What energy source produces its own fuel?

  • Breeder reactors have failed so far. They were made in the U.S. and Japan. The U.S. reactors had serious accidents. The Monju breeder reactor in Japan was a technical and economic disaster. Perhaps an improved breeder reactor design will emerge, but so far the technology has been a disaster.

    Breeders have not been pursued in the U.S. because there is plenty of cheap uranium fuel. There is no need to extend the life of it with a breeder. It is cheaper to mine and refine more uranium. It makes more sense to store the spent fuel in a safe location. If people continue to use fission, in the distant future the spent uranium can be put into a breeder reactor. By that time, it should be easier to make reliable, cost effective breeder reactors. However, I doubt that fission will be used in the distant future.

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