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    ele's fantasies are no less real than any other of the speculations going on here. None of us have enough hard evidence to be jumping the conclusions that most express here. Also I believe whole heartedly that forum posters are being paid, perhaps by both sides, to distribute fud and misdirection hoping to influence the public, and therefore possibly jurors, to there way of thinking. It's a new world with the proliferation of the internet and sentiments like that are nearly impossible to repress.

    They would not be investigating the case, but only the science of LENR.

    Nope. The lawyers will exclude people who know about the case. The judge will instruct the ones who are chosen not to read outside sources of information. If members of the jury disobey, and they reveal information not presented at trial during deliberations, they will be tossed out of the case.

    Maybe in your world, but in the real world curiosity will win out. This isn't a sequestered murder trial, but simply a civil case involving money.

    Don't you think that if you were in Jury pool regarding a case.t that involved "LENR/Cold fushion" that you might just google it to find out what all the roar was about? I would, and I think a lot of others would also and they would probably end up here. Whether that would disqualify them from jury service is another question. I also think you grossly under estimate the number of people here on the forum (Alan, could you comment on this?), not to mention all the other internet sources for Cold Fusion.

    Not that it ever had anything useful to work with but it is now clear that Planet Rossi has lost its collective mind. Only there can being defrauded of $20M+ be considered slime. Only there can trial influence be considered even possible - who do you think you are? Only there can settlement be mentioned after all the problems caused by Rossi. Only there can dependent actors be considered real and real independent people be classified as paid actors. Only there can the massive deceptions of Lugano and Doral be considered problem-free. Only there can alumina Pyro-Paint be used but not mentioned to "testing" professors. So many disconnects from reality. So many deceptions but guess what - time has run out and the gig us up.

    Bad news for Planet Rossi - the undeniable truth is upon you and justice is about to be served. No desperate misguided legal diving catch attempts are going to save you. Rossi and his cohorts are going to have to pay the price for what they have done.

    Wow! I think ele might have hit a nerve here.

    Bad news about the magistrate and IH's attorney. Turns out the Judge in Hawaii, who stayed Trump's latest travel ban is an old school mate and close friend. Seems our legal system is about as impartial as big corporations are highly principled.

    Yeah. So the playbook now is even if Rossi has it, he deserves none of the credit for his world-changing device. Talk about a whiny defeat.

    Music to IH ears I'd wager. This is what they've wanted all along, Rossi discredited so they can steal his technology. The problem with Scientists is that they understand little about the cut-throat nature of big business. Apparently Rossi does.

    Of course not. It doesn't fit his overall strategy, to diminish the results until he can be in a position to take over the technology. It's all about control, both technology wise and monetarily.

    That's one reason why there is a process of jury selection. It's not perfect, but this case is of such little significance that it will be easy to find people who know nothing about either AR's astroturfed puppet-farm blog comments or limited aspects of IH's position (as espoused by only Dewey as far as I can tell). AR is not a significant player on the world stage.

    Jack Cole, Of little significance??? One of the most important, disruptive and world changing technologies of the century and you say "of little significance. That has to go down in the annals of time as one the great understatements.

    No not on 5 but Rossi's lack of proof that Doral was to be the GPT and not as he previously claimed - a 2 year sell of heat to a real customer. If the work in FL was not the GPT it doesn't really matter about the pipe sizes and flow rates. First things first. Do you believe Rossi when he said the work in Doral was for a sell of heat for 2 years to JPM?

    I think it was intended to be. Whether it worked out or not is still up in the air, but I think if the customer backed out for some reason that Rossi was reasonable with continuing the test.

    No, they did not agree to initiate research. They agreed they would like to. But they did not get funded, and no research has been initiated. Perhaps it may be in the future, and perhaps this meeting helped, but so far there is no research.

    As I said, if there were any research, I would know about it, and I would tell you. I am not trying to keep people from finding out about research. Why would I do that?

    To prove your point. It's apparent that you can't stand being wrong about anything.

    It makes no difference what they do, or what they claim. They can "claim" this or that until the cows come home. It will not help them. If the technology works, it will become generally known that Rossi invented it. There is a paper trail proving this. At that point, Rossi will be able to sue I.H. for any amount of money, with 100% assurance he will win. In a patent lawsuit, nobody cares what you say or claim. They only look at the facts. These are not trials by jury. The judge decides, and the judge is an expert in patents.

    There is no strategy I.H. could employ, and nothing that I.H. could do to win, if Rossi's technology really does work.

    Poppycock, and that's the nice way to say it.

    That would do no good. That strategy would not work. After I.H. steals it and begins selling it, the whole world would know it is real, and Rossi could then easily win any lawsuit, for practically any amount. The fact that I.H. initially persuaded people on the internet that the technology does not work, or even initially persuaded a jury, would make no difference once the money starts coming in.

    He could have given it to one of the other researchers they claim to be supporting, had them present it as their own and completely circumvented Rossi. If you think there wouldn't be takers for that amount of money then you are much more naive than I thought. This is where the grown-ups spin their webs and nobody invests that much money and doesn't play the game for keeps.

    Jed, they simply do not want you stealing their technology, or trashing their results on the Internet.

    More worthless speculation. Just stop.

    This makes no sense. If the old experiment is wrong, there is nothing to replicate. The effect has never been seen, and it probably does not exist.

    Skilled people at I.H. spent a year looking for it, and found nothing, so I doubt there is anything to be found. If it does not exist, it isn't important. Right?

    I suppose you might say "testing to see if the Rossi effect exists is important." But apart from Rossi's notoriety, I do not see why this particular claim is especially important. If I won the lottery, I would pay people to check 10 or 20 different claims. This one does not deserve a high priority. As I said, it was already checked by I.H. Assuming it does exist, what makes it more important than other claims? Lots of cold fusion effects might exist, and have been reported from time to time. Cold fusion with Ti and Au have been replicated. So I guess that makes them more promising than Rossi's unconfirmed nanoparticle Ni claim.

    IH intended to steal the technology from Rossi so they would have had a lot of reason to lie about success. It's a lot easier to steal a technology that is deemed worthless.


    Maybe your old friends and acquaintances have stopped notifying you because you are such a buzz kill.

    I have a feeling that Trump is just getting started. Pelosi, Schumer, the Podesta boys, et all have yet to realize the bitch-slappin that is taking place.

    First the Clintons now the CIA and next the industrial media-democrat complex. Somebody is playing serious hardball and people are going to dethroned with some of them going to prison.

    I am amazed that we actually agree on something. Maybe there is hope for you yet.

    My view is that there was never much steam and the system was pressurized and perhaps with some antifreeze that kept it below its boiling temp and that Penon lied in his test plan and didn't use the absolute gauge he promised or that Rossi swapped it out.

    Yes, and President Trump is Hitler's long lost grandson, sure, I'd believe that. NOT!

    Ah yes Malcolm - quite nice! Some lovely associated naming conventions that we may be able to apply here - kind of surprised that similarly named R SPs have not surfaced yet.

    New to the game are the Knatterpout, Poof-Poof goes your money, Phut Phut you or Pouet-Pouet in your suet options to choose from. While not related, I'd also to take the opportunity to add "spread-out porcupine" to the list as well.

    He's going down down down down down.

    Oh God, and here we go again. Would you guys quit encouraging him. He's like a kid who found a new scatological knock, knock joke to tell around to his little friends.

    Finally a reasonable post from someone who understands the US legal system. Thats why scientist should not practice law and Lawyers should not do science.

    You have that backward! The pipe was 40 mm in diameter. Ergo the steam density and speed could not have been what is claimed. This is proof that your equations do not apply.

    You cannot erase facts because they prove you are wrong. It only works the other way around.

    The thing is there are not real facts. They are all incomplete, probably intentionally.

    I equate it to the "Trump haters" in the U.S. after recent election.

    IHFB doesn't have any facts - everything provided by Rossi now deserves to be should be treated as fiction as it comes from a self-confessed liar who didn't know when to stop and get off the merry-go-round.

    Now he is dragging all of his proselytes around with him.

    Better to be a proselyte than a prophylactic like you.