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    My claims are not claims but bits of information, brief communications about my (and my colleagues) lab work meant for those who are interested, they do not require belief since they are not an attempt to convince anyone or change anyone's views or opinions. And as THH points out, they are not required reading.

    @ Bob. You have never worked in a University environment as I have. For bitchfests they make factories (which I also managed for many years) look like kindergartens, there are too many people with time on their hands - and as you know the devil makes work for idle hands. As for the people you mention, their careers have in some cases been damaged or redirected into less favourable directions by their interest in LENR - I know they have because I have talked to quite a few of them. However, they are not really representative of the mainstream, they are the survivors- the ones who have by using their often very generous ration of wits, charm, brains and skill have swum uphill over the waterfall and lived to tell public tales.

    The matter is not what "you say to have seen" (beside usual claims) but what you are scientifically able to demonstrate, anywhere, under third party verification and control of independent and qualified scientists of wordwide community.

    Be patient and it might well happen.

    There is another problem. There are many would-be 'friends of LENR' in the mainstream science community who keep their heads down and their mouths shut rather than attract official and peer-group scorn and career damage by expressing any interest in 'voodoo science'. How anybody could imagine that such fellow-travellers could welcome the kind of internet mauling they are likely to get for coming out in favour of more research or even -god forbid- talking to their snowflake students about it escapes me. They usually end up thinking 'with friends like these, I don't even need enemies'.

    The 'why are there no dead graduate students' meme to justify not believing on cold fusion goes back a long way. Actually it should not be confused with hot fusion at all, which as any fule do kno produces truckloads of radiation, there is a different mechanism at work entirely. Actually we have seen several different behaviours in various fuel mixes, sometimes several different behaviours in the same fuel. We have heat with no gammas, gammas with no heat, both together, and very strong gamma bursts from fuel kept at room temperature for days. The idea that gamma output is directly related and in proportion to the heat is wrong. We have seen 20+ watts of anomalous heat in a powered-down cooling reactor and very little gamma output If only 1 watt of that heat was produced by gammas hitting the relatively flimsy walls of our reactors, we would indeed be dead, but we are not quite there yet.

    The final version is yet to come. I am editing it now, though it may take some time, W and I are working closely together on this. He is a prodigious mathematician, far more skilled than I am, and a long term student of nuclear physics. The essential thing for me is that it is predictive in terms of developing LENR from a theoretical and experimental base, and his ideas have certainly captured the interest of one of the worlds most accomplished nuclear scientists, who has realised its importance and is following up with questions and comments.


    Maybe time will help. Remember that magnetic field strength - and thus the power of your spark is a function of ampere-turns, so if you have lower amps, more turns really helps.

    It is my opinion that (despite the number of claims) that strange radiation marks visible with the naked eye on unetched plastic are just a bit too incredible to be correct. We all have to have something to be sceptical about!

    If you want a safe and cheap spark generator then I suggest that you go hunt for the solenoid water-fill valve off a junked washing machine. These normally work on 12V DC.

    Inside is a nice copper coil. replace the sliding steel piston inside the coil with a nice snug-fitting steel nut and bolt. This will be the new core. Charge the coil briefly with a 9V battery or a 12V psu if you have one and the coil will generate a strong magnetic field in the nut and bolt. When you disconnect you should see an instant, brief but good spark as the magnetic field collapses generating a low-current high-voltage back EMF in the coil windings. 2 such coils in series will raise the voltage even more- though you will need a 24V psu to get best results.

    Well, I speak as I find, and we work together all day and every day (including many weekends) for the last six months. Never a cross word. He might have a sharp tongue in the forum, but then again you have to consider that there has been a professional troll hunt for Russ ever since he threw some dust into the ocean and made the salmon come back.

    You get shirty. Russ George gets downright obnoxious. Neither of you has any right to be upset. If you don't want to reveal details, do not expect anyone to believe your claims.

    Russ in my experience is a gentleman and an absolute pleasure to work with, seldom have I seen somebody so focused on the tasks at hand. You two may have had your problems in the past I know, but I have none at all. As for belief, we don't demand belief, why should we, the posts I make are only an attempt to inform those interest about what we are doing and the progress or otherwise of our work. If they bother you, don't read them is my advice, but there is no demand from me for you to believe anything at all.

    As for 'the right to get upset' of course we do have the right. When somebody infers you are stupid, negligent or deceitful, and you are none of those things, a sharp response is both fair and to be expected.

    Splendid job magicsound . A very nice experiment indeed.

    Actually we don't see a lot of radiation out of heavy water electrolysis at all- but quite a bit of heat compared to light-water controls. But not worth taking too seriously (or at least we don't) because there are many electrochemical heat possibilities- and also we are not primarily interested in electrolysis as a technique in itself so any calorimetry we do is of a relaxed nature and proves little..

    However it's great to see MFMP getting nearer the work of F&P - something I was always sorry you guys never did more of.

    Thank you for your advice, but I think your claim of not understanding the nature and behaviour of the gammas we see - which I have very clearly explained to you several times at your request is positively Shanahanesque.