Post ICCF24 thread.

  • Well, it is finally here. Members attending the conference can post anything of interest they see or hear here, so that those not attending can participate. Your thoughts, opinions, speculation, idle gossip, and rumors are encouraged and welcomed. Staying silent will not save the planet, so let us hear what you have to say.

  • The CleanHME team funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program will be a dominant presence. I counted 5 abstracts submitted by them. Closest I see is Forsley, and related (Mosier). That does not mean more is better. Just saying. But still, I think it is a credit to them (CleanHME) that they are coming forward in force with what they have so far. They appear to be attacking the mystery from every angle.

    Surprised the other EU Horizon 2020 funded program HERMES, is not represented.

  • Dear Shane D. , is there a place where to get the final schedule? I have received my online attending instructions but I am swamped with stuff and haven't been able to even take a look, so I will have to pick a few talks to attend, and I wonder if you can point me in the right direction for that.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • Dear Shane D. , is there a place where to get the final schedule? I have received my online attending instructions but I am swamped with stuff and haven't been able to even take a look, so I will have to pick a few talks to attend, and I wonder if you can point me in the right direction for that.

    You should have gotten an email from Anthropocene to verify, and then after filling in some basics get admitted to attend? The schedule is then on the main (Hopin) page.

  • You should have gotten an email from Anthropocene to verify, and then after filling in some basics get admitted to attend? The schedule is then on the main (Hopin) page.

    Ok I received it but haven't got a chance to take a look, I was hoping there was something that didn't require loging in. I just was admited to an online course and it starts tomorrow, bad coincidence.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.


    I'm not sure about the privacy settings on this video. In case it isn't it concerns a 30kW proposed device (already existing in 5kW form) producing electricity directly from a hydrogen plasma, George Egely the inventor is presenting something on this at the conference. I've met him a few times, a very quiet steady kind of a guy.

  • Sunday was a busy day. I went out for breakfast with Ed and Carol Storms and Bill Collis, and we met (by chance) David Nagel at the Starbucks opposite the museum. From there we visited, had a look round the very impressive computer history section and checked out the display spaces for the conference. Robert Godes and his crew were there, building the Brillouin demo reactor. Pictures soon. Its about the size of a refrigerator, open framework so you can see inside.

    In the evening together with Frank, Harper and Bill we went out for a very pleasant dinner with my friend Huw Price. Conversation entirley about scaling up the LEC and also Huw's session on the X-prize proposal.

    Due at the venue around 8 am for more setting up. LENR Forum is getting it's own table it seems. Now I just have to fill it.

  • Good morning and a great day.

    As is often the case, helping someone else means it's a bit difficult to do other things. Yet helping is what you really want to do. I will make it for part of a day or two.

    Giving a Big Big Thanks For every bit of research, for all the work that has been done, for all those mega bits of intellectual property lost through time over the decades and decades... Big Big Thanks

    Thanks also to everyone who is participating with ICCF-24.

    Media and News Coverage about ICCF-24

    Perhaps worthy of its own thread? Yes

    I imagine there will be a lot of outside worldwide media and news coverage coming out about ICCF-24 during the four days of the conference.

    These two News Releases about ICCF-24 are sure to be picked up and shared. See where it goes. Nice work!

    "ICCF24 Solid-State Energy Summit Kicks Off"

    Four-Day Global Event to Feature 65 Speakers; Usher in New Era of Fundamental Research and Development into Solid-State Atomic & Fusion Energy

    July 25, 2022 06:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time



    Anthropocene Institute today announced the kick-off of the ICCF24 Solid-State Energy Summit, the conference where industry leaders will take a critical look at the field of lattice-enabled nuclear reactions (LENR), also known as solid-state atomic and fusion energy, or “cold fusion.” The conference will focus on observations, results, and theory, with an eye toward satisfying increased interest in practical fusion from the investment and research communities. The conference will take place at the Computer History Museum (CHM) in Mountain View, CA + Hopin Online Streaming Platform, July 25-28, 2022.

    An emerging $15 trillion global energy market


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    ICCF24 Solid-State Energy Summit Kicks Off

    Mon, July 25, 2022, 3:03 AM·2 min read

    Four-Day Global Event to Feature 65 Speakers; Usher in New Era of Fundamental Research and Development into Solid-State Atomic & Fusion Energy

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 25, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--


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  • An excellent group of Universities they have partnered with.

    They highlight a very fitting quotation for our time.

    About the Anthropocene Institute


    The Fierce Urgency of Now

    "We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there "is" such a thing as being too late. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action." - Martin Luther King Jr


  • Perhaps worthy of its own thread? Yes

    For the time being IMO it is better we keep everything under this threads umbrella. If all kinds of good news starts breaking out and we can't handle it in one thread, then we can start other threads as needed.

    But, you will be there in person (having paid the entry fee) acting as a LF reporter, and were you to start a thread on something you feel needs to be separated out...I won't complain.

  • Не могу зарегиться на телефон.

    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr:

  • The conference has started with Frank Ling, Chief Scientist of Anthropocene Inst. and Carl Page, the co-Founder and Director of Anthropocene giving a moment to remember Richard Chan who is a OG who helped build the Anthropocene Institute and has crossed over too soon. He gave a tremendous lecture at the 2019 LANR/CF Colloquium on the US PTO and their foray into LENR. What a polymath he was. He is missed greatly.

    The opening is Nobuo Tanaka, former Director of IEA. He is giving a history of the IEA and their efforts during five different "oil shocks". "We need all technologies to acheive carbon neutrality." Cold fusion is not yet here, but new innovations are coming that are beyond our imagination.

    Limiting the planet to 1.8 degrees Celsius increase will "require much, much more."

    Existing energy infrastructure is too big to ignore, he says. Hydrogen is a common element of our energy future, and will (i), increase renewables, (ii). help de-cabonize "hard to abate energy sectors."

    Japan has a Green Growth Strategy towards 2050 carbon neutrality using hydrogen. Ammonia as a energy carrier for hydrogen is something Tanaka likes. He recently learned from Clean Planet that Quantum Hydrogen Energy may provide a path forward! Japan is now importing clean hydrogen and creating a supply chain of clean hydrogen. He is forecasting hydrogen becoming a valuable trade commodity while oil goes down in importance in the next couple of decades.

    Nucelar power will be an important part of energy transition. BUT there are additonal conditions, such as minimizing ristk by using SMR small modular reactors, and passive safety tech, develop radioactive waste disposal, and we need non proliferation technology badly, given the geo-political situation.

    We need flexible nuclear systems, he says, and small modular reactors are his choice. Current nuclear power plant designs should be replaced by SMR but inviting the original designers to get involved.

    Prime Minister Abe who was assasinated was involved in working towards this future, and the Innovation for Cool Earth Forum Youth ICEF 2021 is working towards this "design justice". A 16-year-old girl is heading a project in this direction!

  • Florian Metzler is next. He is talking about the history of solid state fusion as a field. First a puzzle. Lots of money for hot fusion, and very little for solid state fusion, and yet, there are a lot of talented, reputable people interested in Solid State Fusion. Why?

    Metzler is a nuclear engingeer working in conventional systems, as well as an innovation researcher, AND a LENR researcher, so has all the bases covered. He starts with Paneth and Peters back in 1922, and then saying throughout hte decades, excitement about fusion has waxed and waned as difficulties became reality.

    In thermonuclear fusion, you are constrained by the temperatures possible.

    R ~ n v s where n is density, v is temperature, and the signa is tunneling probablity.

    All the three components of the triple product for the fusion rate per volume are constrained, and tweaking them all is kind of what scientists are investigating. there are engineering heavy approaches and physics heavy approaches, and Metzler says we need both.

    There were plenty of anomalous reports through the years, and he notes Fleischmann and Pons, Gozzi and Letts' work on anomalous experimental results.

    He uses a transistor as the basic building block of the modern computer chip. First sold in the 1940s, it was preceded by decades of anomalous reports of negative resistance efforts. They were not reproducable, people didn't know what was up. Gernsback in 1925 was optimistic, and Wofgang Pauli was pessimistic about anything good coming from it. Metzler shows a graph of the publications on this anomaly increasing increasing, eventually leading to the design that led to computer chips.

    There were important milestones that moved the transistor technology along. Insights were gained collectively by many groups, Bell Labs was able to put them together and make the proof of principle design that was reasonably understood and reasonably reliable. Still, reports were not fully understood or trusted. Bell Labs teased out the reality slowing and incrementally.

    He makes this analogy to solid state fusion. Can we, by incrementally refining anomalous reports, come to an understanding of what is happening? Metzler believes that a proof of concept unit is required to bring this further along. It is within reach to gather all the knowledge gained and find that proof of concept.

    Focus on information dense experiments and design experiment-based simulations are the way to go. Many information dense reports are available, and he shows a list of papers published that produce anomalous heat and products, Piantelli, Navy SPAWAR, and more. His model here is Nanostrutcure -> Stimulation -> Reaction -> Proximate products -> Heat. There is an unknown beginning to this sequence which he calls the Macroscopic Activation Process.

    What needs to be explained, he asks: Accelerating state transition at the nuclear level. Peter Hagelstein, his colleague, will talk more about that. We also need a better picture of energy at the nanoscale. Coherent systems are involved, as opposed to incoherent dynamics (the billiard ball model) and we need to know more about understanding coherent systems. He shows a graphic modeling what they know so far as an illustration, but we'll get more with later talks.

    So, there are mechanisms that can explain anomalous results. Rational engineering of "accelerated state transitions" have been going on, and we should learn from those lessons. We want nanostructures that we can predict how they behave and then control them.

    Prolonged ambiguity over decades has been seen with other research topics, so no surprise with solid state fusion, it is similar. It exhibits all the hallmarks of a scientific field in the process of formation. We may well see the transition to institutionalized science in the coming years. It could be the most scalable yet. The potential is IMPACTFUL!

    Funders must increase funding to enable to this transition!

    Proof of principle first, then application designs.

  • Florian Metzler in "Solid-State Fusion: The Formation of a Scientific Field"

    To watch to put LENR science in perspective, especially if you are not a researcher.

    Perspective with Hot fusion... great.

    Analogy with transistor : great.

    NB:I'm very much interested in any data about the history of transistors and semiconductors in the 1920-1930s...

    His presentation gives already very interesting references.

    Rethinking the experiments, with a goal in mind.

    Good reminder of the importance of instruments.

    Importance of multi-body mechanics... well explained.

    LENR needs his way of mind. New blood.

    I've already his way of min in Arpa-e event recently…orkshop_Metzler_Final.pdf

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    Watch his ICCF24 presentation when it's public (Will it be published?).

    An author to follow, a dot connector.

    He seems to work with Hagesteil&al (??).