ICCF-20 2016/10/2-7 will open in Tohoku (Japan) and ends in China

  • Peter Gluck reports David French who says it will be in Sendai :


    Mike McKubre announced that ICCF-20 will be held next year in Sendai, Japan

  • on His blog, Sengakut explain that tICCF20 will happend at Tohoku University then there will be a "Post conference" in China.

    This is the early story of mind before you see the eventful contents of the ICCF-19, but the next ICCF-19 seems to have decided to be held in Japan of Tohoku University (Sendai) in October 2016. In addition, it is sometimes referred to as "Post Conference" is in the subsequent form will be held in China.

    It is very great for recognition of cold fusion will be held in Japan in this time of increased dramatically. Also, because will be held about a week, do not forget to prepare for vacation (laughs).

  • Clean Planet Inc proudly announce they will host ICCF20

    We will be hosting the 20th ICCF in autumn in 2016 at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan!We feel honored to announce that we were able to win a vote at the International Advisor Committee held on 15th April in Padova, Italy!

  • The ICCF20 site is open

  • @sengakut said ICCF20 facebook group is openened.

    By the way notice the China "satellite meeting" in Xiamen University, not after but before.

    "Satellite Meeting at Xiamen University: September 29 - 30, 2016"

    note that this is the group from Xiamen university which participated ICCF19 with a partially replication of Defkalion
    (They got heat after death with NiD, unreproducible and unexpected)

  • I will be eager to hear the presentations by Defkalion and Rossi, along with Miley's hundreds of watts device, and the support for them by National Instruments and Elforsk along with the physics departments of the University of Bologna (Levi) and the University of Uppsala (the Swedish blind mice professors). Maybe there will be a big reveal by a consortium of [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] and Woodford? Ya think any of those people, critical to the development of high power LENR will be there presenting? And taking questions? It should be enough to make Lewan and Vessela Nikolova write new books! Oh and maybe Celani will be there with some REALLY hot wires. Think he's actually tried an assembly of dozens of wires yet to show upscaling of the effect? It's only been what... four years now since he started making claims.

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