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    "This video may be considered controversial. Regardless of view, accuracy or opinion, it is protected by The First Amendment to the United States Constitution."

    COVID 911- The Deep State Insurgency

    "Let me tell you a story ..."

    Big on story, big on drama, light on facts.

    So the Deep State Democrats moved elderly people from the hospitals into care homes to stoke the death toll. OMG!

    But hang on so did many countries in Europe and elsewhere make the same mistakes with care home residents. Those pesky Democrats have a long reach?!?

    How have the Democrates managed to "inflate" the deaths in UK, EU, Brazil, etc etc. yada yada?

    And now the death toll is climbing in states with Republican governors, are the Democrats somehow to blame there also?

    If the Democrats are part of the deep state then how come the Republicans are the more successful party in recent decades?

    How come when the US refused to use foreign tests offered by the WHO so the CDC produce an American testing kit that turned out to be flawed but the executive took a month to decide how to fix it?

    Also I hear, but it may be fake news, that Kushner came up with a national strategy for Covid in March but it was shelved because the executive decided at the time that Covid was mainly a problem in Democrat states.

    Kushner Covid 19 plan.

    Just sayin.;)

    Wall Street positivity on the vaccine front.

    Some 70% of the U.S. population of 330 million would need to be inoculated to achieve herd immunity, which is possible by May 2021, although currently 42% of citizens say they would not have the vaccine.

    "Ramos said those estimates may be overly optimistic and the economic benefits of vaccinations will not be apparent until the second half of next year, increasing chances that the recent U.S. economic slowdown could worsen.

    But targeted vaccinations could revive the economy even with delays in widespread adoption, said Jonathan Golub, chief U.S. equity strategist at Credit Suisse Securities."

    “The successful vaccination of seniors and front-line workers could expedite the renormalization process well before herd immunity is achieved,” he said. The S&P 500 may reach 4,050 by the end of 2021, up about 13% from its current level, he estimated.

    Examination of effectiveness of masks, distancing and bubbles in various scenarios.

    Masks are less effective in high transmission settings.

    Social bubbles are less effective but in low transmission settings.

    Physical distancing, unsurprisingly, is universally effective so no room for argument there. Only issue of course is that continuous physical distancing is not always possible therefore even with this measure there needs to be balance and pragmatism e.g. care home residents and prisons.

    Gerontology is one of the topics I am following hopefully (rather like LENR).

    In both cases whether we reach the promised land is looking increasingly unlikely in my lifetime.

    On the other hand if the gerontology research comes up trumps then I can wait another 50 years for Rossi to finally deliver.

    As is the case in these and many other topics there is a lot of stuff that gets picked up by the media and turned into undiluted guff.

    I find this a good site for news on gerontology research.

    Media Circus Surrounds Hyperbaric Oxygen Study.

    Well Quantas is the first airline to make the leap.

    All international passengers will be required to be vaccinated.

    Internal flights may be a different matter.

    This may not merely be up to the airlines.

    While a country may not force all its own citizens to be vaccinated they may specify defensive measures such that all visitors are vaccinated or tested.

    In August, Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it was likely that any successful vaccine would become "as mandatory as you could possibly make it".

    Well Dr Richard.

    If we accept the conspiracies then indeed all is lost. The deep state, the scientists, the judiciary, the medical profession, the media and the pharmaceuticals and other industrials are all against us (the average Joe).

    Climate change is not real (which I suppose is good news). Covid is either fake (good news) or a monstrous plot (bad news). Elections and election monitors cannot be trusted, end of democracy (bad news).

    But personally I am more optimistic. The anti-constitutional coup in the USA will fail (notice I did not say which party was attempting the coup).

    There will be a wide choice of vaccines available in the next few months. For those who don't trust Pfizer then maybe the Russian or Chinese one might be the one to go for :/.

    Here in the UK the Oxford vaccine sounds promising.

    As I work with the NHS I know they are already starting to gear up for this.

    We will get through this, just as we got through the previous pandemics and wars.

    I guess when the bombs were falling on London during WW2 many felt it was the end of everything.

    But this too shall pass.

    As a kind of social thought experiment.

    I would be interested to know, for those who would avoid a Covid vaccine or a flu vaccine, for a possible future pandemic, what the CFR would need to be before you would take the vaccine?

    For the sake of argument, and to avoid nit picking, assume that the fantasy vaccine is of a similar safety profile to the flue vaccine and the fantasy virus is about as infectious as flu.

    So CFR = 10%, 20%, 50%, 80% is there a point at which you would consider taking the vaccine to be the best option or would you just always avoid a vaccine?

    I guess personally I am one of those who thinks the vaccine is minimal risk while anything with CFR greater than 1% I see as a risk that I can remove by taking the vaccine.

    the neo-liberal "expert" consensus has not served many people well in two ways: those at the bottom have dome worse over time, with parents seeing children have less opportunity. And the gap between those at the top and those at the bottom has increased.

    Your view seems to chime with the current Internet articles based on the new book by Michael Sandel - such as this one from the Guardian.

    A revolt against the tyranny of merit.

    Treatment program needed for Covid patients with longer term issues

    "Greater NHS support is needed for people chronically ill for months with Covid-19 symptoms, ...

    Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King's College London and leader of the Covid Symptom Study app, said around 300,000 people in the UK have reported symptoms lasting for more than a month - so called "long Covid".

    He added that data from the app showed around 60,000 people have been ill for more than three months.

    However, many of these people may not have been tested for Covid."


    I also live in the UK so I remember when the law was changed.

    I moaned about it. Overreach of authority, telling me what to do etc.

    But the data has shown reduced road deaths so that argument is over and I am a good citizen who obeys the law.

    However I still moan at the bloody bleeping noise in the car after I have just reversed out of the drive. Maybe the car nagging me is a step too far!

    Regarding mask wearing.

    I think wearing a mask should be a free decision and people should be free to choose.

    If YOU don't want to wear a mask that is YOUR choice.

    But if YOU want to come into MY house then I say you need a mask, or don't come into my house. Your choice

    If YOU want to come into MY shop then wear a mask or go to another shop, YOU are free to choose.

    If YOU want to come into MY country, then once vaccines are available I would expect either you show proof of vaccination, or self isolate for a suitable period, or do not travel to MY country, again you have a free choice.

    Many countries already closed their borders to cut infection risk so this is just a continuation of that logic.

    There are several articles online pointing out the similarity to when seat belts were made mandatory and some felt it interfered with their freedom to exit the vehicle via the windscreen.

    Like many I am on ACE inhibitors, so I have been tracking the debate on blood pressure medications and their relationship with Covid-19.

    Initially there were concerns that some blood pressure medications could make the virus infection more dangerous.

    However the results seem to be mounting that in fact they have a beneficial effect.

    This article is on the WebMD site.

    BP Meds Could Improve Survival in Covid Patients.

    I f*ing demonstrate the stability of the calorimeter at that time period at the cost of a thousand cuts.

    You folks are pissing me off.

    P don't get pissed off. Just ignore the gad flies.

    Your input over the years is appreciated, as clearly shown by the number of "likes" you have received.

    Clearly the path to understanding LENR is long and arduous.

    This is one of the more productive threads on this forum, in terms of actual science and actual results.

    Many, like the Rossi thread, I hardly bother to read, other than for purely entertainment.

    Politifact link says "There have been five randomized controlled, placebo controlled trials that do not show any benefit to hydroxychloroquine."

    PolitiFact link

    So is this the decisive evidence that we need to reach a conclusion?

    I am betting that the answer is no! :/

    On the other hand if we take the view that politics has taken HCQ out of the reach of the public in the USA then surely we should be seeing some positive effects from HCQ in India or Brazil.

    Or maybe not;

    Millions of doses of HCQ sit in storage unused.

    But then this second link is from CNN :thumbdown:so maybe they are lying. Who knows.