Solar Hydrogen Trends publish their recent news

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    The team of Solar Hydrogen Trends, who claim a reactor able to produce huge quantity of hydrogen from water (more than what chemistry allow :huh: ), published an update about what they are doing :…olar-hydrogen-trends-inc/

    This seems great, but that time I'm on the side of the skeptic... This mean I would like to test myself :D .
    What I understand of the claims is really not the classic LENR.
    The evidence seems ok, but it is not really confirmed by a recognized entity...

    Anyway many of our boringly confirmed LENR startup started by looking unconfirmed. Why not, but I wait for SHT to organize good test. It is not easy, the story about Lugano, Mizuno, Defkalion, is there to remind us to be careful and patient.

  • They leave us with much hope for the future, just wish they could go commercial much sooner. If the symphony device really works like they say then Fuel Cells, whose biggest cost is hydrogen fuel, would be very competitive with LENR since they already produce electricity directly.

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    I am very cautious on that affair, as they provide no opposable evidence (third party test, with freedom of protocol, published by the author).
    Their claims are not coherent with othet LENR.
    They sell theory soup (a very common disease however).

    I won't invest a cent of my money in that affair, but if they agree with a good protocol of testing :

    • long blackbox test,
    • freedom of protocol,
    • independent testers,
    • iteration via public review

    I would work for free to help the test.

    I have more faith in game theory than in current physics. The only solid evidence of Lugano/Ferrara test is the item I listed here... Iteration is just Lugano weakness, but they correct it currently.