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    Yes, individual companies fail often, mostly because they fail to keep up with the times and the new paradigm, but the transportation, auto, steel and, yes, the retail business is healthy in general, as is telecommunications. But we're not talking about an individual company here. We are talking about all of energy production and sales, throughout the world. That is a bit different.

    Dang, I was afraid you would come up with something like that! :) So now, I have to not only read the rest of the case documents, now I have to watch a series of documentaries that will make Rossi appear the norm?

    They will be coming to take me away aha, oho, ahee, to the funny farm, where I belong, they are coming to take me away.....

    It was a good series of programs, especially the ones about Tesla and Edison.

    I'm disappointed. I wanted to see Dewey on the hot seat.

    I wouldn't say that. I would say that people who cannot tell the Penon data is fabricated do not understand experiments, instruments or data. I do not accuse them of lying or being troll-bots, but I would say they do not understand technical issues well enough to participate in a serious discussion. They resemble the person here who thought that a sauna makes heat magically disappear.

    I would suggest to these people that they make some observations of equipment temperatures, recording to the nearest tenth degree. See if they come out the same to the nearest tenth-degree every day for weeks, with the hi-low feature, or computer data. Do a reality check. There are many other problems with the data, but this is one that many people can check without much difficulty.

    Also, you might ask yourselves how there can be a large wooden encased pipe that is invisible, does not show in photographs, and vanishes overnight. That seems implausible, to say the least. If you think that is plausible, I would say you are living in a dream world. Rossi has made many other implausible assertions. He makes so many impossible assertions and weird claims, the head spins, and you begin to believe things that taken one or two at a time you would reject. He overwhelms you with bullshit. He also acts as an echo. When I mention that a U pipe is needed, he claims there was one. When someone says "maybe he was making endothermic chemicals" he claims that yes, indeed, he was, even though most endothermic processes reduce heat by a few percent at most, and the only possible candidate would be melting tons of ice to make water. Whatever people on Planet Rossi dream up, he echoes, affirming their nonsense.

    @Jed I think you must also be talking about most jurors, and there have already been comments here about how ignorant the attorneys were during deposition. In the end it will be these people, not you, who decides this case. Perhaps you should volunteer as an expert witness. No, on second thought don't, the jurors would probably find you as irritating as we do.

    Sometimes it is easier to fool ourselves than to be fooled by others.

    Yup. That's the problem.

    I believed Rossi for a while. But in cold fusion, you have to be prepared to un-believe things, because so much of it turns out to be wrong. Other claims sit in a gray netherworld, not right, and not wrong. People who cling to their beliefs and people who hate to be wrong should not be involved in this field.

    Let me guess - you also consider the scientists studying climate change as being 'naive', and that those who base their scientific opinions on Fox News reportage are paragons of rationality and critical thinking?

    No they are certainly not naive. Some are careless with their conclusions, some are greedy for the grant money that the subject allows so copiously, some are "snowflake" liberals who just want to believe and some are simply hanger's on who want to ride the politically correct next wave. You complain about Rossi's qualifications and honesty, but the proofs and theories of so-called climate change scientists are far less credible than he is. And that's Hypocrisy. As far as Fox News I think you just made a lucky guess LOL.


    I think that the pioneering interest shown by IH in LENR research is indicative of the fact that the control and monetisation of any disruptive technology (disruptive in terms of impinging upon the established pattern of cash-flow) will be swift, aggressive, and comprehensive.

    I can see why they would think so, but again, it requires a certain amount of naivete to believe it won't be controlled centrally to a large degree. In light of my prediction above, whoever develops it will be in for a big payment. Look how much the banks were paid to not fail.

    This same lack of information certainly hasn't kept you from reaching conclusions regarding Rossi and Doral test, so why would it matter here.

    How so? Why is it naive/wrong?

    I didn't say it was wrong, only naive. First, look at my reply to "THEDEBATEISUSELESS" in post #184 above, as an excellent example of why its naive. Do you really think that the oil, gas and electric utility companies and all the other connected financial interests in the status quo are going to stand by idly while we replace their livelihoods with something they cannot control. There is a reason why they call it a "disruptive" technology. None of us have any idea of how far these special interests will go to protect their current fiefdoms, when push comes to shove. Nor do we know how far the US, and other world governments will go to help protect and preserve them. Remember the phrase "Too big to fail" regarding the 2008 financial crisis? Well, these utilities are even bigger than that and can neither be allowed to fail.

    My best guess, and I used this idea in my book, is that the current utilities will be allowed to control and administer the new technology and charge a fee for its use. This right will be awarded to them by the government, in the name of public safety most likely (they're protecting us once more), but in the end it will really be so that the energy markets and investors will be protected from the economic disruption and huge losses that would result. So, for our own good we will be allowed to purchase, at our own expense, automobiles, home heating and air conditioning systems, home or business sized power generating systems etc. minus the LENR power supply, which will be leased to us, as a modular unit, from the current purveyors of various energies. The cost of this will be calculated by an estimate of the current replacement cost of contemporary supplies of energy. In other words if a persons heating and cooling bill is currently $350 month, then the cost of the LENR power supply for same will be $350 month, or if a persons current total utility costs are $500 month then that will be the monthly fee for the LENR power supply to furnish the same amount of energy. Cars will come equipped with the mobile equivalent of "smart meters" to supply mileage information directly to the power company. The owner will then be charged accordingly, again a comparable amount to the cost of conventional fuels. As a justification for this type of system, they will say that no simple individual owner could possibly be trusted with the proper maintenance, refueling or upkeep of such a dangerous and complex item as an LENR power supply. In the end there will be no cost savings to us, nor any additional level of autonomy, but I guess if you believe in Global warming or atmospheric polution that might be an added advantage. I don't.

    Research team warns of mineral supply constraints as demand increases for green technologies. Renewable energy needs copper, steel, aluminium and concrete, which simply have no cheaper replacement. According to this study, if the contribution from wind turbines and solar energy to global energy production is to rise from the current 400 TWh to 12,000 TWh in 2035 and 25,000 TWh in 2050 (as projected by the World Wide Fund for Nature), about 3,200 million tonnes of steel, 310 million tonnes of aluminium and 40 million tonnes of copper will be required to build the latest generations of wind and solar facilities. This corresponds to a 5 to 18% annual increase in the global production of these metals for the next 40 years. And 25,000 TWh is still just one sixth of the total world energy consumption.


    The fossil fuels have made up at least 83% of U.S. fuel mix since 1900. The 83% of electricity consumed by your electromobile still comes from fossil sources and the car is still twice-time as expensive as the gasoline car. The general criterion of savings is the cost. If you have electromobile twice moe expensive than the classical car during its life time, then you're still two-times more demanding your carbon footprint and life environment.

    The world numbers are even worse than that. Because the application of renewables increases the net demand for fossil energy on background, its share didn't actually decrease during last 25 years. But one half of tropical forests disappeared during this period just in the name of the biofuels: we actually burned these forests for fuel.

    No, the forests were cleared and burned so that uncontrolled population growth could have more arable land to grow food on.

    I have never heard such naivete.

    Technology is always political. Basically, technology can be used -- especially paradigm shifting technologies -- to reduce the power, influence, and control of government. For example, when high powered Ni-H technology starts to spread across the globe in a major way, there will be many very concerned politicians and members of the wealthy ruling class. Imagine how compact, portable, long lasting, and power dense LENR generators could give more options to everyone! Groups of like minded individuals could more easily start their own independent communities, travel would become far less expensive with the energy cost taken out of the equation, decentralized power would make it more difficult for corrupt governments to order cities blacked out, colonizing the solar system could finally become practical, and the list goes on! Moreover, such an energy technology would totally negate any currently existing false illusions about the need for carbon taxes or related environmental regulations -- making George Soros and hundreds more of his elite ilk very unhappy!

    Very insightful TDIU. Government control is the main force behind it all. First we had the "Cold War", from which the Government protected us, and by which they controlled us. Was it a coincidence that not long before it ended the (false?) narrative of thinning ozone layer and then catastrophic global warming began to be pushed on us, simply another huge threat that the government could pretend to protect us from, and of course control us by.

    What has happened to folks in the past, who buck this strategy (like Rossi) is also very revealing. Back in the late 1970's in LA, when the totally fake, and contrived, Arab oil shortage was doubling the price of gasoline, a scientist/inventor named Gerald Shafflander came up with a way to cheaply produce liquid hydrogen fuel, which could be directly substituted in ordinary Gasoline combustion engines. The liquid hydrogen fuel he invented was proprietary, but the biggest innovation was how to produce it cheaply using solar power and salt water. At the time it would have halved the price of $1 per gallon gasoline, and, just as importantly, eliminated virtually all emissions. He was on the verge of huge success, when a large Oil Company (Texaco I believe) made an offer to purchase the invention for millions. He was not in it for the money and rejected the offer. Within a few weeks, his contract to convert Post Office Jeeps was cancelled and, soon after, another big contract (Simplot Ag. Corporation) was also cancelled. Within another week or so the facility was raided by government agents and all proprietary information and technology were confiscated. Shafflander and his CFO were arrested after the raid and charged with SEC violations, which were almost certainly bogus. Shafflander brought civil action, but it was dropped after a plea negotiation, and I believe both were sentenced to 5 years in prison.

    This is contrary to what you will read on the internet, where he is mostly branded as a "scam artist" (sound familiar?). Why do I believe otherwise? For the year preceding and up to the arrest, my wife was a close personal assistant to Dr. Shafflander, with access to much information that never reached the public ear. With a good idea what was really happening we were afraid that she might be drawn into the net, but to our great relief she was not charged, or even called to testify. I've recently published a book (Science Fiction/Time Travel) in which my protagonist travels back in time to rectify the injustice…sr=1-1&keywords=Mike+Rion.

    Anyway, with the internet and difficulty of controlling information this probably couldn't happen today. Or maybe it could. LENR is a potentially much more disruptive technology than Dr. Shafflander's fuel.

    ele's fantasies are no less real than any other of the speculations going on here. None of us have enough hard evidence to be jumping the conclusions that most express here. Also I believe whole heartedly that forum posters are being paid, perhaps by both sides, to distribute fud and misdirection hoping to influence the public, and therefore possibly jurors, to there way of thinking. It's a new world with the proliferation of the internet and sentiments like that are nearly impossible to repress.

    They would not be investigating the case, but only the science of LENR.

    Nope. The lawyers will exclude people who know about the case. The judge will instruct the ones who are chosen not to read outside sources of information. If members of the jury disobey, and they reveal information not presented at trial during deliberations, they will be tossed out of the case.

    Maybe in your world, but in the real world curiosity will win out. This isn't a sequestered murder trial, but simply a civil case involving money.

    Don't you think that if you were in Jury pool regarding a case.t that involved "LENR/Cold fushion" that you might just google it to find out what all the roar was about? I would, and I think a lot of others would also and they would probably end up here. Whether that would disqualify them from jury service is another question. I also think you grossly under estimate the number of people here on the forum (Alan, could you comment on this?), not to mention all the other internet sources for Cold Fusion.

    Not that it ever had anything useful to work with but it is now clear that Planet Rossi has lost its collective mind. Only there can being defrauded of $20M+ be considered slime. Only there can trial influence be considered even possible - who do you think you are? Only there can settlement be mentioned after all the problems caused by Rossi. Only there can dependent actors be considered real and real independent people be classified as paid actors. Only there can the massive deceptions of Lugano and Doral be considered problem-free. Only there can alumina Pyro-Paint be used but not mentioned to "testing" professors. So many disconnects from reality. So many deceptions but guess what - time has run out and the gig us up.

    Bad news for Planet Rossi - the undeniable truth is upon you and justice is about to be served. No desperate misguided legal diving catch attempts are going to save you. Rossi and his cohorts are going to have to pay the price for what they have done.

    Wow! I think ele might have hit a nerve here.

    Bad news about the magistrate and IH's attorney. Turns out the Judge in Hawaii, who stayed Trump's latest travel ban is an old school mate and close friend. Seems our legal system is about as impartial as big corporations are highly principled.

    Yeah. So the playbook now is even if Rossi has it, he deserves none of the credit for his world-changing device. Talk about a whiny defeat.

    Music to IH ears I'd wager. This is what they've wanted all along, Rossi discredited so they can steal his technology. The problem with Scientists is that they understand little about the cut-throat nature of big business. Apparently Rossi does.

    Of course not. It doesn't fit his overall strategy, to diminish the results until he can be in a position to take over the technology. It's all about control, both technology wise and monetarily.

    That's one reason why there is a process of jury selection. It's not perfect, but this case is of such little significance that it will be easy to find people who know nothing about either AR's astroturfed puppet-farm blog comments or limited aspects of IH's position (as espoused by only Dewey as far as I can tell). AR is not a significant player on the world stage.

    Jack Cole, Of little significance??? One of the most important, disruptive and world changing technologies of the century and you say "of little significance. That has to go down in the annals of time as one the great understatements.

    No not on 5 but Rossi's lack of proof that Doral was to be the GPT and not as he previously claimed - a 2 year sell of heat to a real customer. If the work in FL was not the GPT it doesn't really matter about the pipe sizes and flow rates. First things first. Do you believe Rossi when he said the work in Doral was for a sell of heat for 2 years to JPM?

    I think it was intended to be. Whether it worked out or not is still up in the air, but I think if the customer backed out for some reason that Rossi was reasonable with continuing the test.

    No, they did not agree to initiate research. They agreed they would like to. But they did not get funded, and no research has been initiated. Perhaps it may be in the future, and perhaps this meeting helped, but so far there is no research.

    As I said, if there were any research, I would know about it, and I would tell you. I am not trying to keep people from finding out about research. Why would I do that?

    To prove your point. It's apparent that you can't stand being wrong about anything.

    It makes no difference what they do, or what they claim. They can "claim" this or that until the cows come home. It will not help them. If the technology works, it will become generally known that Rossi invented it. There is a paper trail proving this. At that point, Rossi will be able to sue I.H. for any amount of money, with 100% assurance he will win. In a patent lawsuit, nobody cares what you say or claim. They only look at the facts. These are not trials by jury. The judge decides, and the judge is an expert in patents.

    There is no strategy I.H. could employ, and nothing that I.H. could do to win, if Rossi's technology really does work.

    Poppycock, and that's the nice way to say it.

    That would do no good. That strategy would not work. After I.H. steals it and begins selling it, the whole world would know it is real, and Rossi could then easily win any lawsuit, for practically any amount. The fact that I.H. initially persuaded people on the internet that the technology does not work, or even initially persuaded a jury, would make no difference once the money starts coming in.

    He could have given it to one of the other researchers they claim to be supporting, had them present it as their own and completely circumvented Rossi. If you think there wouldn't be takers for that amount of money then you are much more naive than I thought. This is where the grown-ups spin their webs and nobody invests that much money and doesn't play the game for keeps.

    Jed, they simply do not want you stealing their technology, or trashing their results on the Internet.