LENRG/LENR-Cities presented in Energy.Now (Swiss Engineering)

  • The LENRG ecosystem developed by LENR-Cities is presented in the Swiss magazine "Energy.now" (of Swiss Engineering group).

    see the French article for more details.

    here is a google translation !

    An article on the community of innovation ecosystems appeared in the last Energy.Now magazine! , A publication of SwissEngineering, taking as example LENRG ecosystem, developed by LENR-Cities SA in order to accelerate the industrialization of LENR technologies such as nuclear waste, transmutation, superconductivity, production of hydrogen and the direct production of électricité.

    ENERGY.NOW! is published annually on energy policy, infrastructure and technological innovations of Swiss industry and provides detailed information on the technological aspect, economic and sustainable energy policy and on a prospective respectful of the environment.

    Link to the PDF article: http://lenr-cities.com/docs/SE/EnergyNowAout2015.pdf