Steinetz, Ph.D., the NASA project principal investigator... 'IEEE Spectrum article 05 Aug 2020 Spacecraft of the Future Could Be Powered By Lattice Confinement Fusion

  • PhysicsForDummies

    GEC may have promise.


    I agree we shall see.

    Theirs are the boldest claims laid.

    My original thread asked others to weigh in with an opinion. You have positively weighed in with NASA's opinion.... Giving weight to their bold claims. I find them intriguing and expect further disclosure and rapid market entry by GEC et al

    I'm not open to proving or disproving my expectations... We shall see.

    When one is asked, How are you today?


    Same Same

    This roughly means, some same and some different, just like everybody else and you and me..

    Leonardo Corporation

    Same Same

    Global Energy Corporation

    Differing is ok.

    I think they each may just have what they each say they have.

    We shall see