Armstrong Economics: Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions & the Economic Confidence Model

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    A small article on LENR (mostly theory speculation linked to Brillouin), but the author is the most interesting.
    "Armstrong Economics" , USA-Zurich.


    Welcome to Armstrong Economics where our mission is to provide a public service for the average person to comprehend the global economy and for professionals to access the most sophisticated international analysis available. We provide an integrated understandable global model approach that is free of personal bias, bravado, or other nonsense, enabling you to see the inherent inner-workings of the world economy to grasp how everything is truly integrated into a single enterprise that is driven by international capital flows. Forecasting the world economy and markets becomes possible only when approached on a stoic unemotional basis from an international perspective. Trying to forecast a single market is dangerous as everything is interconnected on a global scale. Personal opinion has no place in forecasting, any more than in religion. It was personal opinion that argued for centuries that the world was flat and that everything revolved around Earth, the perceived center of the universe. Galileo served life in prison for daring to disagree with such opinions.

    The key to knowledge today remains the global capital flows and comprehension of how capital rushes around the world. It is this interaction, on a global scale, that produces the real booms and busts. Bull markets ONLY take place when global capital flows target one nation focused into one particular sector (i.e. Japan 1989, 1997 SE Asia, 1998 Russia, 2000 DOT.COM, & the recent US Mortgage Bubble). Here are the capital flows for the 1987 Crash (shown in table above). Americans were the buyers and the foreigners were the sellers, because this event was driven by fear of the collapse of the dollar only and not by any domestic change in the economic output. As long as a market is rising ONLY in terms of a local currency, then foreign capital will be sellers against domestic buyers and thus there will be no sustainable trend. A real bull market is one that rises in terms of ALL currencies, not just the local currency. Learn more about how capital flows dictate the trend at our world renowned Conferences held in USA, Asia, and Europe.