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    “Lovely gammas” or “Rossi effect” comes in my mind

    As for lovely gammas .. it was never meant to be a technical term

    and was never written in a technical paper.

    its quite appropriate for a blog or fora with a mixed ability readership

    for me it meant that the gamma readouts from the nuclear isomers

    were regarded with great affection by Russ George.

    Who would sign off on a technical paper as Forty-Two?

    Guessing Gullstrom and Vassalo

    this 'paper' has strong resemblances to the reference 13 by Tommaso and Vassalo... zitterbewegung etc

    .the 437 nanometer blue plasma spectral peak with hydrogen ????????? has that been revealed before or was it just a vague blue light?

    How does that fit with

    The reaction emits very low levels of electromagnetic radiation—the same kind as e.g. light, radio waves, and microwaves."

    The wavelength is essentially between 300 and 330 nanometers, slightly shorter than UV-light from the sun.

    No other kind of radiation from the E-Cat has ever been detected.

    by the reasoning in the 'paper' one might expect a corresponding peak in the infrared for deuterium..2850 nm..

    However this issue among others is not addressed

    The purpose of this 'paper' is not to inform however. I agree.. Shane.. but to advertise.


    Thanks Can

    "COP" 2200:1 with D2 only.......

    10000 with tritium byproduct included.

    I wonder if Norway govt is in a hurry to replicate...

    commercialise.... ïn a relatively short time ... say 5 years.

    Right now with petroleum prices high Norway is sitting pretty.

    For those areas with wind.. levelised costs,

    LCOE for onshore were down to 6c/Kwhr in 2017..

    solar is getting down to 10c/Kwh 2017 near nuclear

    ..of course now is 2019

    but I doubt whether nuclear is decreasing to under 10c/Kwh

    (unless Korea or other subsidises the capital cost)

    Solar / wind will probably keep decreasing somewhat..

    the nuclear lobby (2015 ) chooses

    different data from the renewable lobby…-generation-costs-in-2017…ics-of-nuclear-power.aspx

    Enough of the politics.

    Perhaps Dubinko has unmentioned LENR because of non-scientific reasons.

    Its interesting to see that the energy of the H atom can be amplified by over 7x by the phonon effect

    However what would be more useful for LENR is the phonon effect on the magnetic moment in hydrogen saturated NiH.

    Calculations by Jurashek suggess NiH phonon magnetic moment ist something like

    0.5 -2.0 x the neutron magnetic moment,

    However the electron magnetic moment is way bigger -1836x- of course... than the neutron magnetic moment

    How the electron spin interacts with the nuclear spin is also of interest. there seems to be some interaction . but I can't understand it very wel

    Nuclear spin dynamics influenced and detected by electron spin polarization in CdTe/CdMgTe quantum wells

    E. Evers1, T. Kazimierczuk1,5, F. Mertens1,a) D. R. Yakovlev1,2, G. Karczewski3, T. Wojtowicz3,4, J. Kossut3, M. Bayer1,2, and A. Greilich1

    If a heat pump has a certain efficiency, you can still "amplify" its output if LENR works -- used for heating, anyway.

    SOT still doesn't get there a parasitic load on his thinking?

    If one a use high grade energy supply like mains AC ..240, 100 V whatever

    there is no way that any LENR or any "2.0" COP heater is going to compete with a COP 3-4 heat pump.

    The only thing that COP 2.0 competes is with a simple resistor type heater..(ignoring capital costs).

    Godes talks about spot markets btw COP 2.0 and COP 10.0

    but those spots are tiny around COP 2.0.

    Godes says that it is at COP 6.0 that LENR becomes competitive to replace his hydronic heating system.

    There is no way that either Mizuno or Godes are going to stick COP 2.0 electrical to thermal into their own homes.

    But SOT might.. because of his peculiar engineering expertise.

    If you, SOT, can't read... listen ONE MINUTE ONLY ... time mark 6.11 -7.11 courtesy of Ruby Carat

  • Ruby-Carat-Robert-Godes-Cold-Fusion-Now-020

  • COP 2.0 is not economic .. N O T E C O N O M I C.

    I would love a 200% efficient electric heater.

    Side by side ..

    a 200% Mizuno Pd/D2 LENR heater 2KW in 4KW out

    and a Daikin heat pump 2 KW in 6KW out( 300% efficiency using electricity)

    which one takes longer to heat a hot tub .?

    A hot tube is so nice if you work out cutting wood.

    Mizuno did not get to 2.0 but he was close... but preparation

    of the Pd/Ni fuels took ages.. and required a skilled artisan

    so he changed his fuelprep method and the COP went down

    and then the lab went down ..but he is not down..

    Brillouin old website they basically had the HHT system look like any typical nuclear power plant design.

    Brillo diagram shows a 5-10MW boiler. which is used to make electricity in steam turbines

    Godes targets boiler makers and manufacturers who need this level of power

    . however Mizuno has drawn 2 kW heaters for space heating.for cold household in Hokkaido

    KISS method of keeping it simple

    To keep it simple a COP of 5.0 is necessary if you are using electricity as the input energy for general consumer applications such as spaceheating.

    Of course if someone invents something that just requires thermalheating as the prime input then a COP of much closer to 1.0 is useful.

    At a COP of 2.0 (for electricity) you lose money fast if its nickel and faster if its palladium

    To get a COP higher than 2.0 and a continuous, reliable , safe etc (as Alan stated) is not a simple matter... no one has done it yet.

    Trivializing a discovery like working LENR with appreciable power gain and power output is a hallmark of not understanding in the least what you're talking about.

    SOT.. your ignorance is astounding after all these years on LENR FORUM.

    You have zero understanding about thermal efficiency

    Why would Godes even mention needing a COP of 5.0

    Electric energy is the highest grade of energy we have. Thermal energy is the lowest.

    Why does a Kwh of electricity cost so much more than a Kwh of natural gas???

    You don't read. you don't learn

    No wonder you make crap statements continually.

    to replace nuclear facilities with HHT fuel rods instead.

    the present nuclear facilities are really inflexible centralised facilities. which need largeness (economiesofscale)to compensate for the cost of leadshielding, sodium pumps moderator tanks etc..

    I think the smallest viable ones maybe 160 MW


    ,. the attraction of small LENR fuel rods is that they don't need expensive heat transfer and radiation protection/control...therefore

    they can be useful at the 500 W level depending on the COP..

    which means they can be used as distributed powerplants...which saves on transmission costs.

    It would be best suited to sell the product as is

    At a COP of 2.0 as Godes explains,, it isn't worth much..perhaps the Qpulse tech is worth a bit

    if Godes could tweak something and get the COP up to 2.5 in say 3 months..

    then investor could see stronger possibility of the COP 5.0. in 5 years time

    The question is what else can Godes tweak

    If the theory doesn't give much of a clue ..then its just trial and error

    Playing around with the reactor composition, material stresses, temperature, takes years and yet more $

    The sparrows tears are smaller and smaller.. both in the US and Japan…japan-s-academics-1.22444

    Basic groundzero research looks to be extinct inexpensive technology areas.

    Its the future funding rather than the past that is the sticking point.

    Brillouin's licenses sales seem to be a way to go

    but it requires a very energetic sales manager.

    - a Korean manufacturer

    -large Canadian industrialist

    -large manufacturer on Pacific rim?

    timemark 5.00