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    The 2019 LANR/CF Colloquium at MIT March 23-24, 2019 - Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Two Days of Data, Info, and Science of Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions,
    Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, and Quantum Electronic Energy Production

    Overview: 30 Years of Scientific Confirmations of LANR/CF - Program is tentative and still developing.

    I. Experimental Confirmations of LANR/CF

    A, Energy Production:
    Excess Heat/Tardive Thermal Power (Heat after Death)
    Helium Production/Other Products
    Penetrating Emissions/Particles
    Distinguishing Optical/Radiofrequency/Acoustic Signatures
    Engineering Methods of Activation/Control
    Engineering of Applied Magnetic Field Intensities

    B. Energy Conversion:
    Stirling Engines/Propulsion Systems
    Thermoelectric Conversion/Direct Electrical Generation

    II. Other Experimental Support for LANR/CF
    Supporting Confirmations (eg Fract. And Comb Phonon Expts)

    III. Theories Supporting/Consistent with LANR/CF
    Lattice/Metallurgical/Material Science

    IV. Engineering Applications from/of LANR/CF

    V. Reconciliation of Success with Policy/Obstruction

    Updates will eventually be at the COLD FUSION TIMES website

    ...therefore, the resulting rate of level lowering indicated by the 4 curves is very different from the estimate made by F&P, ie 9 cm in 10 minutes, and which is drawn in red to the left of the graph.

    So Krivit's estimate of the measurements is more accurate than F&P's actual measurements? I am amaze.

    An apparently little-known fact is that technology companies find it much easier to raise money when they unambiguously demonstrate that their technology actually works. Many of these companies even have IP and are parties to NDAs! And they still can prove that their technology works. Who knew?

    Everybody in the game knows that. It's almost as fruitful as source of income as being a lawyer, except you are mostly obliged to take lawyers on trust as demos of actual working ones aren't often available.

    Alan SmithI can't prove you wrong that SRI is secretive about Brillouin for protection. But I think a much more likely explanation is that nobody outside Tanzella et al. 's area thinks much of Brillouin if they even know it's something SRI does. Here's the thing. If they are trying to hide the company and SRI's association with it, they are doing a terrible job, are they not?

    Protection my fundament! An NDA is an NDA, no further explanation is required or meaningful. If SRI (or any of your favourite testers) test something that involves the disclosure of IP then an NDA will always be required by the investors who pay for the test and it works both ways or not at all, any information disclosed is by mutual agreement. And BTW, Fran Tanzella no longer works at SRI.

    True, however the foam seems to be the crux of this discussion, so I thought that a foam test might help answer some questions. If this discussion is still going on a year from now, without a foam/boiling in a test tube experiment, then perhaps I will tool up for the challenge. I don’t have the equipment to do a proper job of it at the moment.

    I have boiled lithium doped heavy water made for lab and NMR use from Cambridge Isotopes UK, it doesn't foam unless there is some greasy contamination there - that makes soap that makes foam. But in a clean system it just boils.

    ETA- this had nothing to do with Ascoli's conspiracy fantasies btw, I just wanted to de-gas it.

    wait 4 days and OBSERVE if that residue vanishes (as happened for Cell 3 (1));

    Many such alkali residues would vanish since they are very hygroscopic and absorb water from the air and redissolve spontanteously. Never tried it wil LiOD but I have no doubt it would do the same, especially as D2O is also hygroscopic.

    The glowing twisted wires are quite visible in the Lugano photos. The caption of one photo suggests that the twisted leads are glowing due to conduction from the reactor, which is silly. The wires are glowing orange hot because up to 50 A are passing through them.

    Correct. The heater wires all produce the same amount of heat per cm from wherever they are connected to the positive rail and back to where they are connected to the negative rail.

    And BTW, there is a good reason that one gentleman you now work into every post it seems, is "off limits". I have asked you to lay off of him, yet you persist. Please, as a favor, stop. You have free reign to critique LENR, and we have only asked in return 2 favors now. The first you complied with, this time you have not.

    Ascoli65 - you appear to have a very short memory. Do it again and it's clearance for your post.

    Things continue to go well, for sure. Our lab findings and Wyttenbach's theories continue to lead us along closely aligned paths to better performance, and the latest upgrade in our fuel preparation system seems to have produced some tasty biscuits. Readers might have noticed with gratitude my often short posts have at times been even shorter, but the pressure to produce documentation to satisfy various very interested parties has been huge, over 120 pages of workprogramme and system notes on the hydrogen process alone in under a week. Today I am catching my breath a little for tomorrow we will be starting a new round of system designs and so on for both of our experimental efforts. That is not any kind of complaint btw, we all find this very stimulating, better (when going well which it certainly is) than a blonde and a bottle of whisky.

    Ascoli. I suggest that you should try to see this movie. It would add something a little more solid than foam to your arguments, perhaps something that would wash them away. Sadly it isn't AFAIK on DVD, but there are no doubt other ways of seeing it.

    If you want a reasonably heat-resistant but insulating spacer I suggest you try 3M scourer pads sold for cleaning domestic cooking pans. The black particles you mention I suspect are a mix of ablated metal from the Anode and Fe3O4 - there will be a lot of very active oxygen in your mix.

    There is no shortage of the kind of aluminium we designed oursystem to use - just the lowest grades of very hard to re-smelt foil and so called 'fluff' from machining. At least 0.5M tonnes of UK waste of this type is landfilled or exported and dumped in Asia every year. That represents 50ktonnes of hydrogen or 185GWth. Around 5M+ tonnes of beverage cans are stockpiled waiting for a commodity price boom that would make smelting them economic, And smelting those releases dioxins and furans - and to get them up to 'saleable ingot' quality can take multiple energy intensive remelts. But the best thing about our process is that we make clean and commercially valuable aluminium compounds as an end product, and they are worth enough to make the hydrogen free. And we have other tricks too.

    Everything we use in the reactor is biosafe and everything that comes out is zero CO2. When talking about/showing this to visitors I have been known to drink a little reactor juice to prove it is safe. Tastes awful though. We do plan to go mainstream, and we have had several recent approaches from investors wanting to climb on board, but we are insisting on getting through all the validation/accrediation stuff first. A pedigree pig of proven parentage is always worth more than a mongrel.

    I had the pleasure of meeting David French at the Asti conference and (in particular) spending a few hours chatting with him over a very pleasant lunch one day. He was a fount of charm, humor and also had a vast amount of knowledge about the world of patents - and many a good anecdote about the patent game. He was generous with his time and his expertise, even offering to wrote me a patent application 'pro bono' if I ever needed one. I had no idea that he was suffering any health problems at all, he certainly was not one for complaining. I had hoped he would come to the recent Greccio conference as I was lookng forward to renewing my acquaintance with him, but sadly that was not to be.

    My sympathy to all those saddened by the loss of a real gentleman.

    A red flag not to invest, is that he is still advertising the 1MW, which is no longer for sale according to Rossi. It is the 1MW that will supposedly be the basis for these "future LENR cities", and desert reclamation projects. Colorful character, and as far as I know, he is no longer one of Rossi's licensees?

    You are right (probably) - I was told Rossi bought his license back from RG.