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    OK, but why?

    Because of vacuum/ether comprised by "vacuum particles" having length 10−5 meter and their distribution as electric field around the electron/positron has classical view for distance from 10−5 meter and bigger, while for distance less than 10−5 meter there is symmetrical distribution as decrease of electric field, with limit 10−10 meter. From the distance 10−10 meter till 10−15 meter there is no electric field.

    You can watch forth video about this.

    actually in the contrary.... vaccination is planned to start within EU on 27.12. and all member states are adviced to start at the very same date? Why is that?

    I am glad that every day pressure have resulted in little bit better decision.

    Fact check:


    December 15th, 2020: Decision on approval of vaccine on 21 December

    Amsterdam (dpa) - The European Medicines Agency (EMA) wants to present its opinion on the approval of the Corona vaccine of the companies Biontech and Pfizer on 21 December - eight days earlier than last planned. This was announced by the authority in Amsterdam on Tuesday. The approval of the EU Commission is considered certain. The vaccine could thus be approved for the EU before Christmas.

    So the plan before December 15th was about the approval by 29 December. Now 8 days earlier - good. Why? Because after much earlier decision in Great Britain many were not happy and created media force to correct their irresponsible plan.

    Now they plan to start vaccination on 27.12.2020. This change of plans is better as before, it is good. But, again, quite late in comparison with Great Britain.

    I did buy Ivermectin. It's, the by far best solution!

    Best would be if we could buy some time and adopt the FLCCC.NET protocoll (ivermectin) to bridge the next 18 months to a really safe and well tested vaccine.

    From wiki about Ivermectin:

    "It works by causing the parasite's cell membrane to increase in permeability, "

    . "Ivermectin inhibits replication of SARS-CoV-2 in monkey kidney cell culture with an IC50 of 2.2 - 2.8 µM, making it a possible candidate for COVID-19 drug repurposing research.[82][83]The doses used in cell culture would require 104 larger doses in humans based on this data, which does not look promising as an effective treatment for COVID-19.[84][85] Such high doses of ivermectin are not covered by the current human-use approvals of the drug and could be dangerous, as the likely antiviral mechanism of action is THE SUPPRESSION OF A HOST CELLUR PROCESS,[85] specifically the inhibition of nuclear transport by importin α/β1.[86]"

    Of course guillotine will release you from headache.

    I do not know about Germany, but they moved quickly in the U.S., Canada and the UK. Not only did they approve quickly, but before approval the companies began large scale mass production. That was a very good idea. Also, months ago UPS, Fed Ex and Delta Airlines began planning and building equipment to ship millions of vaccines at -80 deg C. It wasn't clear they would need such extreme cold, but they went ahead, with support from the government. That was a very good decision.

    Yes, the decisions in U.S., Canada and the UK are optimal for this critical situation, when saved time means saved lives. I have sympathy to such politics. And, now I understand why Brexit has happened. Because EU bureaucracy is opposite. What I have read today is that the approval is expected to be at 29 December and vaccination at the beginning of January. So, 12 more days of lost lives because of the irresponsibility of some anonymous experts reading all these 12 days the Pfizer report.

    Criminal is to read report from Pfizer several weeks instead of a couple of days, when every day people are dying.

    Sorry, but I cannot comment about risk of antibodies treatment, I can only repeat in this case that incompetence leads to death.

    You must mean 'relatively safe', not 'absolutely safe'. One can't say absolutely safe and then qualify it that some people might get sick. Yes, the mRNA vaccines *may* be relatively safe compared to other vaccines. Some people are apparently having allergic reactions to the generally inert polyethylene glycol in the mRNA vaccines. Also the vaccine *may* be activating otherwise dormant herpes virus in nerve cells, leading to things like Bell's Palsy in a few. Many others experience extreme fever and aches. Some might call the latter merely an unfortunate price of admission for acquiring immunity to a certain pathogen. Perhaps. But the fact remains that longer term general health effects from the mRNA vaccine, or most any vaccine for that matter, are under - investigated to say the least.

    mRNA vaccine is absolutely safe in the same way as usual food, water and so on. Extreme allergy reaction you can have from usual food too. mRNA vaccine is not "may be" safe relative to other vaccines, but is more safe, because of the underlying mechanism of the immunisation. Polyethylene glycol is present everywhere it is not something special for mRNA vaccine.

    The choice is simple you can investigate as long as you want but people will die without vaccination every day. And, you can go to their relatives and talk with them about your investigation about aches and extreme fever in the case of some minority allergic people (which can have additional drugs to compensate negative effect of vaccination procedure). Incompetence leads to death.

    Sorry, I can not agree about vaccination, vaccination is absolutely right way. The only problem is that, at such critical time, politicians as decision makers should react fast and should approve fast. I don't see this in Germany. RNA vaccine is absolutely safe. Only some limited number of certain illness like allergy can be a problem (what was found recently). Your organism will just produce a protein from the RNA which then will degrade. The vaccine on the base of adenovirus has more limitations, but also for healthy people is quite safe.

    With the today's infection rate of Germany/Switzerland/Netherlands etc. it's almost criminal to use only simple surgical masks when you go in a shop. FP98 at least should be used. Cleaning your hands is pretty useless as the virus is almost not infectious unless you bore you fingers deep into the nose. Infections 99.99% run over aerosols.

    Let me be not so confident about 99,99% , since my science experience in wet molecular biology (microbiology) lab for more than 20 years and also because it is not possible to get the real data about the real pathways of infection from infected people. And, I am not even taking about how long virus is active on plastic as well as about the easiest way for infection which is not nose, but eye.

    In Germany about half of the people in the tram (the same can be applied for shops) have self made masks. And, during the first Covid 19 wave in spring about 80 percent of the time, in shops cashiers were without masks and gloves (now they have mask, but not FP98).

    And one more thing - Great Britain and US have approved usage of Pfizer vaccine - absolutely correct and in time decision, but EU and Germany not - somewhere till the begging of January. They are definitely not performing any additional tests, they are just simply reading submitted papers from Pfizer to sighn ?!!!!!???? EU bureaucracy is a criminal.

    Politics-Business versus Covid 19. Place - Germany.

    If you go shopping a mask is obligatory as well as the distance - absolutely correct.

    But, now also you have, really HAVE, to take a shopping cart, without it no entrance.

    I see this as one way of Covid 19 spreading and as an idiotic Politics-Business decision. Why ?

    Because even if there is info from Bundesregierung (Federal Government) that shops should clean the shopping cart every time you take it, in reality I did see by myself that this is not a true completely or occurs occasionally and not properly.

    Why shops are doing this obligatory shopping cart is clear - they use shopping cart to limit number of people inside the shop. This is the easiest and cheap way for them to calculate and limit people inside. But, also one clear way to spread Covid 19 trough the dirty shopping cart.

    ITER situation looks like a "Margin Call" plot, at the stage when people involved just have realised big lie and coming Big Crash. The final scene is not far away :).

    Thank you Steven Krivit for good investigative science journalism !

    IMHO, in addition to well explained technical problems with ITER, from h-space theory there is no energy gain in thermonuclear fusion in principal (transmutation of course there). The only nuclear energy gain is fission, including proton.

    Rotating coupled mass in central orbits can only exist in stable quantized distances called energy surfaces. Using such a model and correctly deducing the density of matter in galaxies has been done by quite a few people. They all did show that we don't need dark matter and basic Newton laws work as expected. Unluckily the math of coupled rotating masses is a it more complicated than just writing some fancy - thrilling - papers about dark matter.

    Yes, you right, the Dark Matter concept is nice for theoretical paper writing in our news media time.

    But, it cannot be forever, already today after three decades the proponents of this idea are tired themself

    to find any experimental evidences for Dark Matter existences.

    I am not quite underestand the connection between rotating coupled mass and the constant velocity of outer stars in spiral galaxies.

    Could you give a link to material about rotating coupled mass you are mentioning ?

    From my point of view the explanation for the constant velocity is very simple - gravity has distance limit, when no

    gravitational force is effecting these outer stars.

    Of course, this rises another question about stars and galaxies formation. Modern physics claims that a star resulted from the gas condensation. The answer in h-space theory is different. Also the fact that spiral galaxies are increasing in size, i.e. galactic outskirts stars are flying away is fitting very good to the explanation in h-space theory. And, this is not the case for modern physics, it is very unclear why galaxies are increasing in size, see -…-scientists/#43681e505f95

    Anyway, the h-space theory has much more than just a new view on the facts which were used to invent the Dark Matter concept.

    Nice, if somebody would like to see a paradigm change in Physics I advise to read this site about h-space theory.

    Just one example of a new view on a widely excepted interpretation about the distance unlimited action of gravitation.

    Dark matter.

    There are the following facts:

    1. Spiral galaxies are increasing in size, i.e. galactic outskirts stars are flying away.

    2. Velocity of the galactic outskirts stars at the distance larger than some distance is constant.

    3. Question - When velocity of physical body is constant ? Answer - when no force is applied to the body.

    Conclusion from these facts is that gravitational force is not applied to the galactic outskirts stars. And,

    this means that gravitation has distance limit. This is a conclusion from experimental (observational) data.

    The h-space theory implies the existence of distance limit for gravitational interactions and it is independent from

    the facts above, which become the experimental confirmation of the theory.

    The key, a paradigm change in the h-space theory is originated from a new definition of physical Space.

    What is the role of the plasma? Is it necessary for the generation of the excess heat or is it a byproduct of the heat?

    At temperature 2000 °C, Li in gas phase (boiling point 1330 °C), Ni and Al are melted, so H is going in-out of Ni and H+ reacts with Li resulting in Li nuclei fission. If plasma is mix of Li+, H+ and electrons so plasma is source of heat. But, what is really the plasma in this case is open question.

    One more question, based exclusively on my theoretical speculations. Why size is so small ? Besides the convenience to control, I see the dimension around 10 in order minus 4 - 5 meter is critical.