Hot Cat replication

  • Hot Cat replication by Russian physicist A. Parkhomov. See for example translation linked at…-energy-than-it-consumes/

    There is an E-cat News pdf, that appears to be the original English translation.

    Note absence of K2CO3 or other putative Andrea Rossi "catalyst". That is of course ignoring the possibility that Al2O3 of the housing could participate. The 2.6 COP seems reasonably close to the Lugano replication, and that is perhaps showing that near IR and visible will not couple well to the ambient water of the bath. Together the Lugano radiometric measurement and a traditional bath would seem to catch more than the either alone. Once again, since both methods miss a lot of energy, it appears favorable for an ultimate COP value well above the reports. With all the usual caveats of course, relating to "preliminary" or pilot data acquisition, particularly when the funding may still be a bit thin.

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    yes a great news, and this article is very good.
    Sergei published the data in tha thread
    Repeat the test on the analog reactor A. Rossi in Russia Parhomov A.G.!

    there recent news on that test is that Parkhomov have (of course) done a calibration which is in 10% of the computed enthalpy. an expected number.

    It is still not impossible that the result is fruit of an error, but it gives good reason to try replications. This gives hope it is not too hard... anyway who knows, cold fusion is a shy animal.