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    And so what? Maddalena is a very smart woman with a degree in business administration.

    So what? If she has a better idea on doing successful business (?) one could expect that she might help her husband to do real business in real life…but let’s wait how and when her new responsibility will turn to account… :)

    Not sure if all are aware of a new (additional) CEO of Leonardo Corporation, located at Lincoln Rd. 1339, App. 601… ?

    His wife Maddalena Pascucci became the new Co-CEO :-)…

    She is also CEO of REFC Real Estate Corporation, which owns this apartment and Rossi rents it from her… 😆

    Famous place…the company, the head office, the lab, the robotic factory, the venue of the famous puppet show presentation some time ago…

    Detail by Officer/Registered Agent Name

    So how will this news that Rossi will show nothing tangible affect the SKL million unit minimum sales plan? At least we will see Rossi's lab.

    We know Rossi's wil lbe again his appartment as last time...(remember the blue can with the Geiger on top and the curtain in the back covering parts of his appartment?) :)

    Ziverdo kits for 2$/treatment make you free of CoV-19 and immune for thr next 5 years at least

    How can an antiviral drug that seems to kill the virus (not your immune system?) generate full immunity? If you take IVM proactively in a case where you think you got a boatload of virus from an infected, or if you start to feel sick and take IVM, what biological mechanism creates your full immunity, if you don’t run through that infection?

    Isn’t it more having a weapon in standby when needed? Why then store tons of IVM pills if you just need one kit???

    For those who might be interested in this and can read German, here is a comment from a different perspective. There is a high probability that this report and website might be sponsored by the FM/R/J/B mafia.. 😉

    "Ärzte für Aufklärung" verbreiten irreführende Behauptungen über Covid-19
    Die Gruppierung „Ärzte für Aufklärung“ verbreitet in einem Video irreführende Behauptungen zu Masken, PCR-Tests und möglichen Impfstoffen.

    New data from Israel (preprint) show significant decrease in infection rates after 3rd Pfizer booster shot across different age groups.

    Protection Across Age Groups of BNT162b2 Vaccine Booster against Covid-19
    BACKGROUND Following administration to persons 60+ years of age, the booster vaccination campaign in Israel was gradually expanded to younger age groups who…


    BACKGROUND Following administration to persons 60+ years of age, the booster vaccination campaign in Israel was gradually expanded to younger age groups who received a second dose >5 months earlier. We study the booster effect on COVID-19 outcomes.

    METHODS We extracted data for the period July 30, 2021 to October 6, 2021 from the Israeli Ministry of Health database regarding 4,621,836 persons. We compared confirmed Covid-19 infections, severe illness, and death of those who received a booster ≥12 days earlier (booster group) with a nonbooster group. In a secondary analysis, we compared the rates 3-7 days with ≥12 days after receiving the booster dose. We used Poisson regressions to estimate rate ratios after adjusting for possible confounding factors.

    RESULTS Confirmed infection rates were ≈10-fold lower in the booster versus nonbooster group (ranging 8.8-17.6 across five age groups) and 4.8-11.2 fold lower in the secondary analysis. Severe illness rates in the primary and secondary analysis were 18.7-fold (95% CI, 15.7-22.4) and 6.5-fold (95% CI, 5.1-8.3) lower for ages 60+, and 22.0-fold (95% CI, 10.3-47.0) and 3.2-fold (95% CI, 1.1-9.6) lower for ages 40-60. For ages 60+, COVID-19 associated death rates were 14.7-fold (95% CI, 9.4-23.1) lower in the primary analysis and 4.8-fold (95% CI, 2.8-8.2) lower in the secondary analysis.

    CONCLUSIONS Across all age groups, rates of confirmed infection and severe illness were substantially lower among those who received a booster dose of the BNT162b2 vaccine.

    And vaccines kill 100x more children and cripple 1000x more children than CoV-19....

    Let's store this and do a reality check in two year from now. The good thing with this forum thread is you can go back and forth in time to see and verify a lot of claims, from all parties.

    A recent study of Covid deaths in England alone, just up to the end of February 2021, cited by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), found that “six (24%) of the 25 [children and young people under 18] who died of SARS-CoV-2 appeared to have no underlying health conditions.”

    Daily Mail understates the risks of Covid-19 to children - Full Fact
    Severe disease and death are very rare, but still more common than the Mail claimed.

    No healthy child so far died from CoV-19.

    I am sure, many kids declared healthy (from their known conditions) have died from Covid. Probably easy to find reports (but didN#t go that far yet). Can't be if we look at the 10-thousands of unfortunate deaths in that age group. Maybe something unknown genetic or other health condition? Or no super accurate pathologic analysis?. It is probably just a matter of the dose they catched?

    Ischgl was on the same level 3x + have been silent = free of symptoms infections! 3/4 at least of the population always had natural immunity!

    If >75% of the entire population here in western countries had natural immunity against SARS-Cov2, why we saw such tremendeous numbers and deaths from the beginning of the pandemic til today? Not sure how to interprete your claims....

    Breakthrough infections might not be as contagious as previously thought

    After then we have reports from two clubs 1, 2, stuffed with fully vaccinated persons and checked for vaccination passports, who got all infected during single event as a single man...

    Could you imagine what would have happended in such a discothek a year ago? No vaccine, one person infected, people packed, dancing, singing, celebrating, drinking and talking without distance...? Do you remember Ischgl? I think, wihtout being vaccinated you would have seen a super spreader event with 380 infections in Mü 86 out of 380 infected, all with mild and no symptons at all....

    You can see it has reduced transmission by a huge amount in Japan. Cases are down by a factor of 30. As I said, the vaccine itself is not that effective, but it reduces cases, which reduces transmission, which reduces cases, in a feedback loop. For the same basic reason, the vaccine does not have to be 100% effective to eliminate the pandemic completely, nor does it have be given to the entire population.

    Here is an interesting report, dealing with potentially less virus spreading of infected vaccinated people vs non-vaccinated, due to enhanced antibody levels in mucosa…needs to be further verified.

    Breakthrough infections might not be as contagious as previously thought, say UC scientist

    According to an immunologist from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, vaccinated individuals and got a breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 infection might not be as contagious as was initially thought.

    In a report by NPR, immunologist Ross Kedl said that the virus that a vaccinated person transmits is different from the virus coming from a person who hasn't had any vaccination. Kedl points to the antibodies that vaccinated persons naturally develop over time, thereby making the risk for downstream transmission very low.

    His claims were corroborated by Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist Michal Caspi Tai, whose research shows that vaccinated persons will have a considerable amount of antibodies living in their mucosal membranes (mouth and nose), which are the two main points of entry. With this knowledge, Tai said that a vaccinated person who sneezes or coughs would most likely be less infectious.

    These hypotheses are making the rounds in the health care community, with some scientists finding a lot of sense in the claims. Further research is still required, however, to take these as conclusive.“

    China Tests Blood Samples to Determine Virus Origins and More COVID-19 Research Updates | BioSpace
    Research on the ever-evolving SARS-CoV-2 virus continues as scientists scramble to make sense of it and find cures. Here's a look.

    New study from France (based on data from national health system SNDS analyzes vaccinations in age group 50-74 and 75+. Vaccinated group shows 9x higher protection from seriuous illness and death vs unvaccinated. French only so far.

    Covid-19 : Covid-19 : efficacité vaccinale - EPI-PHARE
    Covid-19 : la vaccination est efficace à plus de 90% pour réduire les formes graves chez les personnes de plus de 50ans en France - EPI-PHARE

    It seems unknown how large might have been the “recovered group”….The author complains about the fact that there doesn’t seem to be an interest by public media, to find out how many of the infected were vaccinated and how many not. From the article:

    Since the number of vaccinated people in the population is x times higher than that of recoveries, since it is also known that recoveries are stronger and longer immune than only vaccinated people, one would have liked to know how many of the infected have been vaccinated. Why is this interesting information swept under the table everywhere?

    Same story in another location…On the same website you can find a report on another “2G” event in Hamburg with 200 people, and 20 were infected.

    Translation from that article:

    Out of 200 people, 20 have become infected with corona, so 10%. No non-vaccinated person has been admitted.

    Hamburg: Corona-Ausbruch bei 2G-Regel
    Hamburg ist bekannt als Vorreiter für die 2G-Option, die seit Ende August 2021 für alle Publikumseinrichtungen gilt. Nun gibt es in der Hansestadt einen…

    Again, not mentioned in official media (see link in the report), that 2G (Geimpft=double vaxx + Genesen=recovered) ended up being just 1G…all double vaxx only….

    Interesting if true, but is this a polite way of saying ‘a wyttenfact’?! :)

    I read a couple of German news articles on this party, none seem to mention whether the infected were vaxxed or recovered. Do you have a link that suggests otherwise, please?

    It was hard to find any serious source for this. Most media were covering the fact only that there was a party with 380 younger participants, 85 out of them were infected afterwards, probably by one (?) or more who were not aware of their infection and did not show any symptoms. So did many of the infected, that were tested afterwards. There was a careful check of the vaccination certificates by officials of all infected after the party, to exclude fake vaccination certificates to get access to the party. All 85 were correct, and all were from double vax persons! It seems there was a kind of public (?) interest to not share the fact, that none of those with natural immunity (Genesen=recovered from cov-19) did catch the virus, that was spread among the participant that night. Here in Germany there is a lot of discussions going on if and how people can get back to normal live and live with the virus. A large part of the population being double vaccinated is the goal in first place to reach this.

    Here a quite hidden source (in German only)…

    Münster: 86 Corona-Infizierte nach 2G-Party – Kein einziger Nicht-Geimpfter war zugegen
    Von Felizitas Küble Wie bereits hier berichtet, gab es in Münster vor zwei Wochen in der Nähe des Hauptbahnhofs eine 2G-Party mit meist jüngeren Gästen und…

    The old rossilivecat reader was a true treasure to follow his inventions, product sales, certifications, satisfied customers, Ecats working at secret customers controlled by wire and delivering heat 365/24/7, robotic factories and…. and…. and…since 2010.

    It is amazing that Rossi kept this database of fraud somehow alive since recently. To be on the safe side I downloaded this locally, quite some MBytes. Fascinating when reading and searching for some stuff from day to day 😅

    Maybe the archive is still somewhere available, but not sure.

    We do not know this. This is not even slightly true. The vaccine greatly lowers your chance of catching and spreading the virus.

    Do not make up imaginary statements and post them as facts. That's W's role here. One W is enough.

    It is unofficially known that all 85 infected people (age 20…35) at a so called 2G party with 380 participants in Münster in Germany a few weeks ago were double vaccinated, none from the other G (Genesen = recovered from Cov-19) group. Access to party had only double vaccinated and people recovered from the disease. This shows 4 interesting things: you can catch the virus despite being vaccinated with a quite high probability, the natural immunity of non-vaccinated who ran through a Covid infection seems to be more robust, 3rd the vaccination is effective in preventing serious illness, and 4th for some reasons there seemed to be no public interest to clarify and publish the findings of this event :(

    All infected did show at max mild symptoms only.

    (Wyttenbach was right in this case, but that doesn’t change my mind on him at all)

    Just got an update:: 2/3 of all vaccinations are with Moderna so it effectively protects 6x better than Pfizer crap. So we have 18% with Pfizer. 46% not yet double vaxx. So the Pfizer protection is already < 0%....

    We all know that a vaccination doesn't prevent you from catching and spreading the virus, but there is good enough evidence that a vaccination offers a significant protection from ending up in the the ICU on ventilation and death vs being unvaccinated and cathing the virus.

    Is there a prove that the death rate of double vaccinated is really above the average rate of deaths in the related age group? People die of very different reasons, vaccination could be one of them, but there is many more... I think it is very difficult to accurately separate this without any bias. I agree of course - the more people are vaccinated the more people die with the vaccine. If 100% vaccinated population, one can easily claim there are 100% vaccinated among the deaths... Switzerland is very good in population statistics, so maybe there is evidence that really more poeple die of vaccination than of other reasons?

    Waiting for your lesson to learn on this.