Nanomagnetism and LENR

  • [quote] there is not enough evidence to tell what they are yet.

    There are untold numbers of LENR developers working on systems that will be released to the market before too long and you don't even know who they are or what their scam is. I thinks you should also go dark and flush them out of their holes so you can pounce.

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    There are untold numbers of LENR developers working on systems that will be released to the market before too long

    How long do we have to wait before you admit you are wrong? I recall similar statements 5, 10 years ago!


    We measured Battery voltage continuously for a week while the power supply developed an excess 30 watts with a 100 watt loss in the system components.

    I wonder how this was determined?


    Arthur had the unit running for nearly 2 years when I showed up. I was the first one to make rigorous measurements that seemed to confirm an energy gain. There are many ways to dispute that measurement, but the HOBO thermistor measurements were revolutionary. Four thermistors were mounted around the trunk with one of them mounted on top of the ferrite billet.To our great surprise that thermistor ran 5-7 degrees COLDER than ambient for the entire week.I do not understand any of the thermodynamic mechanisms, but heat must have been flowing in an unaccustomed manner.

    So - my explanation for the identical observation would be that EMI (larger near the ferrite) made ac pulses on the thermistor sense amplifier input which were partially rectified due to dynamic non-linearity (slew rate limiting). This is very common, and can lead to systematic errors. EMI can get into earth wires as well as signal ones, creating earth loops, and getting rid of it requires very great care. If you build all active circuits in a shielded box with good enough LF filterss on inputs and care over supply and earth noise you can make electronic circuits bulletproof - but it is easy to miss something. I wonder what was done here?

    My own experience, from many years of working with different systems, is that you can do the theory, work out what is supposed to happen - and then be surprised by what does happen. Whenever this happnes I take it as a personal challenge and usually have enough time to understand it. It can require persistence over several days or weeks, because the measurements just seem crazy until you work out the real mechanism - usually something that was dismissed as impossible or negligible in an initial analysis.

    That is why I feel that colwyn and some others here are lacking in a necessary humility in the face of the real world.

    You can never, in new setups, (or even old setups !) be sure that you don't have some systematic error which will hit you when least expected. Long practice at finding these helps, but mostly because you learn not to make assumptions, as colwyn does, about error being impossible. It is satisfying because when you finally work it out, the same theory (with a few tweaks and second order terms) can exactly explain the apparently impossible data.

  • There is nothing wrong in believing and hoping for a better future.. even for miracles. But hope and belief do not change our common reality, though it may change little private realities.

    That's OK, I do not have a problem with that. But I have a problem with people spreading made up realities as scientific research. I do believe there are a lot of honest cold fusion researchers unlike Rossi, though I think they are mislead by not recognizing their inability to observe objectively. That is human, nobody can observe objectively.

    Maybe there is something in LENR, I don't know. But it is not nuclear in nature, I am pretty convinced of that.

    If honest LENR researchers want to make progress, they have to make themselves apart from crackpots, lunies and con-artists. In that effort, participating in discussions on forums like this and Frank's E-Nut World won't help at all.

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    Brian, you said:
    I have his equipment and I am seeking help from LENR folks to figure it out.

    If you are serious about figuring out the mystery gadget that is sitting on your dining room table you must provide some more information. If you did not already do it you need to compile the information that you have collected so you can share it with persons that may help you. And please, do not worry about patents. Consider it a gift to humanity, this will warm you heart more than a billion dollars. Well, IF it works of course.

    In order to try to transform this big IF into a YES or a NO I suggest that you appeal to a larger congregation than the LENR believers. :)

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    Maybe there is something in LENR, I don't know. But it is not nuclear in nature, I am pretty convinced of that.

    The evidence it is not nuclear is indirect - absence of the expected high energy products are transmutation to radioactive nuclei (which would emit high energy products after the experiment). These are problematic for the LENR community - but it has its excuses. WL theory attempts a coherent partial - and not very convincing - excuse.

    More however, there is very weak evidence that anything is nuclear.

    You don't jump on nuclear reactions just because you have a few anomalies. The "LENR collection"; excess heat, high energy particles, transmutation, exists because LENR experimenters have looked long and hard for these three things as expected consequences of their a priori expected LENR.

    Of these three things, only excess heat has any major track record, and that must be weighted by the fact that 50% of all experiments must show an excess, the type of experiments done encourages artifacts, and tighter experiments replicating see much lower excess energy than original claims.

  • Message for Brian Ahern,

    You said that you have Manelas's equipment in your possession. Does that include the disassembled working model you tested? How can I help you develop a plan to follow through?
    What other form would the help you seek take? Can we discuss this via email privately? Perhaps, if you do, the site manager here could arrange an exchange of email addresses .
    If it helps, I am a skeptical observer of the LENR world, but feel strongly that enough evidence has surfaced to warrant significant further empirical research, and an effort to develop a
    theoretical basis for any anomalous observations.

  • Brian,

    Perhaps you should try to track down one of the other devices mentioned in the article provided by Mary? They were probably wired up in the same way as your device..

    It is fun to read about these stories, and it is amazing how rich they are on peculiar details. For instance in the video, there was a measurement curve with dips that were said to correlate with the aurora borealis. Who would have expected that?

  • Mr. Ahern,

    Is it possible that your friend had an induction coil under the driveway? I'm not a scientist, but there is no identifiable source of power being harvested sufficient for what was observed to my limited understanding.

    That's why I am intrigued by LENR...I can see where the power comes's unzipping what was crammed into an atom by a supernova for the metal, or the big bang for the hydrogen...I'm sure there are lots of yet unknown ways to release that.

    In the case of your friends device...and the only thing worse than my physics is my electronics, but when I see coils and capacitors, I think LC tank circuits...then I think fields. Since the earth's field has been found to be far too weak for kinds of outputs you were observing, I begin to wonder about other field generators that could be being harvested by the a buried coil. Just a theory that's worth what it costs.

    That said, an NDA, and a qualified reverse electrical engineer might prove equally useful.

    Best of luck.