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    THHuxleynew "

    "Pulsed electrical discharges create bountiful amounts"

    "Pulsed" is an unwarranted assumption for the Mizuno Report. It is unclear what is the time course of the electrical input .S.E. Jones at al. reported low level neutron discharge in 1989 in the Nature journal but did not used pulsed input. Mizuno et al replicated this in 1989 using lead shielding to block background neutrons.

    ( which amount to hundreds per square metre per second at Terra's surface)

    Mizuno's next report may speak of neutrons and neutron detectors.. he is busy circumwriting it.

    But sometimes not all science is written down. As is the case with the Carolinean star compass..


    1."An increase in the concentration of the nickel isotope and a decrease in the isotope concentration are shown."

    2. "Conclusion: These results confirm the results obtained earlier in the heat generator Rossi, who worked more than a year,

    found an increase in the isotope Ni 6228 Ni 6028 Ni 62"

    Seems to be a big leap from 1>>2. Who knows what conditions Rossi was using?

    New paper from Chile. Low pressure D2 plasma produces low neutron emission

    Evidence of nuclear fusion neutrons from an extremely small plasma focus device operating at 0.1 Joules
    Leopoldo Soto1,2,3,a), Cristián Pavéz1,2,3, José Moreno1,2,3, Luis Altamirano2,4, orcid.png Luis Huerta2,5, Mario Barbaglia6, Alejandro Clausse6, and Roberto E. Mayer7
    lessView Affiliations

    Physics of Plasmas 24, 082703 (2017


    .We report on D-D fusion neutron emission in a plasma device with an energy input of only 0.1 J, within a range where fusion events have been considered very improbable. The results presented here are the consequence of scaling rules we have derived, thus being the key point to assure the same energy density plasma in smaller devices than in large machines. The Nanofocus (NF)—our device—was designed and constructed at the P4 Lab of the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission. Two sets of independent measurements, with different instrumentation, were made at two laboratories, in Chile and Argentina. The neutron events observed are 20σ greater than the background. The NF plasma is produced from a pulsed electrical discharge using a submillimetric anode, in a deuterium atmosphere, showing empirically that it is, in fact, possible to heat and compress the plasma. The strong evidence presented here stretches the limits beyond what was expected. A thorough understanding of this could possibly tell us where the theoretical limits actually lie, beyond conjectures. Notwithstanding, a window is thus open for low cost endeavours for basic fusion research. In addition, the development of small, portable, safe nonradioactive neutron sources becomes a feasible issue.

    Mizuno-Sensei uses about ~500 Pa.

    Los investigadores

    "The detectors only gave off neutron signals in deuterium discharges under pressures from 1 to 4 mbar and from 14.5 to 17.5 mbar."

    "a device working at a few joules, with 103 to 104 shots at a frequency of 10 to 100 Hz,

    will produce a neutron yield of 104 to 106 events per second, .

    A deuterium-tritium mixture would boost this by up to 100 times."

    "In much smaller devices, the surface/volume ratio seems to be more favorable for plasma heating and compression. "

    "We conclude that extremely small plasma device operating at only 0.1–0.2 J, can produce D-D fusion reactions."

    Eric Walker "The stars change; the mind remains the same"

    Its been removed from the usyd logo a while back. outadate.

    I always translated it as "the same stupid under the same stars".

    because actually the stars remain the same ,

    it is men's view of them that changes.

    The eagle of the Romans/Arabs is upside down in the South

    The eye ,alpha, =altair, hikoboshi, the brightest star

    Beta Aquila is the eagles beak.. in my view.....

    Dewey said "is it safe to assume that you have access to real time tritium detection during R&D, engineering and production work?"

    Hi Dewey. Among the magnolias in smalltown South Carolina,

    there are rich traditions

    and so much 'color' so many deep roots

    ,there is also unemployment and some people have an infinity of time on their hands.

    Other things lurk there too. darker things.,..,among the magnolias

    But realtime tritium detectors are unlikely to be found there.

    God Bless South Carolina and God forgive me. No harm done.

    I so like the saying... "If God is willing and the crik don't rise". Good luck with your quest..

    I hope you can find and grow up your own Hikoboshi,Dewey.

    In Sydney, the summer triangle is upside down, Hikoboshi on top.

    Sidere mens eadem mutato

    But in South Carolina. among the magnolias .there are different minds under the same stars.

    Can.Yes. Well found. Hikoboshi. That was it. There is a part pun on the Tadahiko name. Also he mentioned something about Altair. An anime character.

    There are limited number of consonants and vowels so double meanings and associations are more frequent than in English.

    I was thinking. That he would name them after his children.. but there you go

    Zeus46 wrote: "but I can almost guarantee that it doesn't contain 40Kg of steel"

    I emailed Mizuno today. then I phoned him. He rang back after awhile.

    He is busy working on several reactors or more reactors

    I was happy to hear him speak for the first time. His English is good.

    We exchanged pleasantries and commiserated each other on being bimbo gakusha.

    I asked him what was the name of the newest reactor..Hikobosu or Hi o Kobosu..not quite sure...some pun involved.

    Means "spill from the sun".

    Mizuno did not know why I asked him but he answered that the metal reactor in the spring 1991 excursion weighed 7.45 kg"

    Including the solution and the electrode was a bit more.

    I guess this would help a fit 46 year old to lift it, plus maybe 15 litres water from the cold tap.

    There appears to be no thread for website layout.

    I was wondering if someone could come up with an alternative name for "Native language forums"

    English is one of my 'native' tongues but it is not there.

    I thought of ".. NESB...but may be others have a better idea


    These are my views . I do not comment on Rossi .

    "If you use rusty pipes, plumber tools, cheap and out of spec measuring instruments, lousy test protocols, gullible supporters "

    You will be an unsuccessful plumber in Australia.

    But plumbers are so expensive here. Had to clean the shit /tree rootsout of my sewer pipe last week.

    Took me 3 hours with the electric eel and14 metres of 'pipes'.$103 hire. Cost for a plumber...$400

    "" simply not taking your bait"

    Oh. But I caught two fish at once. And I wasn't even fishing. From the River Savannah.

    Fished up. Man upped and MY upped.

    "1kW and 10kW" I will ask Mizuno about that, in my own sweet time.

    Kia ora Me te Aroha. God Bless"

    I checked with Google Translate just now

    Kia ora Me te Aroha="Live with love".. some loss of meaning in googletranslation..

    but that is approximately what it means.

    "Be of good health and live with love. God Bless" is better but 3 John 1:2 is also good.