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    I will make foam. Lots of foam.
    And then I will make the foam crust incandesce, because I know I can do it, because I already did do it 40 years ago.

    For some XRF work we use helium as an atmosphere gas shield, in order to knock out some interferences, Select other gasses may allow windows of detection without too much ionization interference. This might be easier than a vacuum.

    While Hawking’s direct invitation to meet was spurned, Tesla also remains the only person to meet a visitor from the future. Twice. The second vistor shot the first one (also armed with a strange pistol) and took the body back with her into a neat rip in spacetime using a tool not unlike that which Tesla apparently invented only seconds earlier.

    As I said, if you were serious, you would boil some water in a graduated cylinder and see for yourself how well the volume can be measured. Put it on a weight scale to get another simultaneous measure of mass.

    You need to avoid surfactants, as I said. They cause actual foam, as opposed to the imaginary foam you describe. There is never significant foam in an electrochemical cell. If there were, the electrochemical effect you are trying to replicate would not happen. Cold fusion definitely never happens with surfactants or other contamination. That is what Fleischmann, Bockris and many others told me.

    If you set out to deliberately boil water in a way that produces foam and makes it hard to measure the water level, I am sure you can accomplish that. Add a dab of Palmolive. You can always do an experiment wrong. For example, Jones did a "replication" to show that recombination is significant in a cold fusion cell. He did this with a cell with the wrong shape, fat and short, and with power levels about a thousand times smaller than anyone would use for cold fusion. Hey presto! -- recombination galore. As Mel Miles commented, he might as well have added palladium powder to the water to ensure full underwater recombination.

    When I get time, I will boil liquids in dewars and post the results like it or not. I bet I can boil liquids in a dewar almost any way I want to with some practice. That is a threat as much as promise.

    However, I am currently busy upending 100 years of conflation of some other issues combined with over-reliance on historic interpretations and therefore cannot do it very soon. I have collected 3 years of proofs for the other issue, and will spring a new paradigm maybe in Spring. (Nothing to do with CF or HF or anything else relevant here.)

    If nobody has boiled liquids in dewars sufficiently to settle the foam debate as much as can be, by then, then buckle up.

    So here we have two people who know next to nothing about electrolysis disputing the findings of a world-class electrochemist and his very able colleague. I have performed probably several hundred electrolysis experiments, 44 this month alone. In a previous life I was responsible for formulating electrolyte mixtures containing suspended particles as well as plating tanks up to 15,000 litres, including some very high current high voltage systems . I don't consider myself an expert but I am pretty knowledgeable, which is enough to tell me that your topic is a waste of pixels and your arguments based on nothing more than guesswork.

    I think this is the best challenge to the F&P results I have seen, (ultimately correct or not) and it is better to get to the bottom of it rather than sweep dissent under the carpet. Obviously some boiling dewars are in the future.

    Electric jet engines don’t need heat. They are mostly high bypass turbofans nowadays and with unlimited electricity to spin the fans it is a waste of time and weight to try to heat air for more thrust.

    I logged the # reads hourly for a month as part of a complaint, and they come in waves, sometimes 300 in an hour and then one or two for a few hour periods, then 115, 80, 168, 65, 1, 0, 0, 0.


    RG claimed to be investigating the anomalous reads on Rossi’s paper about 2 years ago. They must have a ton of data by now.

    So it takes 14 L of liquid H2 instead of 5 L of diesel?


    You might want to check the experience of the diary industry. Apparently cows have sensitive feet and trying to get rid of circulating ground currents can drive farmers nuts.

    If farmers stopped buying that red-and-black screw-the-receptacles-right-on lamping wire by the mile (Cu prices should do it) and using it for everything, it would solve half their electrical problems.