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    I thought the overall gear up was because Doral was being dragged out of the mothballs for some peculiar reason. Even though that technology has supposedly been dumped (sent to the dump/scrap recycler) by the inventor.

    The peculiar reason, I suppose, is because the Stockholm and Miami Beach displays demonstrated such laughably bad power measuring skills that they undermine any previously reported work, so discussing those is a poor idea.

    Interesting. Please elaborate. What are the implications?

    West brought quar-CATs from Raleigh to Doral in or around December 2014.

    IH somewhere mentioned in discovery speed test cylinders that sometimes glowed.

    I imagine that the quar-CATs were essentially prior art at the start of the Doral period.

    Maybe even made with QX-like horizontal clamps to easily install each test cell.

    The ingredients in the cells would be a secret, of course.

    The present SK type may be more like an ICP torch.

    The argon cooling, maybe feed in the reactor fuel as a gas in Ar or something else, just like doing a big mass spec measurement that also reacts in the plasma... dribble in atoms of Ni and Li (Ag, H, D...)

    What’s it take to build a stable 4x4 inch ICP tube-torch plasma?

    That has been the argument for those who think Rossi has something. Why did he fight so hard to regain full control of IP that does not work?

    On the other hand; why did he abandone that very same Doral IP immediately after the settlement? For good measure, he disassembled the 1MW plant, put the empty container outside in the parking lot, then vacated the warehouse....all before Lewan interviewed him. Told us the customers did not want it anymore, which was a surprise to Engineer48, who had 3 lined up ready to buy.

    Rossi must fight for the IP. It is the only thing that keeps the Rossi story going. It is secret, and only Rossi is smart enough to apply the IP to any system he tries, and make it work. Any and all physical proof of the operability or inoperability of his IP must be destroyed. All obsolete devices must be destroyed. As much data as possible characterizing the IP must be destroyed, or even better, never recorded. All records of fuel recipes must be destroyed. All objects that contain or once contained the fuel must be destroyed. The IP is what makes Rossi Special, and proves that he is smarter than anyone else, deserving of adulation by the whole world. Even if the IP is a fantasy, because even then Rossi has fooled almost the entire world, showing what a genius he is and how much smarter he is than even respected, lettered physicists and doctors. Plus it keeps the bills paid, selling nothing tangible in regards to IP, renting out dreams, and collecting some real cash every now and then.

    Coming back to Rossi's "dancing ballerina"...any video tekkies among the crowd here who can help to explain why Rossi's video camera (I guess it was a common CMOS HD video camcorder?) was able to show a quite colorful picture with almost all colors, despite the fact that the spectrum measured by his spectrometer did show roughly zero intensities above ca. 450nm? Based on the spectral sensitivity of common CMOS chips the obtained image should have been very "blueish" due to the absence of green and red light only...? The camera sensor is also not able to catch any relevant spectral content in the near UV and below (peaks in the range of 100...300nm as claimed by Rossi)...

    It may be possible to pull an average visible light spectrum from the ballerina in the video, and see if Wien’s Displacement Law could be applicable to appropriate a temperature for the 330 cm2 plasma area.

    Pace and Wong bantered about the stairs in the Wong deposition.

    In the Rossi as JMP deposition, which I have as Document 326 Page 171 of 300, deposition pages 91 through 95, Rossi seems to describe the mezzanine heat exchanger as being re-used in the Doral premises for another purpose. In another plant at the same location.

    The heat exchanger in the mezzanine is the one in the black container imagined to the upstairs room to mansplain the severe heat issues, IMHO.

    The piping was still in the warehouse, and being used for something. Since it was not in a giant pile of pipes which could be pointed out as being the former upstairs exhanger,it had to be in plain site somewhere else. The black box. It was probably hoped that Schrodinger-like uncertainty would hold for the question of the contents the black box during the Doral Plant period, so it could be shown that the pipes could have been moved into there. Except they were seen within, prior to the end, when they were supposed to be upstairs. So instead the pipes just disappeared into the same field disturbance of the Dirac sea they originally spontaneously formed from, closing the loop, but leaving within our universe a trail of anti-information that annihilates to pure disinterest when it meets equal amounts of information....


    You know I have doubts on the heat exchanger. But you and Para keep saying things like the above without evidentiary support. I was quite surprised when people weren't asked this question in the depositions (at least not in the excerpts that we have access to). If they were asked, both Rossi and IH have kept their answers from us.

    It is far more likely that with the 40-odd visitor-day events and no one of them can corroborate fans blowing 250000 cfm (or whatever it was) out the front window barely 15 feet from the front door because the fans were not there than the said fans went blowing unnoticed.

    Wong claimed the fans were directly in the place of the bottom two holes (panes). All four window panes were missing when Wong was there.

    StephenC ,

    The StellarNet line includes spectrometers with deep (vacuum) UV capability, all using fibre optic probes. Almost certainly the fibre optics material gets more expensive with broader wavelength range capabilities, and the grating/diffraction system inside becomes more complex as greater resolution and broader bands of light are required to be processed.

    The Bluewave is the next model up from the GreenWave, and goes to 200 nm standard.

    Bruce__H ,

    The standard measurement range of the StellarNet spectrometer Rossi uses.

    Now, some older versions of the GreenWave did go as low as 300 nm. I suspect that the 300-350 nm part of the spectrum is not very well characterized (probably strongly attenuated) by the GreenWave spectrometer, as is the case for the 1100 nm end, where the software looks for noise and will offer (with a pop-up box) to reduce the long wave end of the display when it finds it.

    The spectrometer uses a single strand optical fibre probe that can be attenuated by a calibrated restricted aperture, and by a selection of gratings to be used within the spectrometer (model dependent) exclusive of any extra filtering that might be applied.

    The standard range is from 350 to 1100 nm., that is an amazing claim. So you have actual footage of the windows from start to finish during the Doral test?

    People took photos of the front of the building in November. They were there, in person, looking around. No missing window.

    Some guy at ECW actually walked right up to the front door, and took photos. No mention of a window blowing hot air out.

    Tours were done, several of them. Nobody saw a window venting hot air.

    Recall that Wong said all four panes were empty when he was there.

    Wong says about the door, where the pipes were supposed to go into the mezzanine: