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    On JONP a new game is on...Rossi is about to let his gullible crowd guess and decide on the performance of his latest gadget...probably because he has no better idea on his own product and what to claim and explain next... :P:D That is how life on planet Rossi works :-)

    Not sure if AR was using (again) a sock puppet to ask himself as he does frequently (if you follow ROssi long enough you can mostly find common patterns in using grammar and language), just to calm down his crowd of followers and get rid of this kind of doubt and questions,...

    Usually such kind of questions from real "doubters" are not published on his blog and are being moderated....similar to ECW.

    This Skypetest opens up a complete new era of testing and certification via internet, without touching anything at all. Test labs will have to shut down all their staff and equipment and hire digital natives who can judge via monitor if a new product is safe to use by industry and housholds....Isn't that a miraculous achievement in our modern digital and networked world? Buying something nuclear that has been tested and certified completely remotely and confirmed to be safe for user, bystanders and environment? What an interesting time we all live in...8o

    sam12 - it is interesting that Rossi doesn't seem to face any problems at all in these terrible days, and is able to travel around in Europe and stay in close contact to other 3rd parties and his testing agency. In Italy and many more other EU countries (Sweden to come soon) many companies are grounded and almost all public business and travel is locked down.

    The only thing which i still working is blogging and answering silly questions from any place in the world on a computer or Laptop - you just need to be wired and on air. As we know this is no problem for Rossi and Leonardo since they have sold and running Heat-as-service at secrect customer, controlled over the internet. Maybe you can ask Rossi how this is in these Coronavirus times...?

    Isn't it amazing, that the sole inventor (and his industrial sponsor and echelon) of a product that will turn the energy and scientific landscape inside out, won't have a f* clue how this important test is going and performing??? Alone such a statement tells me that Rossi is lying all over and again and again on his gadgets and what is going on... he does live indeed on a different planet.

    „I just treat SM physicists the way they treat the world.“

    Would be interested to see some links from mainstream SM physisists, that behave like you..you are not doing good to yourself as a person nor your theory get wider acceptance...

    I have no idea - I don't see any adverts on there, or on here- in fact until very recently I had no idea that anybody saw ads on here. I use good adblockers so it never even crosses my mind. But if he does make money, it's a very modest amount I'm sure.

    I do see adverts on ECW, like this one...

    If so, shouldn't the publicly available records of Leonardo Corp (taxes, income, revenue, dephts etc.) show such things? Shareholders? But there isn't any sign of employees, simply nothing...the only thing Frank has ever seen was Rossis condo in Miama for the groundbraking presentation of his blue can box...probably something even he didn't expect back then. :-)

    Would be an interesting rumor...?

    Frank Acland is deeply convinced Rossi has what he says...why otherwise he still promotes and advertises Rossis Ecats (incl. "cerfified for industrial use") on his ECW.... so he must know more than any other person... :-)

    Sad, so it seems another year to come without any product that will be commercialized by Leonardo Corp with their robotic factories...where are all the customers that ordered and bought ECats in the past years and marketed by Frank Acland? Can they be kept so secret that no one on earth will ever know who and where they are? Hard to believe that his industrial partner still not lost his patience...


    Sure you have an agenda, exposing Andrea Rossi as a charlatan and a fraud and anyone who believes his drivel as a gullible fool.

    Your agenda is clear.

    IMHO this is a way more respectable agenda than Rossi's (frauding all out there and esp his gullible believers and potential investors, who are lazy in looking behind his curtains...) :-)